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MMORPGs... Do you know the love

As the worlds of MMORPG ’s grow, and the players, games, items, adventures, and quests multiply, and the worldwide community is shocked as addicted MMO players cause mayhem to the workforce, their kids, and addict support groups, one has to ask ‘What is so darn addicting about these games?' We discuss the popular genre and its appeal.

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MMORPGs are just a way to kill time and do things you could never do in real life. If you lose a job or anything, you needs to go to video games anonymous or whatever the organization is called nowadays
lol agreed.. I wouldn't be suprised if these was a MMORPGs anonymous.. They are suprislingly very addictive
cghq wrote:
lol agreed.. I wouldn't be suprised if these was a MMORPGs anonymous.. They are suprislingly very addictive

That's what I was referring to. It's more of an online gaming anonymous, but it does exist in some shape or form.
I read in the newspaper once that one guy played for so long he died of exhaustion. These games are that addictive. There are probally parent(s) out there that spend more time on MMOs than with their own kids.
I was finally able to quit Scions of Fate but I think I will be making a MMORPG comeback when Shenmue Online comes out. I also find myself wandering back to runescape (which is not a good thing)
mmorpg are very addictative!!
but dont forget... what the mmorpg bring to your life..
the appearing of mny frend tru other side of your house!!
every one now near you!!
to find tru love in the cyber...
the growth on internet acess demand..
more working oppotunity...
even a student can ern money ( pocket money) ru sealing virtual item or gold ( Even this is illigel)...

the growth of internet servise provider in some country ( such as malaysia: before the coming of the ragnarok online in malaysia... the internet usage of the a average family is only 30.6minute per day.. and the kind of internet are major .. dial up.. but now.. the value have graduately increase to 1.2 hour per person per day.. the broadband is the name who rule!!
isp rom only 2 became now ( Almost Cool including the newest Deconnecxion ( free wifi in some area near miri and mukah)

so, mmorpg bring bad and good too.. depend on the angle u value it!!
my point its..
kill does people who create mmorpg..
bcoz they mke me addict it!!
Just kidding..
I have spent hours, searching for a good MMORPG's that are Java or flash based so you do not have to pay for them to play it.. the only decent one I have found was RuneScape, which really isn't all that great in the first place. They are a great way to kill time though, but now the Xbox 360 and other gaming consoles have taken it over, if played with online.
I like RPG's but the MMO makes it more fun since you can interact with more people and they are real.
MMO's are the best for long time gameplay. Fun and excitement at the smae time and you get to meet so many new people.
Ah, MMO's.. where I pretend I'm the person I've always wanted to be.

Well mmorpg are great for people with a bit of an imagenation, specially the ones who like to Role Play. its sort of a second life you could lead which brings excitment and adventure, what else could you ask for? Smile
MMORPG are an extension of imagining you are someone else. Some people can be someone else on stage as an actor but very few people have the personality to express themselves outwardly. Instead now people can do this behind a computer monitor with their real identities and often times, their real personality masked.

I agree MMORPGs can be addictive because of their imaginative world and as I stated earlier, the opportunity to pretend to be someone else. Personally, MMORPG isn't for me because after a while, it does begin to become a grinding process because there eventually develops a way to merely click or hit a button to play.
Patriot Players
The sense of community, combined with a gameplay that never has a forseeable end and the ability to be someone else for long periods are all factors in why these games are so addicting. However one needs to look at the people who are reported in the news as being super addicted or dying while playing marathon MMO sessions, etc. Most of the time these people had already displayed signs of having a so called "addictive personality" or they were already mentally ill to begin with. Its just that since MMOs are something a majority of the current adult generation doesnt understand, its very easy for the media to make it same scary, the same way they make people afraid to buy anything on the internet because of identity theft.
I quit SoF and now I'm back to playing it. The good thing is that the game has an ending. It seems like after level 70 it is almost impossible to level up so I finally have a ending goal in a MMORPG which is a first.
My first MMORPG was Diablo 2. I love D2, but I really hated all the stalker players that kills lower-leveled players. Its not fun playing on extreme to get it killed by another player.

Good thing I wasn't that hardcore into it.

I also loved to player Ragnarok Online. I was playing it since open beta 1. I think the most memorable moment for me was when they were going from beta to pay to play that a large majority of the players would set off the dead branches (a item that summons random monsters) in the heart of the packed cities. That was fun.
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