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xp 3d desktop tools

Madotate <free-ware>


Windows only: Madotate lets you manage open windows by way of a nifty 3D barn-door effect.

The program adds an extra button to each window's title bar, just to the left of Minimize. Click it and the window swings back like a door. Click anywhere in the window to restore it. You can also assign hotkeys to "swing" the current window or all windows. Madotate supports cool effects like zooming (which you can do with your mouse wheel) and transparent windows (if your video card has the horsepower). It's a really slick little program, though I wish it would remember each window's position: It seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to deciding which direction to swing a window.

Still, if you want a unique way to manage your open apps, Madotate is well worth a try. The program is free; it's compatible with Windows 98, 2000 and XP (not sure about Vista). Note that the link below will download the program directly.

Downlad it here:

Yod'm 3D <freeware>

Download it here:

Visual Tooltip <freeware>

Visual Tooltip makes it possible to show a thumbnail of a window by putting the mouse cursor over a button of the taskbar

Download it here:

Explorer Breadcrumbs <freeware>

Rather than navigating step-by-step through your folder hierarchy -- view your folders quickly and go directly to any location with a single click.

Explorer Breadcrumbs is an add-in for Windows Explorer which contains a contextual series of buttons that allows you to quickly see and navigate through the entire folder hierarchy without leaving the current window, similar to what's currently available in Vista.

download it here

Play Video as a Wallpaper - VNC <freeware>

Download VLC Media Player and open any video in it.
Right click on the video and click on "Wallpaper"

That's it. You have an animated wallpapers now! biggrin.gif

If don't see the wallpaper option:
Settings > Preferences > Video > Output Modules > Direct X
Check the Advanced Options box in the bottom right hand corner.
Check Enable Wallpaper Mode. Now when you right click on your videos, you should be able to see a Wallpaper option.

Video Looping:
Settings > Preferences > Playlist >Repeat All

For removing VLC from the taskbar
Settings > Preferences -> Interface -> Main Interface -> wxWidgets and uncheck Taskbar and enable Systray icon.

In Windows XP your icons and it's text can look weird

Download it here:

Vista's System Tray For XP <freeware>

Download it here:

Change Background For Windows Explorer <Free-ware>

One feature we particularly enjoyed from Windows 98 on up was the ability to change the wallpaper of a folder as well as the text color of the icons in that folder. This would help make each folder easier to identify and would bring a personal touch to PC.

As Windows XP Home/Pro was released, many have realized that Microsoft had removed our ability to change wallpaper of our folders! Shortly after we realized the trouble on our machines, we got to work on a solution. We’ve found that Microsoft™ did not remove the ability to change the background and text color but instead hide the interface.

Now, it is somewhat simple for anyone to add wallpaper to a Windows XP folder.


1) Open notepad

2) Type in the text below
[{BE0981 40-A513-11D0-A3 A4-00C04FD706EC}]
IconArea_Image ="C:\your picture location.jpg"
IconArea_Text= 0x00FFFFFF

3) Save file as desktop.ini
Save as type : All Files

4) Copy the desktop.ini file you just created, and
paste into the folder you want the background to
be change

5) Go to START --> RUN..

6) Type Attrib s "C:\Location of your folder"
Click OK

7) Open your folder and the picture should be set by now.

'IconArea_Image' is for you to key in the location of your picture. Let say if your picture is located at 'My Documents' with the file name 'abc.jpg', your location will look like this
"C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\abc.jpg"

'IconArea_Text' is to set the color of your text, if you have a dark background it is recommended you set the text color to WHITE with is 0x00FFFFFF.
If you have a white background, you can set the folder text color to BLACK which is 0x00000000

Folder text color can be set to any color depends on which color you like, example:
PINK - 0x00FF99FF
RED - 0x00FF0000
and more

Recommended picture size is at 815 x 585 so that you will see a full picture and not Tile.
You can resize or cut your picture to the size 815 x 585 easily with 'Microsoft Photo Editor'

TaskBar Shuffler


No hotkey, no extra steps, rearrange the programs on your Windows taskbar by simply... well, dragging and dropping them! Neat concept, huh?

No need to get all nervous when a program crashes or if you wanna reboot; you can reorder the programs/buttons on your taskbar exactly how you like.

Download it here:

Vista Start menu Emulator <freeware>

You'll need .net framework 2.0 installed.

Installation instructions:
Download and simply unzip the files into any desired folder.
By default if you run the program it shows only a button which is like the Start button of Windows Vista. You can move this button onto any location of your desktop. I suggest to move it above your XP Start button. After moving the button next time it will open up itself on the last known location. And I recommend to use some Vista MSStyles or WindowBlinds skin for the coolest appearance.

To get all of the installed program's list you have to copy the content of the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All User\Start menu\ to C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Start menu\

To set up the programs on the left side of the Start menu simply right-click on the emulated Start button and chose "Settings" from the pop-up menu. After this chose the "Programs" tabpage and set the number of the programs you'd like to see and browse for the .exe file of each program, write in the desired name of each and any choosen application. The first two shortcuts (Internet Explorer and Outlook Express) cannot be removed from the Start menu.

(The maximum number of pinned program is 6.) .

Download it here:

Download Net famework 2.0 Here:

RocketDock <free-ware>

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock.

Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock. This allows for better productivity and accessibility.

Download it here:

More skins and plugins here:
Hey! Thank for sharing I might try some of them out, they look awsome.
thanks for these wonderful software.
Thanks a lot dude.
thanks for the information very interesting i hope to use some of them in near future
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