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Japanese music

I think a lot of it is awfull, watching manga, such as death note and bleach, got the intros and outtros for bleach.

i would use the adjective "butifull" about the most songs.

if you know some good songs, write the names in here
and also write your oppenion of japanese music.

please do not write download links (this is a legal forum) we can search them
There are many types of Japanese music so of course you're going to have a bunch of different opinions on them.

Basically, I like any kind of J. music as long as the voices aren't raspy, generic or super high-pitched.

I like most songs by this band called Art-School. They're pretty unknown but their music is awesome. I love Charlotte, Chloe, and Evil.
I usually listen to the anime related muisc, I know so few about japanese pop muisc...
I also listen to japanese music, specifically the japanese music. Very Happy
I don't listen to the scene, popular Japanese bands like Dir en Grey and so forth.
I prefer industrial, electronica and those sorts of genre.
Some anime music is calming, like those ones with no words, just the melodies? Those are nice to listen too when you want to fall asleep at
Jakob [JaWGames]
A lot of great gamemusic is made in Japan for example all the Zelda and Final Fantasy music. And Dir en Grey is a great band.
fervent, I agree with you on listening to the scene/popular bands/groups. I'm not really into them. I think they're a bit over rated... I know a ton of people who absolutely adore Gackt and Dir en Grey but I don't exactly see what's so great about them. I mean, it's not like they're -bad- (I actually like a couple of their songs) but I think people need to open up their music tastes a lot more because there are tons of different types of Japanese music.
Japan has got a bunch of great singers, but because that their language is not popular in the world, their pop stars seldom shows in the world stage.
Dr Carruthers
I like some of Japan's experimental bands, well, at least the ones that are more or less known: Boredoms, OOIOO, Merzbow... If you're into nonconventional sounds, they are a must.
I actually never listen Japanese music.
Being an anime and jdrama fan, I have been exposed to different kinds of jap music. Its too bad though their language is not known all over the world because they are really good!
If you like hip hop/pop Japanese music, try m-flo. They're very good! The new album Cosmicolor is so wicked!
I personally like japanese new wave bands. That or any other type of band having to do with the electronica/techno movement. One example would be Aural Vampire. They're really good.
Aside from that, I like tons of japanese rock bands. My favourite japanese band is a punk rock band; ELLEGARDEN. Most of their songs are in English, and what wonderful English Hosomi (lead singer) has! He sings in English rather than Engrish. Laughing
OMG, someone else who knows of Aural Vampire!! Surprised They are amazing, and most people I talk about Japanese music with have never even heard of them!
Yoshida Brothers (吉田 兄弟), man! They are one of a kind!
If you like string instruments, you definitely should take a look on them!
There is two websites, a japanese one and an english one.

Watch a video presentation on YouTube: lame japanese show.
Fusion Breeze
I'm new here so Hello to everyone!!! Razz Can anyone please tell me if there is any instructional book about Japanese Classical Music and game music to be more specific? Or even better if Nobuo Uematsu has ever published an instructional book like that (that has been translated in English of course Razz) Thx for the help. Cu Very Happy
I like Ayu Hamasaki, she sing really sweet songs. Very Happy As an anime fan, i like lots of anime related music too. "Toki ni ai wa" from the Utena movie is just perfect! Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bubblegum Crisis, Yuyu Hakusho are all animes wich have very good music.
I don't listen to anime music or Japanese music, but I do think some of it is great... for instance, the anime 'Tsubasa Chronicles' has the best music ever (first season). The very first 'Tenchu' playstation game also features some excellent, authentic Japanese music.
I do like Japanese music! In fact it's that I like Japanese Âþ»­. And I will like all the songs appeared in the Âþ»­.

Boa - Every heart Jewel Song
Every little thing - Grip!
V6 - One day, one dream

It seems that all the songs I write is English song, but it's really in Japanese. Wish you like them!
I currently love Okinawan folk songs.

Also, Asian Kung-fu Generation and Tokyo Jihen are also my current favorites.
I love Japanese music.

My favorite songs are "Jibunkumei" by Miyavi, "Lady Galaxy" and "Brand New Beat" by BOA, "SMILY" by Ai Otsuka, "Love Don't Cry", "Stuck in Your Love", and "Love Song" by M-flo, "I'll" by Dir En Grey, and "Silly God Disco" by Gazette.
I'm lovin it Razz

I like japanesse anime music [Soundtrack, OST or anything]

and now I'm crazy with YUI [] She's young, she's cute, and argghghhhhhhh.......
I have just gotten into Japanese music, and I, love is such a strong word, but I really like it, even if I don't understand a thing Razz But for me the melody is much better than the words.
I`ve never heard japanese music so I dont how would it be.
I saw a Japanese movie "NaNa" yesterday, there's a cool female singer in it.
Gacktos songs are all very good. My faves are Doomsday, Mizerable, Secret Garden, Returner (The NEW single! Wink, Luna, Redemption, Last Song, Ash and all kind of that :'D I just love Gacktos music.

Also Merry and MUCC is really good. And Pierrot Wink Sometimes I also listen X Japan. Good stuff too. Wink
Not nearly as good as american music, but i'd still listen to it. i mean, their singers and actors are really beautiful and hot. LOL
I love Bleach soundtrack, mostly the opening theme of the first chapters Smile
Asian Kung-Fu Generation is the best Asian group I know,

NGS and Loops and loops are realy realy good songs, perhaps dl them, if not buy their single ! Very Happy
mattchun wrote:
I saw a Japanese movie "NaNa" yesterday, there's a cool female singer in it.

The second "n" isn't capitalized and her name is Mika Nakashima.
I've just heard Mika! It's great!
Im listening right now:
"Glay, Uverworld, Dir en grey, Larc en ciel, Hiiki, Ayu, Teppei, Yamapi, KAT-TUN, Mosumu, Gackt, Erika Sawajiri, Arashi, V6" And many many more. Right now, my fav. song is; V6 - UTAO-UTAO.
bueo a mi m molan los Psycho le cemus, q no se si son japos, nipos o simples chinitos, pero molan, menos el marica q va de rosa ajajaja
hey does anyone know that name if that band that sang that song i think is ether halo or HaLo but it was in IMF's worlds best videos when 30 seconds to mars "From Yesterday" was new so if you know please email me at or just tell me on here
pudovkin wrote:
Yoshida Brothers (吉田 兄弟), man! They are one of a kind!
If you like string instruments, you definitely should take a look on them!
There is two websites, a japanese one and an english one.

Watch a video presentation on YouTube: lame japanese show.

I was just going to make a Yoshida Brothers recommendation. Glad to see I'm not the only one Smile

Shamisen is an awesome instrument.
Mrs Lycos
I love listen j-pop and j-rock , but I must admit that most of the time, I hear Japanese music is an anime ost or something like that (i love anime, doramas and manga).
Well , my favourites:
* One more time, one more chance - Yamasaki Masayoshi
* ORANGE RANGE’s ‘Ikenai Taiyou’
* Seishun Amigo - Yamashita Tomohisa
* Mongol 800 - Chiisana Koi no Uta
* Paradise kiss - Lonely In Gorgeous
* Eureka Seven songs
* Sailor Moon - Kiss!² Bang!²
* Sakura Card Captor - Tomoyos Song ' Yoru no uta '
* Kuwata Keisuke - Ashita Hareru kana
* Rozen Maiden Openings

I dont remember any more i have saw too much anime and dorama :S.Listen them they are good. ^^
Shonen Knife is awesome.

Also, Japanese hardcore is supposed to be really really good. I don't really know because I'm not that into hardcore? But I've heard C.F.D.L, Disclose, G.I.S.M, and so on were really influential to US hardcore, crust, d-beat.
I love japanese music! I can't stop listening to those songs and I think Japanese songs have all something in common, I can't name it, but I think it's feeling or something like that, something that makes them stand out. As for japanese bands, I like listening:

Asian Kung-Fu Generation
MAXIMUM the Hormone

and many more, based on what I'm currently watching (I mean - what anime I'm watching) but in general I like every japanese song, unless it's too earcandy and soft for me, like childish, imbecile or something.
I do not listen to much Japanese music. However, I love Envy.
Dont think anyones mentioned Mikami Kan yet (or Kan Mikami as its written sometimes).
He's a veteran Japanese actor, singer, songwriter who's got a fascinating history of work.

I bought an album randomly whilst in Hong Kong simply to find something new and it turned out to be this crooning avant garde bluesman with a groaning gravely voice. The only English writing on the cd was his name in italics on the spine, although it wasn't obvious. When I looked it up, this was 10 years (!) ago, there was no information about him on the net. I remember listening to the album until I knew the words (if they are words?).
I looked him up just now for the purpose of this little (was gonna be little) comment and lo'! He's gotten web based recognition! Look him up as "mikami kan"on google. He might not appeal to the J-Pop fans but he's trying to do something a little different, still based roughly on American blues. Seriously soulful guy. I feel a duty to push him on every one, he helped me thru tough times when I thought I was the only person with his album.
Thanks for reading
From time to time, I listen to Supercar. Maybe give it a try? They also provided a song for Eureka Seven - "Storywriter". However, I like "Lucky" more. Smile
P.S. please dont watch the first clip of Mikami Kan on Youtube the quality is baaad. thanks
Try these:

Kazumasa Oda:
I come across Japanese songs when I watch animé and tokusatsu shows. Sometimes, I find myself singing along though I don't really understand what's being sung (looking at a translation is somehow different from knowing what the lyrics really mean).

This is one of the most great lyrics I have found! (sukiyaki song)

One more terrifying is the 2 first lines of 4500 times...
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