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Oh Chelsea...

Patriot Players
Oh Chelsea, lost two major competitions in one week. First the premiership gone to a silly draw against Bolton, followed by a penalty shootout loss to Liverpool.

At least Man Utd. got trounced by Milan today. And they can still win the FA cup.

Hopefully Mourinho will stay and perhaps they can do some switches in the lineup over the summer to try to make their game more fluid.
Well the good times had to come to an end at some point Wink

I don't think Mourinho will stay - and I think the ship will begin to sink without him. Here's hoping anyway...
i do hope Jose will stay...
Jose ain't going anywhere. Chelsea's board of directors know that have a good thing, beyond the arrogance, behind the mocking of other teams he is simply one of the best managers in the PL at the moment.

Granted a lot of his success is due to the amount of money invested in players, but it does take a certain type of manager to handle those players, Jose is that manager.

Man Utd fan here btw, and I hate complimenting the smug bastard, but credit where credit is due.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I am aware Jose has never successfully won the Champions League. If so I don't see him leaving Chelsea until they do.
Chelski played very weak agains Liverpool, and they deserved to lose.
I didn't say that Liverpool played better, But Chelski didn't deserved to win and they didn't.
Liverpool played quite good against Chealsea... much better than Chealsea and normally there shouldn'T have been a penalty shootout
Patriot Players
Ugh and now the FA cup final they are looking like they only have 15 fit players. News article I just read said that Mourinho is thinking he might have to play Hilario (substitute keeper) as a striker? Arjen Robben, Michael Ballack, Ricardo Carvalho, Jon Obi Mikel, and Andriy Schevchenko are all out with injuries. Im pulling for them to win the cup but this could be quite tough...
Lusiphur wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I am aware Jose has never successfully won the Champions League. If so I don't see him leaving Chelsea until they do.

Not with chelsea he hasnt ,but while manager of porto he won both the UEFA cup and in the following season the champions league,beating monaco in the final.
They did a few unsuccessful trades last several season.
Hope they don't do it again in the coming season.
Yeah it is the only tournament Mourinho has not won with Chelsea (UCL), this past season 06-07 was given a huge amount of money to hire players and he hired Shevchenko and Ballack with the main objective to win UCL by Abramovich orders, but if you play without those 2 on semifinal you know somethings wrong, Shevchenko was given an ultimatum by Mourinho to change his attitude and help the teams objectives be done.
Anyway good for Drogba last weekend beating Man U in FA cup, a world class player.
Patriot Players
Well they have already made three summer signings, and even though Mourinho has said he isnt in the market for big transfers Abramovich has said he has no problems with it. Well have to see what happens.
Mourinho mourns. Yet another loss. Too bad so sad. This is the only cup he hasnt won yet. Doubt chelsea will throw him away. The fans will create a havoc! This guy is the only coach so far who could bring the level of the footballers to another level. This guy has the talent. But he is short of the knowledge in England. Maybe he needs to see the bigger picture. Chelsea has what it takes to be a world class championship. But they need players who can bond well. And communicate. So far, all we hear abt it players refusing to play, and such. Pathetic. So much money yet so low class. Pity Chelsea.
I thnk it goes to show that pouring lots of money into something isn't necessarily leading to the solultion to a problem. As well as Mourino, talk to the NHS AND Kirbishley of Westham.
NO money you cant win anything but with MONEY its no gurantee u win too...
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