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Julius Caesar

I really was impressed not to find a topic which talked especially about him. I found some where he was mentioned, but nothing entirely dedicated to who I find was one of the greatest leaders in history.
Of course Alexander the Great conquered a lot of territory before Julius, but I think that Julius managed to do something not many have achieved: he triumphed in politics, in religion and also in the army.
It may be argued that some of his biggest campaigns (like the one against the Gauls) were not that "glamorous"... I mean, it's said that it wasn't a "fair" war as he kind of looked for it. However, it was to prevent the Germans from getting that territory, as they were already advancing through what we know as switzerland nowadays so as to invade Gaul and eventually Rome.
But this is not a history class, I just wanted to know what do you think about this. If you think there was someone that is "above" him, and why, I mean.
I believe this may turn into a very interesting topic, and I hope there was no other discussing this, because that means I haven't found it and probably missed what people have already discussed...
Caesar is talked up as the de facto founder of the Roman Empire and because his Gallic War is a good read. But really I can't see that he compares with many generals, including Alexander and Napoleon.

Caesar was nearly defeated by Pompey and got himself trapped in Alexandria. Either defeat would have seen his reputation eliminated.

Yes, he was a good politican, except that he underestimated the hatred of his enemies. Something his sucessor did not do.

Overall I'd have to say Caesar was good to very good but not in the top grade.
I think Shakespeare has written a play with that name does it reflect truth or just fantasy?
Shakespeare rarely made anything up - he just grabbed someone else's plot or history and added his own style. In the case of Julius Caesar he used Plutarch, usually a pretty good historian, even including the ghosts!

Bernard Shaw thought Shakespeare had overly romanticised them and tried to be more realistic in his 'Anthony and Cleopatra'. But like all history, interpretation is the key.
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