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Favorite Month

What's your favorite month of the year and why?

Mine is May because I think it's the most beautiful and the most pleasant. Also, for me it's the most exciting because school is winding down to a close and all.
May = Finals = @_@

December, thats where its at. It's about 30 degrees F. and you get outa school for a few weeks. Just sit back and relax. I only have my mom and brother to shop for for Christmas, so its not too hard. I never get anything good, but its nice to enjoy the scenery here. =]
Mine is Feb., simply because my birthday is in the month and I just love getting free stuff Smile

December is cool too, but I always spend way too much money and it takes me months to pay off the credit card bills.
M favorite month is November because its my birth month and I love horror and scary stuff because November is the month of terror and horror.. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
I think most people's favorite is the month of their birthday. I am no exception, because mine is August! It's hot and wonderful, perfect for a picnic and long day at the pool,
You are right, Aless. So my favorite month is October (when my birthday). Actually I like autumn, but if choose just one month - September is still hot, November is already cold, but October is the most optimal autumn month.
January!! Not only my birthday but XMAS sales hahaha! Laughing
Well the only months I like are ones with no snow and has cool weather like 50F-65F (10C -18C).
well.. mines is june, summer and on that day it's my birthday Very Happy
November, it's after Halloween, Thanksgiving month, and Christmas is around the corner. I love all the decorations, and the air is much crisper. It's refreshing.
December! Good cheer is in the air with Christmas (As well as my birthday) is around the corner. Smile

Great meeting up with family that lives in distant lands, the overall atmosphere is very nice. Very Happy
My favorite month is December because of Christmas. It's the occasion where our family is together, our time for reunion.

Second is February. Me and my bestfried celebrate our birthday on the same day. There is no way that we don't see each other and celebrate our day. Also, most of our friends celebrate there birthdays on february too..
Mine is very two-fold, you see, I like two months for entirely opposite reasons.

Christmas is the happiest time of year
Snow days are BETTER
Christmas Vacation
Family Time

It's just so happy

It's LAKE time. Enough said.
I like january, becouse its so damn cold in here Finland that people dont jag me when I spend over 8 hours a day on my pc.
December is my favorite because of a number of reasons (it is not my birthday!Shocked)
it starts my summer holidays
the start of summer
new years eve
Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy
June is mine. End of school year, my birthday is in June. Good weather (mostly).
I think I may have been the only one besides the guy/girl from Finland that didn't pick the month that is his/her birthday. =|
mhm ita april and may^^

bec my B-day is 05.04 and its not so hot and not to cold but between, and may is the last month of the school. heh...
but now im not a school boy^^ soo Yiiippiiii
I personally love Febtober. Everythign is just so great during that month.

A close second for me is December because of Christmas. People seem to get a little bit nicer and a little less stupid that month.
sondosia wrote:
What's your favorite month of the year and why?

Mine is May because I think it's the most beautiful and the most pleasant. Also, for me it's the most exciting because school is winding down to a close and all.

Mine is August because it's the winding down of the summer, and it's the first game of the year to march in, that we have practiced in band camp since July.
My favorite month would be April because everything outdoors is trying to come out of hibernation. The leaves on the trees and tulips blooming and all the creatures that start running about. And no, it is not my birth month.
I would have to say October is my favorite month. ...not only because it's the month of my birthday of course! ...or even for the Halloween holiday.

It is mainly because it's that time of year where the weather tends to be more pleasant for me - usually more days when it isn't hot or cold just comfortable. It is the time of year in the season when the leaves are turning - I just LOVE the autumn scenery.

Of course, more of this preference is based on the years I spent in New England - I currently reside in Texas where the weather is normally hot and humid. However, October for me still to this day remains my favorite month.
my fav month is Oct. because i was born in this month so i love it because i will get some presents Very Happy and some cool stuff Very Happy so i love oct^^ thanks for theard
Mine is Oct too... and also cause i was born in octuber hehe
and its when the 1st rains come in town
I like November, when the first frost comes on a clear morning the air smells so fresh. (Yes, I was born in november!)
summer! july or august! Very Happy depends on in what month i go to sea. Very Happy
but this year i'm probably not even gonna go. i'm working. but i'm gonna earn alot, woohoo! Very Happy Very Happy
Mine is December ! Smile
because I was borned in this Month !
yeah and I like the chill of it ! Laughing
[quote="Vrythramax"]Mine is Feb., simply because my birthday is in the month and I just love getting free stuff Smile[quote]Love feburary cos of my birthday aswell!

I like any summer month at all! I like winter because of the skiing but we only go a few times a year so its not a huge thing.

That's the last month I have before the Navy owns my butt for the next 9 years.

Yay June.
july, only one bday, so only one gift to be given and hence results in saving of money!!
I guess my favorite month would have to be July for many reasons. Not only is it the middle-month for summer vacation (and when I was not in college, the only full month of vacation I got), but it is also the month of my birthday. Of course, there are an equal number of reasons why I should hate it, too. A character from a series I don't like (silly, I know - disliking a two-dimensional character) shares their birthday with mine. In spite of that, though, the hot weather is a definite downside. Despite being a summer baby, I dislike the heat. XD
Mine's May, because that's when summer holiday starts
June, because that's when my anniversary is
October, because that's when my wife's birthday is
December, because that's when christmas and new years eve is
April became my favorite month just recently. I had many happy moments April of this year. But I don't know for the coming years. Hehe. April is also the start of school vacation.. yey

My favorite part of the year is last week of December to first week of January. If only that can be considered a month, that would be my favorite. LOL. Christmas and New Year.. Holidays~ Vacation~ Relaxation~
Mine is September. The weather begins to get a little more mild, harvest begins and hey the first month of school is always the best. Plus I'm getting married in September, nothing wrong with that!
My favourite month is December. There are a bunch of different reasons like... it's the month that I was born in; that's the start of winter (I love winter and snow); and... it's the winter holidays so we get time off school.
raine dragon
I personally like June. Everything is green, vibrant and bursting into life and color. the birds are singing, my rose garden is in bloom and it's sunny, sunny, sunny! Plus, finals are long over and I'm well into summer break.
My favorite month is October because that is when my wedding anniversary is, and every year I love my wife even more.
December. School ends, Christmas, holidays, end of a year, hoping that the a new year will be better!!

School ends, summer begins. Every year I absolutely long for the summer and the sun, it's my favorite season because I love being outside (for sports especially).
I like July, that is when I do my tax return. Laughing
August. My birthday is at head of this month and vacation starting for me...
May- month of love, spring, mum's day, my friend names day, almost summer and holidays, long weekend in Poland (1 and 3 of May are free, so this year having 3 days off the work we had 9 days of holidays!)
I love December because of the whole weather thing and the holidays. I guess I enjoy Winter the most! It is just cozy and dynamic. However if I was to add two more months I would go with August because of all of the awesome weather and beaches and October due to the crisp Fall air, scenery and Fall treats!! I guess I can't really decide on ONE favorite month after all! Very Happy
I'd have to say I love december. The reason i love december is because christmas is in december. but i dont like christmas because of the gifts, i like christma sbecause it helps families get closer together, and anyone without a family to feel loved and needed. Another reason I'd have to chooose december is because its the last month of the year, which means a whole new year is on its way in less then a week. a new year means..well, A NEW YEAR! Brand new start, time to stop those dirty habits or just make life a little easier. The choice is yours, but that's why december is my favorite month.
I really like April/May which is Autumn in the southern hemisphere. The temperature is great in my part of the world and the days are beautiful and clear and blue. I look forward to this time every year.

Plus I can sit out in the sunshine and not get too hot, it's just a pleasant time to be outside.
August! its the time when the summer ends and monsoons start in my place. Its really soothing to see a kinda semi-spring monsoon Smile and added to that reason is my birthday. And no college tests at all Very Happy
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