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My Job

Im a Painter( carpenter -> mhm ) paint houses in wood hahahaha, and door windowns(frames) ^^,) but im still at school "learning" hahaha.. ofc all say that to paint a wall is easy, but how about the detales(-_-) mhm,, its not the best job, early in the moring, vake up 04:30 am and begin at work 7:00 am and finish 04:00 pm,, mhm bah a hard day at work. an now im not getting payd, bec im a school boy: ahh, i work free.. this is my life ppls!!! (^^,)
cool job... keeps ypubusy i spose..
well i am a dj for my local town and i worked for free doing kids discos with my own gear. i sabed up all m pocket money to get myself a mixer twin cd and amp with two big speakers Very Happy wel any way i started to charge and people started to not use my services coz i was young i was like 14yrs old. i wasn't even charging that much... it was like 30... but some people thougt it was reanable and kept me on... but i lost a lot of business then and now as i am 16 and @ college i am charging about 70. but why dont you charge? its a bit of pocket money? and speek to the person first.. as i didn't i said i am going to start charging soon for cost of transportation ect.... Wink

hope the painting goes well Cool
Yeah i was a Dj, but the club i work on has close down, bah over 300 visitors evry weekend!

but i didnt get payd for the dj job, and all my friends payd 10 USD to get into the club, maybe it was more maybe 20 or 30 i dont remember but from 10 to 30 hehe... but however i left the dj job bec i didnt get payd, and the job was hard work, and if the owner comes to l8t, and the whole evening is rouind, bec we must wash the floors and get the SLOOOOWLY Pc to work as normal... c",), but i looking for a dj who can make me song, i cant bec i dont have the programs i hade before^^,) taken by my boss!! maybe someone will help??
well what programmes you looking for?

i use PCDJred profor music and Winamp to show my videos

and soon i'm getting the new numark cue
Very Happy
and i dj for a club now. over 300 people one fri and sat.. its good money.. but ally ou need to do is advertise yourself more if you want another dj job..
hm i want a prog who i can make my own music, and it must be easy.. not a pro
^^!!^^ hehe
You know what as long as you are happy with what you are doing. I can tell you one thing Painters in Canada because we have a "trades" shortage are making really good money. I wish I was good at it.
heh yeah, in sweeden to. and denmark^^ its a very rare trade!, but yeah painters earn good money,... hehe but apprentice earn not so good money! hehe... but when u work like apprentice fore about 2 years, after that u earn better/good money!^^ so im happy with the choice i made for my self! hehe^^
Painters get good money (as long inspiration doesn't leaves them). It's cool that you are capable of learning and painting. Keep up the good work!!
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