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Issues Facing the U.S.

Alright, so I need to write up a proposal for CONA (Council on National Affairs) which is, in essence, a national Youth in Government program.

The proposal is rated on debateability, and I'm short of ideas. One of my ideas was to ban diesel made from petroleum by the year 2012, but I was informed that someone from the Michigan delegation has already done something similar.

So, if you can suggest an issue for me to write a proposal on, I would greatly appreciate it. All of my proposals are agreeable (banning incandescent lightbulbs, etc.) and the agreeable proposals are "bad" in CONA beacuse the basis is for debate.

The following things are banned from CONA
To stimulate creativity, topics that make it to the General Assemblies or Plenary Sessions are off limits for the next year. The number in parenthesis is the proposal, or base proposal that was presented.
Please do not write a proposal that is in any way related to the topics below. Please address all questions to your state director.

1. Affirmative Action in College Admissions (294)
2. Artificial Insemination Database (164)
3. Deportation of Illegal Aliens (405)
4. Direct Election of the President/Abolish Electoral College (483)
5. Domestic Spying Prohibition Without Warrant/Domestic Surveillance (100)
6. Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients (111)
7. Election Day Voter Registration (55)
8. English Proficiency Exams for Non-English Speaking Legalized Immigrants in Grades K-12 (2)
9. Ethanol Production and Utilization (377)
10. Flag Defamation (333)
11. Funding for High Schools Based on Dropout Rates (37)
12. High School Graduation Requirements (315)
13. HIV Testing in High Schools (160)
14. Homosexuals in the Military (36)
15. Limit Illegal Immigration through Tariffs on Vegetables Imported from Mexico/NAFTA Revision (423)
16. Line-item Veto (38)
17. Mandatory Voting/7-Day Voting Period (465)
18. Marshall Plan for Latin America (Aid/Free Trade/Tax Breaks for Latin America)(106)
19. National Port Security (109)
20. National Sales Tax (326)
21. No Smoking in Vehicles with Minors (35)
22. Non-voting Delegate for Northern Mariana Islands (279)
23. Observance of Race and Gender-Based History Months (63)
24. Parent/Guardian Presence Required for Interrogation of Mentally Disabled (397)
25. Permit Same Sex Marriages/Defense of Marriage Act (130)
26. Piracy, on Water (115)
27. Presidential Signing Statements (197)
28. Printing Pertinent Identifying Numbers on Insurance Cards (430)
29. Recognize Hamas and the Palestinian Government (346)
30. Rights of American Forces Detainees (95)
31. Setting a Protocol for Federal School Funding Based on Student Performance (443)
32. Solvency of Social Security (381)
33. Space Weapons Funding (480)
34. Stem Cell Research (288)
35. Support of an Independent Taiwan/United States and Taiwan Policy (217)
36. Trigger Locks on Firearms (89)
37. U.S. Humanitarian Aid to African Nations (495)
38. U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Disarmament/Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (477)
39. United Nations as Primary Agent for War on Terrorism (117)
40. United Nations Charter (29)
41. Use of Depleted Uranium (429)
42. Voting Rights, Disenfranchisement (104 for the Homeless, 335 Restore Rights for Felons)
I don't know about national proposals but here in California we need to get the K-12 schools to teach to the 2/3 -3/4 of the students that do not go to college.

Currently we are trying to "boost" scores that are based on the no child left behind which are based on college entrance.

We need to teach more life skills like basic economics- You know balance your check book. How to write a business letter. How to communicate...

I know literature is important but if you can't read the VCR manual you can't function. Why don't we teach technical English in 6-8th grade??
I'm always wary of proposals to "ban" things. I would prefer to "encourage" something better. You took up the question of banning incandescent lightbulbs. The idea is presumably not just to ban lightbulbs, the idea is to use more energy efficient lighting as most of the energy produce by an incandescent lightbulb goes in heat (which often then has to be cooled by air conditioning - you can therefore under some circumstances save twice as much energy) usually heating the ceiling where people spend very little of their time even in winter!!
Low energy lamps have been available for many years now but have the disadvantage that they contain mercury vapour and thus have to be disposed of very carefully.
Led lights are now becoming available (see amongst many other places). These lights use very little energy and last about 100 times as long as an incandescent lightbulb. They are excellent for spotlights and are becoming better for general lighting. How about lower taxes on led lights and much higher taxes on incandescent lightbulbs? That would encourage people to change and they could save on their electricity bills as well. Start off by making it mandatory for government/State buildings to use this form of lighting for all spotlights and then for all general lighting. This would encourage more players to produce the lighting giving economies of scale and more competition.

Good luck!
Davidgr1200 wrote:
I'm always wary of proposals to "ban" things. I would prefer to "encourage" something better. You took up the question of banning incandescent lightbulbs.
No offence dude, but there are millions of people starving across the world, pointless wars being fought and people dying needlessly - and you are worried about lightbulbs?

Geeeeez, you need to get your priorities sorted.

Davidgr1200 wrote:

How about lower taxes on led lights and much higher taxes on incandescent lightbulbs?

Your country has a lightbulb tax?

Thats just a bit... odd Shocked
Using incandescent light bulbs which require massive amounts of wattage compared to similar alternatives, would in the big picture reduce CO2 production, which could possibly lesson the amounts of wars for energy and which could lead to less global warming, which would increase food production which would lesson starvation.

And no smart@ss there isn't a light bulb tax. But there are tax write offs which is basically if you buy this thing then that money you spent on it won't get taxed.
I like number three on their "no" list - "Deportation of Illegal Aliens (405)". ET, I am very sorry but you can't go home. LOL

Your incandescent bulbs is good for debate. Payback periods vs intial cost of various choices. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) are good but remember they contain small amounts of mercury.
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