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What REALLY happened in the Oklahoma City bombing?

After reading the whole post, what do you think?
The government was telling the truth; all this evidence is fabricated.
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Something fishy here, but the government is not involved.
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I don't know what to think.
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I think it was a legitimate operation gone bad.
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I think it was an illigitimate operation gone bad.
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I think the government wanted the building destroyed.
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The feds are out to kill us all!
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Total Votes : 3

I'm not normally very keen on conspiracy theories, but I can't figure any way to discredit the evidence against certain agencies of the federal government in this case. These scanned pages were part of a far larger book that I've pared down to a few pages for you. (I take out mountains of circumstantial evidence against the government, as well as sometimes bizarre speculations about the government's motives)

All this evidence points towards the fact that a few nut-case men with a single truckload of fertilizer-based explosives couldn't possibly have accomplished what happened there.

First of all, here's the police radio log from that day. How did two additional bombs get there, and why hasn't the FBI investigated how they got there?

Secondly, why do seismograph readings seem to indicate multiple events, when there should (according to the government's story) be only one explosion?

Now, let's see what a retired air force general (who knows a thing or two about explosives) has to say about whether a truckload of ammonium nitrate could take out the building.

(Why hasn't the FBI released those security tapes? The court case is over, what reason is there still for secrecy? 'National Security'? How would the American public be made un-secure by the release of those tapes?)

The general is not alone in thinking this way:

Add to all that the appalling way the government ran the court case against McVeigh.

Add to that the amazing rapidity in which the evidence was destroyed: The building was demolished May 23, only a month and 4 days after the blast. After being demolished, the rubble was removed and buried at a fenced, guarded location. The blast site was paved over.

Add to that the fact that McVeigh supposedly cased the building out by visiting different offices inside it and asking for applications. He made sure everyone knew his real name, and how to spell it. (Why?)

Add to that the fact that McVeigh was captured less than an hour and a half after the blast, for speeding, driving without a tag, driving without a license, and carrying a concealed firearm. McVeigh supposedly then leaves a very incriminating business card in the patrol car. Either McVeigh wanted very badly to be caught, or he was set up.

Add to that the fact that McVeigh, when arrested for traffic violations, was taken to an air force base nearby, not to a police station or a prison. This was (supposedly) before anyone knew that he was involved in the bombing. (why?)

Add to that a surprising number of suicides and deaths immediately after the bombing. One example is a police officer who was trying to figure out the truth. As the government's story goes: After writing a letter to his ex-wife explaining how he thought there was more to the bombing than the government let out and that he feared for his job and his safety, he drove his patrol car to a secluded field. He then slit his wrists and his throat. He then gets out of his patrol car, and locks the doors. He then walks over a mile over rough terrain, including going over or through a fence. He then sits down in a ditch and shoots himself in the head. He is then found by FBI agents (without anyone ever reporting him missing), and given an autopsy. His death was ruled a suicide without any forensic investigation. (The records of this autopsy are still kept secret for 'national security') After all that, then his family is notified. The family was never allowed to see the body.

Add to that the governments reluctance to investigate the elusive John Doe 2 (or 3 or 4; as there were at least 4), including keeping all witnesses who claimed to have seen McVeigh with other people from the courtroom. (Because their testimony was either 'redundant' or 'unreliable') There are around 24 such witnesses.

Add to that witness accounts of the bombing and cleanup that include such curiosities as:
1: Two distinct blasts. For example, one witness claims to have felt one blast, then ducked underneath his desk, then felt the next blast.
2: Government agents removing large stores of firearms, ammunition, and military explosives from the building (Which would be illegal to store inside the building)
3: An large unmarked white truck pulling up to the building, a line of sub-machine gun toting guards dressed in black with no identifying markers on them creating a corridor between truck and building, then people moving filing cabinets through that corridor into the truck.
4: Removal of body tags that had just been put on corpses.

Add to that the amazing rapidity in which federal agents of many kinds converged on the building. (They arrived before the police, fire department, or ambulances)

Add to that this picture of a ryder truck in an army base (supposedly taken in April 1995)

Add to that the legislation that was sped through congress because this happened:

One of the laws considered for passage after the Oklahoma City bombing was the gross destruction of the First Amendment advocated in Charles Schumers bill, HR 2580. In this bill, a five-year prison sentence would be given for publicly engaging in unseemly speculation and publishing or transmitting by wire or electronic means baseless conspiracy theories regarding the federal government of the United States.

According to that law, I could get a 5-year prison sentence for doing exactly what I'm doing right now.

So, what do you think really happened there?
It would seem that there is more to it than the government would have you believe, but what are they hiding?

The theory that I am currently holding on to is that the bombing was to be a sting operation. That John Doe2 was a federal agent who's job it was to disable the bomb before it ever got to the building. Whether by incompetence, ignorance of a back-up timer, or treachery, John Doe 2 failed to disable the bomb. The original plan was to rush in with a few agents, and capture the bomb (which was supposed to be inert by then), and have a nice show for the media. They would have gained respect for stopping such a terrible threat, as well as an excuse to go after the militia movement which McVeigh consorted with. Instead, the bomb was not defused and exploded according to McVeigh's schedule. I think the extra damage to the building might have been caused by McVeigh's bomb setting off the FBI and ATF arsenals in the building. (the remaining parts of which were removed by the bomb squad, making the radio log shown earlier).
This would explain the government's reluctance to investigate John Doe 2 (their own agent). It would also explain most of the other evidence and give a reason for the government to cover certain things up.
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