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Any Mac or Linux users want to took at my site?

Here it is. I’m particularly concerned about the space between the menu bar and dropdown menus.
{name here}
If it works on the Windows variant, it'll render nearly exactly the same on the other OSes(fonts will slightly vary) provided that you tested it with sans-serif(not arial or vernada, but sans-serif) and used scalable items. In addition keep in mind that not every Linux user can use Flash or Java, none can use Shockwave. It seems like yours should work fine.
Works great with Camino (Gecko Engine) and Safari (WebKit Engine).
When I look at your site with Firefox and Opera I see your side bar (the one headed with "subnit a puppy application") directly under your available dogs menu item with a big blank space (actually it's you background) to the left of it and the rest of the site is below that.

However when I looked at your site earlier this week with Firefox on my wife's XP basedcomputer it looked fine.. Did you do something since then? I find it strange that Firefox on two different operating systems would render your site so differently.
I checked with Firefox 2 on Suse Linux and it worked perfect. Just to be sure, I checked with Konqueror too. It ended up looking similar to how Tex_Arcana described, with that left side bar by itself (only for me it showed up under About Dobermans with Our Dogs to the left of it) and the rest of the site below that.

Hope this helps you some Wink
Looked fine to me in Safari.
Hey Tex, yes, I found this trouble today thanks to your post. I had fixed it but forgot to ftp it on over.

Nice shootin!

Also, I don't think the issue is with the OP. I am pretty sure it is with the browser's font settings. The other machine must be set different. On Firefox you can increase/decrease with Ctrl plus + / -
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