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Dream interpretation.

How many of you have ever interpreted a dream?
What is weird about it is... how accurate it really is you guys should try it if you haven't. Every time I have done it is has been accurate.
I had a long vivid dream the police were after me I hid in various places I stole a car to get away. etc.
very long and vivid.
from that the interpretation means I am feeling a sense of failure to perform or to honor obligations and commitments. A more direct interpretation of seeing the police in your dream forewarns that you should avoid reckless behavior.

That was pretty accurate......
seen as how me and my girlfriend broke up and I feel as if it is my fault and I could have done more to stop that from happened.
Then I had been par taking in reckless behavior afterwards.
I don't think dreams should be taken literally, they usually have some meaning other than what may seem obvious. Keep in mind that dreams are the by-product of the sub-consious (sp?) at play while the rational (???) mind is at rest.
My friend had a dream that I had died! Crying or Very sad Shocked And what should I interpret it into?
In my opinion, dreams always have a strange way of going. (At least in my case) When I was a little kid, I dreamed that these huge cloth shop cutout figures of models(we have them in India) turn into demons and come after me. Smile And one day I dreamed that someone was stealing our car.

So, usually, I just dream, and leave it to that. But I do not deny that dreams may have much more inner meanings.
I had one where i was a billionaire it was sweet but unfortunately i wanted to cry when i woke up. Laughing
I tried interpreting my dreams once. Smile Didn't really work out accurately for me...

I'm curious, ever tried Lucid Dreaming? I tried getting myself to do that, but ended up giving up and just letting myself dream freely. Very Happy

One day I hope to be able to induce Lucid Dreaming though, I hear very cool things from it!
Recently I just haven't been "having" dreams. Of course, we all have dreams when we sleep, we just don't remember them if we don't wake up in the middle of a dream.
well. Dream...

I think good dream is something for makes our heart better when we wake up, and bad dream are reflection for something bad that we ever do...

I only think like that, about when the dreams that sometimes "come true", I think that's only our suggestion, moreover I think just a few seconds after we wake up, we forgot almost all parts of our dreams ^^
Yes dreams are a bi-produce of your subcounconciousness.
Lucid dreaming is so cool... I have had a few myself... it is where you are fully aware of the fact you are in a dream. You take control of that dream and make it what you want.
What you say goes.
you want to have sex with pamala anderson? Go for it.
you want to fly...... do it
breath under water. that too.
make people vanish. you name it in a lucid dream it can be done.
you have no limits what so ever.

but on dream interpretation. A very great psychologist came up with the concept and I really think he has something Smile

I know a TON about lucid dreaming *not to brag* just in case you want to know more about how to achieve it.
I haven't had any "lucid dreams", though there were times that, during nightmares, I ended up realizing it was only a dream and forced myself awake somehow.

Lately I've been having a hard time remembering what I dream about. As soon as I wake up and try to remember what the dream was about, everything is washed away in my brain. Only one or two details remain most of the times.

As for interpreting dreams, as it was said before, they can never be interpreted literally as you see them. They may or may not have a meaning behind them. Seeing someone die, for instance, can show that you're worried about that person for some reason, or how much you care for that person. Flying is mostly a wish of freedom, without having to worry about your current problems. Running away from something usually shows insecurity, stress, or fear that something you're about to do on the "real world" goes wrong. Sometimes dreams can simply show you something that's pleasant to you, like if you've been doing some sort of activity more often than usual these last few days, you're bound to dream about said activity.

You just have to work up your mind and figure out what the dream meant. Each case is a case, everyone's different, and that applies to dream interpretation as well.
I have had many dreams where I was fully aware it was a dream, but I did not know that it was "Lucid Dreaming" (I have never read anything on the subject, nor did I now that you could do it at will).

Can anyone provide any links on the subject?
Sure can... best site for lucid dreaming hands down.
there are many methods of lucid dreaming.
it is related to astral projection.
The first one you have when you are trying to have one is weird..
try to go through a mirror in a dream it's crazy.

I'm going over that site now and it seems very interesting. I'll let you know how it works for me.

Thanks for the helpful url Smile
Anytime if you need more info or want something clarafied feel free to contact me.
Srs2388 wrote:
Anytime if you need more info or want something clarafied feel free to contact me.

Please don't be surprised if I do Wink

This all has my interest, afterall we spend 1/3rd of our lives asleep....if we can manage to make that part work for us.....I'm more than willing to try.
My friends ask me to interpret their dreams for them. Smile

I have this friend who dreamt that she was riding in a car in the countryside with two friends. They reached a bridge, and for no reason at all, the car stopped, and her two friends got off. She went on and left.

I told her that at one point, she's going to leave her friends behind. Two years later, she earned a scholarship and had to study in Singapore.

Another friend had a dream that she was preparing for a date or prom. He date was waiting for her outside, but she still hasn't decided which clothes to wear. She would wear something, and change it, and she just couldn't decide.

I told her that her date represents the people around her that she would like to impress, and the fact that she had a hard time choosing what to wear just means that she doesn't know which side of her personality to show these people that she is trying to impress.

She said that it's true.

The only sad part is, I can't interpret my own dreams. Sad I guess it just means that I know my friends better than I know myself. Sad

As for Lucid Dreaming.. Srs gave me that link a long time ago. Due to stress, I've never got past the preliminary stages. Now that the semester's over, I can have a go at it again! Very Happy Thanks for bringing up the topic of Lucid Dreaming!
I find that most of the dreams I remember incorporate things which happened a couple of weeks earlier. For example, I might go to a concert one day and then get my haircut the next day. Two weeks later I could have a dream about having my haircut at a concert, or perhaps missing the first part of the concert because the haircut is taking a long time. I don't know why it takes two weeks, perhaps it takes that long for events to percolate down to my subconscious?
I love lucid dreams, but I only have had them when the dream was a nightmare. I realize how ridiculous the situation is, and it becomes Shawn of the Dead. It's quite awesome.

I have had some weird dreams that had a snippet of the future in them, and then I forget about them, and the event happens a year later EXACTLY how I had dreamed it, down to every last detail. But, I dream a hell of a lot when I sleep, so I think it's probability...
OK, consider this a challenge to any interpreters out there.

In my dream it was the first day of university all over again, except the university had decided to welcome new students in style. Although the university does actually try and welcome new students with something of an event it is not in reality anywher near as colourfull as it was in my dream, it seemed quite low key at first, there was a bouncy castle and a wrestling competition using big inflatable pads, as I strolled around wondering who of the other students I would become friends with and experiencing all the usual anxieties of a first day in a new place I stumbled across a massive Stage around the back of uni.

This was quite unexpected, particularly given the size of the audience which was probably bigger than the entire intake at my uni. It was a sunny day and on stage were people giving lectures in west indian dialect. Nobody could understand them because we were all white and middle class, but two of us were picked to translate. I was one and the other side was a ventriloquist with a witch glove puppet. I was reading the translation from aeroplanes which were writing words in the sky with their vapour trails. However because it was in the sky the words blew away and I fell to my knees in despair.

Two goths crept from the crowd and picked me up. they draged me back to my house and we all sat around the table in my house. I fancied one of them who had red hair. Every time i tried to talk to her I couldn't say anything and instead produced one of mothers coats from behind me and poured sand all over myself then discarded the coat. Eventually the woman grew frustrated with my inability to communicate with her and turned into Jason from Big Brother. (a muscly dumb man from a reality TV show)

What does this mean. If anybody has any serious insight I would be very grateful. xx
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