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I recently vacationed in Maui, Hawaii. It was splendid. The weather is perfect. Go inland and you'll find rainforest ecology. Everyone is pretty laid back and really live to have fun.

In the future, I'll learn about the culture of the people before going to their land. There is a long history in Hawaii between the natives and white men. If I had known more, it would have kept me from making some incorrect assumptions. Hawaii's ancient religion is called Huna, and plays a large role in their culture. It's kind of like the Native American's religion, and you see how well white men got along with them. Be nice and you'll be fine.

It's so fun to vacation there! Surfing, swimming, hiking everyday.
My wife and I went to Honolulu awhile back and absolutely loved it - actually this is the 2nd post tonight that I have referenced it Smile

There was so much to do, we stayed on the go the whole time. We had a blast. We hiked about a half a dozen mountain trails into the tropical forests there, snorkeled in a protected coral bay and finished the trip off with sky-dive hawaii! It was fantastic. I am dieing to go back as soon as I can. The beaches were beautiful (I live in the southern US where were have sugar white sand - I know pretty beaches)...

The vibe was fantastic, the people were so friendly, I just fell in love. There is a definite hybrid of cultures here, which I am fond of... There was some tension between the white man (Howlies) and the natives so I agree on the whole being mindful of the culture thing.

Oh yea, I got to try to surf (which I was terrible at)... so many firsts while I was there - life changing trip... wanna go again...
I'm swedish but recently lived in Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawai'i for six months as a volunteer worker, and I must say I absolutely loved it too! My favorite place on earth for sure! The surf, the people, the nature, the weather! Probably the six best months of my life! AND, I found myself a girlfriend from Hawaii! Smile
Volunteering! Very good way to travel for free. Why did you volunteer? Peace Corp or something? I'm interested.
Actually I was kinda half a volunteer worker, half a christian missionary! It was with a christian non-profit organization called Surfing the Nations. I loved it so much! They are an organization that believe in spreading the gospel, using the surfing as a tool to reach out to people. We had feeding programs every week, in the poor areas of O'ahu, and we had BBQs for the homeless, youth nights for high school kids, etc etc. They also have international outreaches from their base in Honolulu, Im gonna go to Bali this year with them too! Smile
I so wanna go there one day! It sounds awesome..
My friends had a wedding there not too long ago. They paid for everyone to come down. There were about 100 people there too! All flown in from central United States mainly..
Hey guys sadly I haven't been there yet but I can not wait until I can afford to travel to the states. I would love to tour the East and West coasts and finally spend some great times in Hawaii. I just need to grad, get a job and start saving!! But i know its going to be worth it. Very Happy
i've always dreames about having a holiday over their in hawii,i hear the beach is very great, and they have lots of nice people from evry part and sides of the continent coming toghether to relax in thie vast land fill almost with white sand and surrounded by water.
It;l be a great and nice place to spend my xmas thougb my buget is yet to get to that point, i;m still saving and my hope and faith is very high
i never seen hawaii, but only in movies lol, but to tell you Hawwaii is nto a vry cool place to live. you get almost no connections there. but to assure you, peole over there arepeacfeul and respectful[/u]
i have a friend who just moved from hawaii to california. He hates it here. hahah. Personally, hawaii isn't on my list of things to do. It just doesn't appeal to me as much as south america, asia, and europe. Maybe after i've have the time and money to explore those continents i will visit hawaii.
My husband and I spent a week on Oahu for our honeymoon three years ago, and I loved it. The temperature was perfect, the rainforest was beautiful, the beaches were awesome (and I, too, grew up along the US Gulf Coast with it's sugar white sand, so I know a pretty beach when I see one Smile ). I also loved learning about the culture and religion of the islands. If you ever visit Oahu, I highly recomend a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center to learn about the islands and cultures of the South Pacific. And a stop at the Byodo-in Temple is a must, too. It's a huge, beautiful Buddist Temple.
And the bars in Waikiki - fun times Smile
I'm not really a wery big fan of Hawaii, but I'm going there next year with my friends. Cool Sounds... warm. (Something that I'm not used to)
LimpFish wrote:
We had feeding programs every week, in the poor areas of O'ahu, and we had BBQs for the homeless, youth nights for high school kids, etc etc.

It is amazing how large the homeless population is in Hawaii. It is large in part because the weather is so conducive to year round outdoor living... There have actually been controversial migrations to hawaii where other states in the U.S. have bought their homeless one way tickets to Hawaii to 'get rid' of their homeless population - if memory serves right, Hawaii actually had to petition and make laws prohibiting the practice! I must say that if I had to be homeless, I would prefer Hawaii!
Molle wrote:
I'm not really a wery big fan of Hawaii...

Wa, Wa, WHAT!?! Smile I don't know that I have heard that sentiment come out of anyones mouth - pretty forests, pretty water, pretty beaches and prettier women; what's not to be a fan of?! Oh yea, and don't get me started on the food! There are some good eatings to be had in Hawaii - if you get a chance to go to a pig roast luau, GO! Some of the best food I have had the privilege to eat.

If you go surfing though, just remember to mind you nipples... the sand/wax/board combo makes for perfect flesh sandpaper - I lost my nipples in Hawaii Smile Abrasions all on my chest after 2 hours in the surf, but man-o-man was it worth it!
I would like to learn surfing... it would be great, Im a skateboarder so maybe its easy to me to learn.
agustin wrote:
I would like to learn surfing... it would be great, Im a skateboarder so maybe its easy to me to learn.

Yea, that is what I thought too... Granted, I WAS a skateboarder (like 10 years ago when I was about 16-17). I used to really like it and do it a lot so I though that surfing would be pretty much the same.... It wasn't... For me at least.

I had a good time, but I found it harder to get up on the board as a result of the give of the board in the water under my force/weight. Where the vertical of a skateboard is locked to the ground from your weight and the horizontal movement of the board is somewhat locked as a result of the friction between the ground and your wheels, is not true for the surfboard. When you push up on the surfboard, the board is pretty much free to move in any direction and so requires a LOT more balance and finesse. Once more, wear a shirt or wet suit... I look my nipples and chest off in the process - was great... last two days in Hawaii and I am running around the beach with scabs on my chest Laughing WAX+BOARD+SAND=Body Sandpaper!
I agree that surfing is so much harder, but it's super fun, except for when the hawaiian locals get pissed at you for being in their way or stealin their waves Razz

Regarding the homeless population, it is indeed remarkably huge! And even more, if you go beyond the tourist areas, and go to Kalihi, or the east side, there is a LOT of poor people that sometimes are not homeless though, but still poor (came to us for food every week), but there are also in some places "tent towns" on beaches, where homeless people have like a village of shacks and tents on the beach where they live. Remarkable how it can be like that really. We had a very high demand for our food distrubution every week.
I love Hawaii
thank God I live here
if you never visited Hawaii you should visite
especially on the summer, any island is great
jjhawaii2009 wrote:
I love Hawaii
thank God I live here
if you never visited Hawaii you should visite
especially on the summer, any island is great

can't do nothing but agree with you on that one! Very Happy
I lived in Honolulu for about a year when I was 7 or 8 years old (I'm 21 now), and from what memories I have...the place was amazing! If I wasn't at the beach or at school, I would be hanging out at carnivals in the city or gazing at rainbows after a rainy day...
word man, every day is like an adventure over there... hanging out in the jungle, beaches, mountains, surfing, whatevaaahz Very Happy
What is accommodation like in Hawaii on a permanent basis? Is it more expensive to live in Hawaii than in other States?
nigam is my dream destination i wish i could go there someday...
The tought thing about Hawaii is that because you are flying to such a remote island, it can be really expensive. I tried to fly from my home in Los Angeles area and it was still minimum $400 rt. And from the East Coast can be even worse. I recommend Central America for a cheaper alternative. If you have frequent flyer miles, you can fly from Tijuana and it will only cost 25k miles rt.
Hawaii is really best destination , this really very beautiful place, many beaches,island there so you enjoy so much and mostly person like this for as honeymoon destination.
best places to learn to surf in US -- San Diego and Hawaii
I prefer the Big Island. The area around Hilo is especially nice
I really would like to go to Hawaii!! It seems really great!
You are so lucky! Mad I want to go there for a while and see what it's like!
I've only visited Oahu. From the majestic mountains in Kaneohe, to the magnificent beach in Waikiki, to the Koko head, to the Aloha run. I will definitely come back to Hawaii.
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