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If anyone interested could check out our site and let me know if you have any problems with it it would be much appreciated. If you have any comments at all as well it's also much appreciated. Thank you!!

Please don't be a dick, this is the first website i've done with graphic value and it's still finding it's even keel. If you feel the need to flame and act like a two year old, go flame someone else's page.
Wow, that is a very graphic intensive, yet also very cool looking web site. Hey, not every site is meant to be cookie cutter appearance.

A few thoughts....

- Try to reduce the size of images. The media page is 1.5megs total to load, which on a 56k modem takes 329.97 seconds ( ) to load.

- use graphical backgrounds with text that lays on top of the graphics. Right now, all your text is part of the image, and you will find it very hard to maintain a changing web site like this... it's easier to change text than to graphically edit stuff constantly.

- Consider an alternative low res / text only alternative. google doesn't see any text inside flash or inside an image (neither can most screen readers). The layout is massive at 800x600 resolution, and just spills over 1020x768.

Overall, very cool looking, but it will be hard to maintain.
Please don't be a dick, this is the first website i've done with graphic value and it's still finding it's even keel. If you feel the need to flame and act like a two year old, go flame someone else's page.


Anyways, the site doesn't look bad, but it is way too slow to load, and almost every page makes me scroll horizontal and I have 1024 resolution. The tour dates page is kinda messed up right now. Lots of pizza boxes and what not.

I would be worried that people visiting might not have the patience to wait for every page to load and will back-button their way out and somewhere else.

Oh, and my pet peeve with this forum is when people don't put a link in the post. It makes people have to copy and paste the link instead of just clicking to go there. I see way too many very good sites by good designers, but they can't seem to know how to put a link in a post?
I would suggest you to remove the flash animation of the intro. It really blocks your site indexing process by the search bots
I must say the slow internet users will really have a hard time opening your site thus may leave. And about your page, after the intro, there is big chunk of the graphic just lying there. I don't think the users having 800*600px resolution monitor will enjoy your site.
Your site needs a major reconstruction, try using the html with the css that will make your site better.
I am guessing that you made them on the photoshop, and sliced them, and saved them as a webpage. But I must agree that you have good graphical skills with which you can do much better.
That's excellent advice from everybody, very much appreciated. I'll make some changes as soon as I get some free time, thanks for any future advice as well.

Now that it's been mentioned, I actually have a low-res/text and html site all ready to go, I'll have to make some quick changes, but I don't know why I didn't think of using that before!

Sorry about not posting the hyperlink in here earlier, it slipped my mind completely.

I have definitely realized that it's a pain in the #@$ to maintain...but worth it in the end. As far as crawling from google and other search engines go I will have to make some changes to allow for better search results.
Very graphic intensive, as was said, but great idea! Perhaps downsize it abit as well, I am on a 1440x990 resolution, and it stretched too tall height-wise. For a layout like this, it might be beneficial to try to fit it in a 600 or 700 pixel height, to please the viewer a bit more since your layout is one big image.

Keep up the great work Smile
Yea most definitely. I immediately realized that the images were too big, but I just wanted to get at least the skeleton down and then some opinions to make double sure. I'm adding a low res site right now to make sure low speed users are happy as well. And then I'm going to go make some quick changes to the graphics and then downsize the images to fit. I can't thank everyone enough for the info.
As advised, I've added a low-res site to appeal to low-speed users, hopefully this prevents anyone from getting discouraged because of any speed issues.
Now this idea sounds good. And the loading speed of the low resolution site is very fast too..
But try to make the low res. site better
Most definitely, I'd rather have at the least something while I come up with concepts for the lowres site since it's kind of off the cuff. Would like to keep it simple yet conceptual using certain elements of the high res site. I just really want to make sure that everyone high end and low end users have no trouble getting any info they're looking for.
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