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Are there any people that do capoeira? I think it's great hobby, I used to train capoeira alot, but hadn't enought time and power to begin it.

And if someone doesn't know what capoeira is, it's sport from brazil whicch mizes music, dancing and fighting.
I love watching capoeira. There was a club in Vancouver and some guys would practice on the sidewalk to entice people to join. They were really amazing to watch. It kind of looks like break dancing, but a lot more intense. You would have to be in excellent shape to do this however. I don't have the arm strength or flexibility, but will maybe take up weight training to gain some. Of all the martial arts I think capoeira has to be the most amazing to watch.
I'm fat and lazy and I got no arm strenght. It's easy to learn. And it's fun to learn. Smile First stuff is really easy.. I really would like to start it again.. But, I don't know why, I don't want to go there cause I have been so long away from there.. :/
I saw people doing this in Brazil. It looks amazing. Unfortunatley, I'm tall and skinny an fear that my arms would snap if I treid to do the stuff that they do.
I like the way capoeira works but I don't think I would be able to do it gracefully. Eeep!
I think it would be a blast to learn! There just aren't enough hours in the day. It kinda reminds me of the black power ranger (from the original series, obviously) takes me back to my elementary school days!

It's also got a really cool feature in "The Protector", when Tony Jaa takes on the crazy guy who rocks it out hardcore!
I know what it is. Its interesant! here in argentina some people practice it. I ve got a few friends that paractice it. I would like to try it.
I would love to try my hands at this but infortunatly there is no where around here to learn it. Sad
it look so gracefull and energic! i love to watch it Smile
I always wanted to see and actual combat with someone who know acapouera. Their dancing freestyle comba aren't enough to see how deadly this martial art is...
I trained and learned Capoeira for 3 years, a couple of years ago.
I loved it so much, but I had to quit, choosing to spend more time on theater and dancing.

What's great about it is that it's a complete art:

I'ts a Martial art that uses dance and music to allow to to play with someone else.
It can be very acrobatic, or theatrical, or musical. It keeps you body flexible and strong, and also works on your rhythm and equilibrium.

And the capoeira community i usually very friendly and respectfull.

Well I hope you'll find the time a place to try it at least once!
I dont actually do capoeria but i enjoy seeing the moves and using it sometimes.

I bboy(breakdance) and use similiar moves all the time.

You guys should check out this thing called "Tricking"
In short its basically: Martial arts, gymnastics, capoeria and formed into one.

It is amazing what these people do and it is relatively fresh and new so its great!
Capoeira is interesting. One of my friends do it. It's not that popular in the Philippines... yet. I think it'll have its own time here. The music is interesting though.
i never heard of it..
I practice Capoeira Smile

In my short advanture (since 2004 i think) I've meet such ppl like Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Itapoan, Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Toni Vargas, Mestre Gato da Senzala, Mestre Paulão, Mestre Boneco, Mestre KIM, Mestre Marcao and my favourite Professora Sapeca and lot of contra-mestre, instructors, proffesors etc Smile

This is realy a nice thing ... something what You can do in Your free time Smile

And someone said that he isn't practice because he is skinny .. well ... me to Smile
Anybody can practice capoeira ...

"Capoeira e para homen, menino e mulher, so nao aprende quemnao quiser"
"Capoeira is for men, women, and children / The only people who don’t learn are those who don’t want to"

Mestre Pastinha

BTW ... my group is Capoeira Brasil
I've only seen a few videos of it, and what I learned from a documentary on Soma (the alternative sort of therapy that incorporates capoeira angola), but I would like to learn more about capoeira...

Unfortunately there's nowhere around where I live that teaches it. Sad
Libby wrote:

Unfortunately there's nowhere around where I live that teaches it. Sad

And where are You from ? ...
Let's just say the middle of nowhere. haha I've looked into it and the nearest classes are an hour and half away.
Capoeira has indeed an interesting history behind.
I think it is fun both to watch the physical movements containing martial arts hidden in a dance, and to hear the rythmic music they play together with the movements.

I know there is a capoeira club in my city, but I have never tried it myself.
I have been practicing judo since 2002, though.
I've been wanting to do that since hearing of it/watching it for the first time... Unfortunately I had a back-injury which kinda set me a little back a couple of years ago, but I figure that with enough training (not least weights), it'll be possible to take it up sometime. The only time I actually tried it was some years ago in Rome, where I met some Brazilians, who invited us to join them and try it out on some town-square... Love the rhythms, and the way it makes you feel alive..
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