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Granado Espada

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this one.

The open beta for Granado Espada is coming out very soon. I played in the closed beta, and this game has far exceeded my expectations for a MMORPG. Better yet, this version is FREE (as of the OBT announcement).

This game also goes by the name of Sword of the New World in North America run by K2 this summer, but it's going to basically be P2P. The IAH Granado version will not enforce any IP bans, so we'll be able to play the original free version Smile
There's the main page. Click the sign up button for the OBT and you're in when the game opens up! Smile
JinTenshi has released their pre-open beta client and opened the pre open beta registration. This is a singapore server, but there are plenty more servers out there. GE looks VERY promising and also it's award winning. Definitely something worth playing.
I was just trying to point people to the international version so that everyone worldwide can play. Singiporian GE is IP localized.
my friend was in the testing phase of the game. He told me that it's by far the best game he has ever played and from the screenshots that he took i'd have to say the graphics are nice. I'd love to play it when my friends decide to join all together. Laughing
I'm still waiting for the open beta to start.

If you're looking to play, get to downloading NOW!!! You have to DL 5 700MB files and another 95MB file. Itt's a haul to download, but worth every minute.

If you have a decent connection, you can get the files pretty quick from the Filefront mirrors. It only took me about an hour to get all of them on my 3 MB/sec DSL connection without any download accelerators.
They just announced that there will be two servers for POBT. One will be a PvP server with PKing and one Carebear server, but you will not be able to tranfer your family between servers. The good news is you can create a family in each server.
Granado Espada sounds like a GunZ-style game.

Is there anywhere I can find screenshots? I heard from some friends that it's absolutely amazing.
spazbutt32 wrote:
Granado Espada sounds like a GunZ-style game.

Is there anywhere I can find screenshots? I heard from some friends that it's absolutely amazing.

It' nothing like Gunz at all. It's MMORPG
Thanks for posting this thread, I almost lost sight of this game after hearing about it for years since it is not a North American domestic games. There aren't that many good MMORPGs that I like save for Diablo 2 and WoW.

Anyways, I think the play mechanics kinda remind me of the current game I'm playing for the PSP, Valhalla Knight. Which is worth a try if you own a PSP. =)
It's now out and SO much better than in CBT Smile Which = even better than the original awesome opinion I already had
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