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CMS advice?

I'm building my first web page with server side processing, and what I want to do is very simple:

Have individual content available for each unique user...
Have a guestbook...
And incorporate password protection.

I have been referred to a couple of CMS solutions including joomla and e107.

Experts please tell me which is the CMS that:

Works best with frihost?
Is easiest to implement?
Is the most versatile?

I would like to commit to one rather than learning how to use them all.
Which will work best in the short term, and in the long run?

Take a look at It is very helpfull.
You can test almost all open source CMS online from with full administrative privileges.
Fire Boar
Joomla is pretty good, and very versatile. It works with Frihost (the tmp folder in unwritable but it doesn't seem to matter) but can be a little tricky to implement. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine. The one problem is that it takes a fair bit of time to get to grips with. Luckily it's mainly a case of learning the jargon which doesn't take very long.

PHP-Nuke is a solid solution and is relatively easy to implement, but unfortunately making templates for it is very tricky indeed and content and presentation are often merged - a very bad thing.
The information was very helpful. Thanks a lot.
I find pluck CMS very easy to implement. Very easy to install and to understand. For ease of use by anyone and intuitive for even novices to navigate the cms once it is installed. Good thmes, and you can customize themes if needed.
I should add though it does depend on what would be using it for. I use mine as a blog and photo and video can be implemented with iframes. I prefer iframes as I can use third party GNU scripts and just iframe into the web pages as I see fit.
i recommend joomla.learn how to secure it first.
joomla is cool...

there is 1 that frih ppl hav made...

hav heard tht its cool too....
I recently started playing around with CMS Made Simple.

It's a quick and painless install. The templating system is great and doesn't take that much time to learn. You can also write short php snippets into tags that are easy to insert into your site.

If you've got mostly static content and you want an easy way to organize it, this is a great option.

You can also customize it to meet your needs, but this can take a bit of working (depending on what you want to do).

For example, I wanted to have a database of articles (user-generated and sortable), and I had to write my own module to get that type of functionality. It was a bit daunting at first, but after playing with the code for a week or two I found it very easy to implement what I wanted. Another plus is that the Smarty template system makes creating output for your module VERY easy (albeit a bit lengthy in code).

Check out this CMSMS Show Off forum to see what other people have done with it.

- Walkere
i fu r lookin out for a simple one... check out one at

i tried and found it to be cool and simple...
i recommend otter cms joomla and mambo uses sever recources more
Write your own Very Happy
I do that and now I have the best CMS on the world (for me, of course Wink )
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