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Acnexus - Acne Product

I've tried everything to get rid of my acne. I have very minor cystical acne, but in large quantities, so redness and blotchyness is a major problem for me. I have tried it all...Differin Gel, Proactive, Acne Free, Neutrogena Products; nothing works for me. I'm scared to try oral medications because I'm unsure how they will affect me in the longrun since a lot of oral acne products aren't even FDA approved and contain natural ingredients I haven't even heard of.

Well, there's this European acne wash that I guess has been around for some time and is now just being introduced in the US. It's called Acnexus and contains a lot of anti-oxident related ingredients as well as oils to sooth the skin. When I saw "oils" I was skeptical since the last thing I need is "oily" skin. I guess this doesn't clog your poors though, and is suppose to leave your skin relieved of producing oil. I've only heard success stories for this product on as well as other sites and have yet to find a bad review. I'm thinking about buying this product, but can only find it on Ebay and their main website. Their main website doesn't have a "Privacy Policy", so I'm afraid to enter my credit card information, so I'm going to buy it on Ebay most likely and give it a try.

If anyone has any information about this product and is willing to share, please let me know! I'm 17 now and have been suffering from Acne since I was about 12 years old and am desperately trying to find a solution other than Accutane and other harsh medication.

Acnexus Website:
never heard of this..but i'm currently using clinique products..they are quite good..eventhough my skins not really properly healed from any scars..but i can feel the just matter of time..
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