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So Ive been thinking of taking a cruise recently. This would be my first one and from what Ive heard they are a blast. I have heard some bad things too but its all mostly good. What are some things I should look for in a cruise line? I am over 21 but I dont really want to go on a full out booze cruise. But I also dont want to go on one where theres a bunch of kids and older (older) people. Are there any lines that are right there in the middle?
Also what are some good places to go? Ive only been out of the country once to Ireland (very beautiful btw) so I dont know what to look for for destinations? Any ideas anyone can shoot out? Good cruise lines? destinations? good/bad experences?
I cannot suggest a line to go with. I can however recommend a beautiful beach if you like beaches... the Bahamas was a wonderful cruise for me. There was a mix of older and younger (many more younger). I think that we were on Carnivals Fantasy but I am not certain.

Truth told, there is not a ton to do, but the water is beautiful and the booze is cheap (when you do want to drink it). There are also some beautiful places to snorkel and scuba.

Since going 5 years ago, I have been dieing to go back - but I love beaches... now if you aren't hell-bent on the cruise part, Hawaii is fantastic and there is TOO much to do.... you can have a blast - I know we did.
Try looking into theme cruises if you're looking for avoiding certain age groups, or have a partner you want to take with you. I found a cruise last winter for my Girly and I that was murder mystery themed. As soon as you borded the boat you were assigned an identity and spent the rest of the cruise trying to figure out who the killer was. Also the cruise ship had hired a bunch of actors to pose among the vacationers. It was way too much fun.

Also the cruise was to the Mexican Riviera which was beautiful. Just look at any of the cruise lines and look for themed cruises. There were also cruises for couples, people in their 20's, etc...

I planning to go on a cruise maybe in July with my wife. A cruise to singapore or Thailand would be nice. I've never been on a cruise before and I'm really looking forward to it. Laughing
I have never been on a cruise, and I don't have a lot of money (Hence, when I bring my web site back from the dead, it will be on frihost).

But I'd like to go on one.
I've had tremendous success buying air tickets on the site, and I wonder if there is an experienced cruiser that knows the best way to book a cruise.

I think you can do it in a multitude of ways:

Through a travel agent.
Through the cruise line.
Through a site like orbitz/travelocity...

What are the tricks to getting a ticket on the cheap?
I mean, once you're on the boat you're on the boat, you know?

So I don't want to have to clean dishes to pay for my trip, but I'd like to spend the minimum amount of money possible to have a great time.

I'm going to be going to the Bahamas, or Beleize, I think. Who wants to come along?
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