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Only index page crawled

I can see only the attributes of my index page in google and no result for
cached or similar pages.I have submitted the sitemap(in xml format) but with no improvement.What is the solution?
If you talking about I say some things...
I found that was indexed by google. the cache is a bit old and when google cached that page you used flash links and flash doesn't go well with seo.

Even if you have submited a sitemap I think you have to wait until next time google visits your page again.
Also there is no result for similar pages.
If you want your site to be index by the google within 48 hours I have got a perfect solution.
i.e. submit your site contents to and see how your visitors soars up along with the search engine score.
I have opened an account in but cannot find the area where I can submit the url.Please help.
Code:[your url]


Don't do this for the intro page. Just do it for the content page so that the people can discuss about your site matter.
In this way google will index your that particular page within 48 hours
to check simply type

I hope this helps
@pashmina: Amazing solution man and what a result!!! Thank you very much.Wish you replied earlier Very Happy
good that it helped you.
my stats has also risen by this bookmarking site on april-may my total unique visitor reached 16,000
Congrats pashmina for your success with Digg!

But this may not happen to all of us. I suggest that you make your other pages as strong as your index page, in terms of content and also make sure that there is a straight link the the page that you want to be indexed.
People generally tend to backlink the index page only. But if you have a really good article or some information in other pages. I can not think of a reason as to why people will not link to the direct page instead.
This will improve the backlinks of your inner page and will help it achieve a good stand in google.

I found other technique too..
Its common nowadays, its stumbleupon site. After i submitted my site to the stumbleupon and within a 15 minutes or so i got about 356++ traffic at once.
and my unique visitors just got increased increased.
try stumbleuppn site too.
Hey Pashmina,

Your tips were really very helpful. Thanks a lot.
sambhav wrote:
Hey Pashmina,

Your tips were really very helpful. Thanks a lot.

I am glad that it helped you too..
hope you get good traffic
Do you have any more site similar to stumbleupon and
they are other sites besides these like netscape furl etc etc...
but they hardly attract much traffic for me.
roughly around 38 per day.
Well stumbleupon and digg helped me a lot. My site is new and when i added it, i got 500 oon that day n got listed in google the next day. THe next day the count was above 1000. But the problem is none of them are clicking the ads and me not earning anything.

The people who visit your site through these technique aren't very interesting visitors. like for instance when you stumble your site, the people may or may not find your site interesting go they move on to the next item.

I didn't had much of the click too. Then for just experiment i put up the image ads and it somehow turned out to be useful. got at least 65 click for 8000 impression.. thats all.
Well. I shall try and work on it. And the visitors count reduced today to around 200. How should I increase it ?? And maintain it ??
My site has new contents every day or 3 funny emails a week. As soon as i get one i just stumble them as well as post them to digg, so in this way i get constant traffic. I am not sure about your site.
Well my site contains wallpapers and no updates Sad Anyways that for the info. I have even tried usign website submitter. Can you tell how much time does a site takes to achieve a page rank ???
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