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Julio César Baptista _ The New Madridian

The Majestic 17
Baptista: muscle, class, and goals

ACCESS THE PROFILE OF THE NEW FIXTURE FOR THE WHITES At only 23 and with only two seasons played in the League, Julio Baptista has become an earthquake in football. He came to Seville without taking up too much space in the papers, in spite of already being a Brazilian national team player and with a track record of one Brazilian international and two San Paulo Leagues. He was categorized as a strong crushing centre midfielder, but the good eye of Caparrós, at that moment the trainer of Seville, allowed him to move forward a few metres. Two years later he´s managed an incredible 38 goals in 63 League matches, has won a Copa América, is an unarguable player on the starting eleven and now forms part of the best club in the world.

Julio César Baptista (born: Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1981) is a very difficult player to typecast, coming to Spain as a young and promising centre-midfielder who had already made his debut on the Brazilian national team. But he wasn´t a famous fixture, but tip-toed past the busy newspaper front pages during the summer transfer season. Barely having arrived in Spain he underwent two changes, as in Brazil his nom-de-guerre was The Tank, while in Seville he was known as the Beast. The second change, was a decision by Caparrós, coach at Seville at that moment, who moved his position forward to throw his strong muscular mass at the rivals goals. The result was beastly, 38 goals in the 63 matches he played in the League, and won the highest respect from all the defenders, who splintered in the face of the pace and punch of this rock-solid player.

What´s sure was that Baptista didn´t bother with the presentations of the League, skipped the process of adaptation which is usually normal for a young 20 year old player making his debut, and started off by scoring the winning goal against Atlético de Madrid. From then on he hasn´t hit the brakes, Baptista who came with the role of centre-midfielder, has the look of a new classic, but likes to play in the second line of attack, coming up by surprise. As there is something truly surprising in Baptista. He disconcerts with his ability with the ball and the elasticity of his play despite the heavy armour of his physique. But above all, what stands out is the gift of those few players who are always in the right position to find the balls and hit them with ruthless precision at the most impossible angles for the keepers.

Baptista comes to a Madrid where he´ll find a lot of friends. Some are already there, such as Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos and in particular one who is yet to arrive; the well known friendship which unites him with Robinho. More Brazilian magic for a Real Madrid who look dangerous for the coming season.



Fist division´s debut
31-08-2003. (Jornada 1)
Sevilla 1 - 0 At. Madrid

Previous clubs
2000-2003 Sao Paulo
2003-2005 Sevilla

Track Record

1 brasilian interestatal
2 paulistas leagues

1 Ámerican Cup
1 Confederation Cup

ThanX all
The Majestic 17
Very Happy
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