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How would you say ur relationship with your parents are?

My mom is awesome....

my dad is crap....

my mom and i spend a lot of time together just hanging out and such...i barely talk to my pops....i live in an apt.. they live in a house in the same city...what about you guys????
I have non-problem relationship with my parents. I tell them where I am and what i need and i know what can i get. They know they can trust me where I am and I know that if i tell them, they let me go anywhere i want.
Some parents seem to be good or some other not good to their children. But I think that parents are after all parents and like all others they too are human beings having their own choices.
It is the conflict of choices which make you bearable or not.
But after all parents should be respected
Both my parent are really mother is someone who i can share all my problem with her..while my father is someone who i can assume as a really good friend..both of them are really playing their role properly..
My mother is really great, she is kind and funny and wants always to help me or my sisters. My step dad has been my dad since I was six years, and he is just great. Even if he is 57 soon he is still funny and loves to act like he is just 30 or something. And my youngest sisters (his cids) is also 11 and 13, so he needs to act like that Razz But my mother and he dosn't live together, so I don't see him that often Sad But I have to visit him this week.

And what can I say about my biological father, his an ass. When they got divorced, I was about 5, and since then he had never contacted me on any way. It's only every time I visit my family there that he wants to contact me, if not I never know he exists. And what is sad is that he has another girl, my half sister, and I do want to have contact with her later on when she grows up.

And my motehr is mariged again, and they have a baby boy X) He is so cute. And that guy I consider more my friend than a step father, so we have a great relationship to Smile
evilryu530 wrote:
My mom is awesome....

my dad is crap....

my mom and i spend a lot of time together just hanging out and such...i barely talk to my pops....i live in an apt.. they live in a house in the same city...what about you guys????

kind of the same with mine. but actually, i just feel sad that they have no clue who i really am as a person. a lot of that is my fault actually. i stay away from parental vicinity as much as possible. but i love them both. especially my mom.
I'm proud to say there is stability and trust in my relations with parents. We support each other in troubles, and if I'm in a bad mood my family will be the last ones who'll feel the effect of this on themselves. I try to be as honest as possible with my parents, same vice versa.
This was especially essential when I fell in love with my mate. I've seen many times that girls of my age had problems in family just because parents didn't want to take their feelings into consideration (or maybe they just didn't believe love still exists). But mines took it stoically. They trust my choices and know I'd never have relations with someone not worth it. They know how picky I am. xD
Yet, even in this peace I sometimes get very mad at my mum. She's still not 100% comfortable with the idea her daughter seriously fell in love and to take it easier, she makes jokes about me and more often about him. Let's say I don't find all of them clever enough... I try to remain silent and not show my anger in any way, and she stops with time. xD
my folks are ok, dont talk much to either of them, live in different towns.. but we talk like once a week or something.. guess that's kinda normal when you are groving up and moving away from home.
My dad died when I was seven, so you could say our relationship is great. =P My mom and I experience a lot of tension between us though. Mostly because she has different expectations of me than I do for myself and because she's always so preoccupied with what others think, etc. I wish she could be more supportive of my decisions and that she was the kind of mom I could talk to about my worries and problems. However, that is simply not the case. You guys are lucky to have such supportive and caring parents.
I am lucky to have nice parents. They have always encouraged me for all the things I've done and I must admit that I never had conflicts with them! Some of my friends are surprised to know that, but for me it's very important because I live very far and we don't have many opportunies to see each other. so I am always happy with them and I do my possible to benefit of their presence every second... And when I have problems, they don't say "it's bad" or "it's my fault" but always encouraging... Maybe it is a question of maturity to have nice relationship with parents and I must admit that I'm not a child with problems too. Now we talk more like sisters.
I don't really understand people who can see their parents at least every month or live with them and really hate their presence. I think parents, even if they are from the last generation(stories look like the same), can always bring you an advice or something else that one shouldn't neglect.
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