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How do you rate your ISP?

How do you rate your ISP?
 41%  [ 29 ]
 35%  [ 25 ]
 22%  [ 16 ]
Total Votes : 70

The more people i speak to regarding their ISP's the more unhappy customers i seem to find! Do you think your ISP gives you a good service or are they just ripping you off?

Let us know your experiences.
My ISP dumps my connection if I am idle for more than 10 minutes.....but it's the only game in town Sad
My current ISP is not bad ... going by the standards of ISP's here in India.

I have 256/128 kbps unmetered connection that costs me around $25 USD / month.
I get a very stable speed of about 230 /100 kbps. And more importantly, it has never been down since I first got it.

I really can't ask for more ... apart from the speed (which is not the ISP's fault anyway)
I've got a great connection (at least by Australian standards).
24mbps down /1mbps up
I'm paying $50 AUD/mth
For that, I get 15gb download, unlimited upload, and 500 minutes free voip local calls. However a new voip service started and it's $15/mth unlimited local national calls. However I had to buy a router aswell, which cost $300 for the wireless and the voip and adsl2+ features.
Jaan wrote:
I've got a great connection (at least by Australian standards).
24mbps down /1mbps up
I'm paying $50 AUD/mth
For that, I get 15gb download, unlimited upload, and 500 minutes free voip local calls. However a new voip service started and it's $15/mth unlimited local national calls. However I had to buy a router aswell, which cost $300 for the wireless and the voip and adsl2+ features.

What's your ISP?? Sounds good.

Anyway I'm using Telstra's Bigpond ADSL and feels quite uncontent. First of all it's AUD$59.99 / month, but only 256/64 kbps, which I consider just one step higher from dialup. Confused Now that I've finished the 24 months bond I'm looking for a new ISP. It's quite hard to choose a good one from a whole bunch.
It's standart ISP here in Ukraine (no! standart is Dial-Up! Evil or Very Mad ). I've got 2mbit\s speed, free local network download, 4200 megabytes download from internet, unlimited upload and only 42 hryvnias (like 8$) per month=) I like it!
And it's called . Stupid name, but it worthy of it!
my ISP is shaw, and i am very satisfied with the service that they provide...and if i feel that its to slow i can pay $10/month to make things quite a bit faster Razz
I`m actually happy with my ISP.
I don`t get much speed (1.5Mbps), but I have unlimited bandwidth (both up and down) and a 24/7 connection for a fixed price.
Oh, and it`s very stable. I can count the disconnections I had this year on one hand.
rating? I will give it a 2.. But hey, that is quite a lot in my view, of course, it is out of 10 points.

Have you ever had a adsl connection that functions like a dial-up? I don't mean the connection speed, but everytime someones call me on my phone line, my connection would disconnect itself automatically.
Master Yoda
I've got a 256 kbps connection with unlimited usage.. and I pay around 30 USD per month for that.. but right now I'm planning to shift to a 2 Mbps connection which would also mean shifting a new ISP..
And as far as my ISP goes, I'd say it's great.. not that much.. but I keep getting disconnected more than 3 or 4 times in a day.. that's what really angers me.. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
my isp is Cybercity in Denmark and i find them good
got 2 mbit and i barely got any lag on game servers.
I have 3 657 kbit/s / 421 kbit/s mhm almost 4 mbit.. but we have 4 pc's on same line so the kbit may go down sometimes... mhm
My isp is ok (no newsgroups but i can live with that)
6mbps/768kbps (meaning 5,8/680 so not bad)
but my modem keeps failing. Last 2 days it turned itself off 4 times. The only led still on is the power led. Sad
RiCtee wrote:
Jaan wrote:
I've got a great connection (at least by Australian standards).
24mbps down /1mbps up
I'm paying $50 AUD/mth
For that, I get 15gb download, unlimited upload, and 500 minutes free voip local calls. However a new voip service started and it's $15/mth unlimited local national calls. However I had to buy a router aswell, which cost $300 for the wireless and the voip and adsl2+ features.

What's your ISP?? Sounds good.

Anyway I'm using Telstra's Bigpond ADSL and feels quite uncontent. First of all it's AUD$59.99 / month, but only 256/64 kbps, which I consider just one step higher from dialup. Confused Now that I've finished the 24 months bond I'm looking for a new ISP. It's quite hard to choose a good one from a whole bunch.

It sounds like TPG Internet to me Wink
I'm with TPG - An ADSL2+ connection, 30 GB per month, unlimited upload, static IP, for AU$60 per month Very Happy. Additionally, they allow servers, so I'm hosting a few sites from it (,, and the IRC bot for #FriHost on DALNet Smile.

Unfortunately, I've been having problems with the phone line recently, and have been syncing at relatively bad speeds. Telstra came and said they'd need to replace the whole phone line (remove the old one, and install a brand new one). I'd usually connect at 8 Mb/s down and 1 Mb/s up, but it's recently been connecting at 4.5 Mb/s down. Once Telstra fix the phone line, it will be heaps better Very Happy
I use dial up. And if to compare my ISP with other ISPs what we have here, I can say that it's good ISP. yes.. speed is slow(21-31kb/s), but it's DIAL Up and it says All.
Being as I created this Poll / Topic i guess i should tell you about my experience with my last and current ISP.

I'm based in the UK and recently moved to a new house, with no broadband, so i looked around to try and find a good deal, i eventually decided to go with Virgin.Net now Virgin.Media and for the first three days all seemed great!

My ADSL plan cost £19.99 Per month ($36 approx) for unlimited usage and an 8 MBPS download speed, The only drawback seemed to be a 12 month contract.

As i said above all seemed great for the first three days then the speed seemed to get slower and slower, in fact sometimes i would be getting less than 20 Kbps!!! thats almost dial up speeds!

I complained to about the poor (VERY POOR) speeds and latency to which i was told it should be all sorted out within a week? A week went by and the speed was still awful. So contacted them again via email and even sent them a list of speeds and ping times that i had been experiencing, The reply was nothing more than a pre-written response from an auto-responder!!!! Now i was worried I was paying £19.99 P/M and getting dial-up speed.

After a few more complaints i contacted their customer support again and told them that I was not prepared to pay a full twelve months for this poor service, they eventually agreed that they would close the contract and not charge me for early closure, they proceeded to close the account and cut off my connection.

This month on perusing my bank statement Smile £155 ($309) from, what a joke! I have contacted them again to try and get a full refund to which they responded that they had made a mistake and would refund the money asap. (still wanting)

I Have since switched to and they are supperb! a great customer service team and the connection is almost always running at the full 8 MBPS, with only a three month minimum contract Smile.

From my experience and the current trend, it seems UK based ISP's are just trying to get customers to sign a contract for twelve months then give you what ever service they deem fit no matter how poor! Rip-off Britain again Wink

Ok now i got that off my chest Smile

{name here}
I've got unlimited bandwidth and a quick, reliable connection. What else could I ask for?
My ISP is fantastic. Customer Service is excellent! Livehelp on Sundays! Their prices are also fantastic, under €10 for an always on connection!

I'd have to give them 9/10
Captain Fertile
I use Tiscali and get my Broadband and telephone from them - I am very happy with their service and with their prices too.

I will be moving house soon and really hope to continue service with them when I get to the new house. I think ISPs and Webhosts are like good doctors- find a good one you trust and you will stick with them as much as you can.
My ISP must be among the worst in the know universe.
They don't even have their servers on a UPS - when the power flashes, i have no connection for at least 15 minutes (during business hours) after it comes back on, and the email server takes hours to come back on!
OOhhh, and the email server LOSES emails. For days, weeks, forever. ANd they know it and don't care.
Every week we're completely without internet for at least a few hours, and we often have <56kbps of bandwidth.
Unfortunately, i live in the boonies and they're the only broadband provider in the area. So I;m stuck with them until I spring for satellite.
My ISP is great so far, had SBC Yahoo! for about 1 1/2 years. They are awesome, it's "3008 kbps downstream" and "512 kbps upstream" right now the speed varies a little but it not by much. They haven't cut off the connection do to idleness, so they rock. Also they let me host a server from my house which is really cool, but it's my server for personal use only so it barely uses any bandwidth, hence i have frihost. But anyway, they may not be the fastest in the world but they are just fine for me! about 25 bucks a months is well worth it!
I use to have Cox Communications High-Speed package which offered 9 mbps down and 512 kbps up. The speeds were amazing and playing games and browsing the web took no time at all.

I've recently switched to SBC Yahoo! DSL which is 3 mbps down and 256 mbps up and it's really slow from what I'm use to. When my brother is using the computer and I am as well, I can really tell as my performance suffers. Sad

My dad had this idea of saving money, because DSL only costs $25 a month compared to the $54.99 for the Cox package.
my isp is not to badits dsl and perty fast i average around amax of between 128 and 256 donload and ithink theupload is set at 56 k upload but theone thing i hateis everytime it rains it cuts out alot
My broadband connection is good... am getting the speed suited for my subscription... i am contented with the service that i am paying for... i can't say i am not having a problem with it... of course, i do but it has always been my expectation... i understand that then is no one ISP that doesn't not encounter downtime or slowdown... they always have a customer service representative and hotline that i can call on to if there's a problem... though sometimes, i can hardly contact them hehehe... all the problems i have reported to them has been addressed well and taken good care of... they even sent technicians to personally visit me and see what's causing the problem i am having on their service.
Well, I am china now, the speed of the boardband is pretty cool, but most of the times I have reconnect 4~5 times to make sure I can visit most of the forgien site.

is this because of the taiwan earthquike? I don't know, sometimes I can download a 100M game patch within few minutes, sometimes I even cannot upload a single txt file into my site space... recently I cannot open my Microsoft Live Mail page. Strange...

but it's really fast accessing chinese and some of the forgien site...
Same thing here as I've heard others mentione, it's the only game in town. Crying or Very sad
Not to bad in reliabillity, though, but expensive and not as fast as we'd like. Not bound
to it after the summer, so who knows, mabye there are some new players out there?
maybe I'm biased because I used to live in rural australia and now I live in a large German city, so I felt a little spoiled for choice. But my ISP (don't laugh) is 1&1. They rip everyone with webhosting, but as far as an ISP they are quite good.
21€ a month
1mbs/128kbs ADSL unmetered.
Advertised vs. actual speed: is pretty much the same
Tech support: good and in germany (great for me because i can barely understand german in germany so german in an indian accent would kill me)

I started about 4 years ago with a 500/56kbs metered connection, then they upgraded me to double that (my current one) FREE! and then they offered unmetered for 5€ extra...too good to pass up.
I am paying $160 to get 60gb a month. And 60 gb means downloads+uploads

NOW that sucks

Connection is Telstra Bigpond Intnernet
My Isp, well it is kinda' cool... I have a speed of 603 kbps... And it costs me about 25$... No problems... until now... Wink Very Happy
My ISP is kinda ok.
I have a free DL/UL. So I can use it as much as I like. Sadly they have killed my torrent and msn transfers. No matter what I do I cant get the speed very fast :S I have tried to open all ports in the router, aswell as changing the ports in the programs.
FTP downloads are sick fast though, so it΄s not to bad.
Reliability is a problem sometimes, a few kicks each day. And sometimes when I get kicked it takes several hours to get back online. Pretty annoying when you need internet to work.
Soon I΄ll change ISP, and upgrade from 8/2 to 100/100 Very Happy
Using University line as my ISP. 10mb up/down, no limit on monthly downloads. awesome.
My ISP is awesome. Ive been using SBC Yahoo DSL, now AT&T, for 2 years now and my service has never gone down.

The package we get only costs $25 and gives us 1.5 - 3mb down and 512 - 768kbs up. Although it says are service will vary, our connection averaged 2.9mb down and 720kbs up for over a month and hasnt changed.

With the package we got a really nice wireless router for free, which unfortunately got fried in a power surge but luckily we got a new one for free.

I love our service a lot and I like the price to but I'm thinking about upgrading to a Verizion Fios connection.
My ISP is not bad. I'm using high spped internet. downloading speed is fairly good. But sometimes it's disconnected for a while.
I seriously hate my ISP!!
The speed is less than 1/15 of what we ordered, so we made many complaints but they never replied to us.
Also, every day at like 7pm we lose internet for an hour.. basically during 7~8pm, we dont have internet.
We called and called but they never receive phonecalls, and we tried to change isp, but they are the only ones available at my house.
I really raelly hate them!

I would understand if I was the only one that is going through this, but a few of my friend who use the same ISP also said that they are experiencing the same kind of problems with this ISP!!
What ever happend to customer service!?!? Evil or Very Mad
I'm on Bigpond here and it's crap. It never goes down and the speeds are always good. BUT value for money is shocking, I get about 4 mbps down and I don't know what speed my upload goes at (meant to be 256 kbps but my download is meant to be 8 mbps). It costs me AUD 60 a month and I only get 10 GB of usage which counts both uploads and downloads.

Those on TPG I've been thinking of switching to ADSL2+ what distance are you guys from your exchange?
I like my ISP, we have Optimum Online. Fast speeds, up and down, for the most part very reliable, and the customer service is not too shabby either....

Oh, and once they worked out the bugs the voip has been working pretty good as well, have it on a battery backup in case the power goes out...

And no I am not employee.... Wink
I dunno I never had a problem with mine, I have a 10 MPS speed. The only time I do have a problem is when we have thunder storms or it snows really bad. There nothing they can do about it though.
i m using MTNL ISP and its fairly reliable... speed is 256 kbps.. and most of the time it remains above 24 with torrents... though this is the max speed that they are giving for unlimited connections and for all capped connections they are giving a speed of 1mbps... which really pisses me off!!
My ISP is considerably reliable. It's been down 2 or 3 times since i got it, which is like a year and a half ago.
Speed is good for my personal use, 3MB/s download, 100KB/s upload
Given that i only upload small sized files, so the upload speed doesn't affect me alot.
The only downside is it costs alot, but lucky my room mate started to share the bill last month. So it's more worth it now Laughing
My ISP isn't too bad... the reliabilty isn't great but it isn't terrible either... the speed isn't BLAZING but it isn't a snail's pace either.
I have 768k cable
Iv'e got pretty good DSL (verison). mostly dependable, with a few slow spots (once a month, maybe)
I don't have a choice of my ISP where I live (Hull, UK). Our telephone line - and 99% of the telephone lines in the city - are owned by Kingston Communications, whose Internet service, Karoo, is the only one we can have. It's not too bad, speed wise.

But it's quite unreliable - sometimes it'll be down completely for an hour or two. But the price is OK - about average in the UK, £18 per month.
My ISP is pretty damn good. It's called Zoom 500; its offered by my cable company; known as Armstrong here in Youngstown, OHIO.

The price is $23.99 a month with free support.

It is pretty reliable for the most part, every so often my Linksys router screws up the settings which hampers the connection; but just a simple reset of that gets it back running.

I'm happy with the product I get, they offer solid support when you need it; and there phone lines go directly to a US Call Center, based locally.
I have Sbc yahoo dsl and it's decent i guess. Almost always have perfect connection exept once in a while (once a month) it acts up and is down for a day or something.
My ISP Sify, is the worst than ever. I wonder how they make money. I need to switch but i dont have enough time to pay attention to do this.
My ISP is okay. Speed-wise, it's a LOT worse than most of you guys have already posted. XD I get by though.
My advice would be: fellow Floridians, stay away from "Bellsouth fast access DSL". I know DSL is practically the internet of the past now but when I first got it, it worked 20 times better than it does now. A couple years ago it all started going down the drain. It would disconnect randomly, started lagging horribly in games that wouldn't be a problem before. Sometimes it would go down for days at a time for "apparently no reason"(according to the people at bellsouth who took 4 months, and I'm not exagerating, to send someone out to try to fix it and they couldn't see anything wrong with it). Has nothing to do with my computer, my comp is in good condition and spyware free.

Anyways, stay away from Bellsouth internet, kids! You're just a $$ to them.
My ISP is satellite based because I live in a rural area. So, It has its good days, but with overcast it is as slow as, or even slower than dialup.
BTW, nice website turbosquid.

My ISP is okay and mostly trouble free service. But there is a catch. As long as I stay in an area where there are not many people is using the ISP, my DSL connection would be fine and fast. But once, there are lots of subscriber around my area using the same ISP, the speed will be crawling and congested.

Basically, I'm still happy with the service provided by my ISP but there are more things that the ISP can do to improve the service... For one things, lower rate would be good
Jaan wrote:
I've got a great connection (at least by Australian standards).
24mbps down /1mbps up
I'm paying $50 AUD/mth
For that, I get 15gb download, unlimited upload, and 500 minutes free voip local calls. However a new voip service started and it's $15/mth unlimited local national calls. However I had to buy a router aswell, which cost $300 for the wireless and the voip and adsl2+ features.

Woaw that is pretty fast, shame it's limited.
My net connection switches off a lot of the time. I don't like my ISP. Plus, it costs $3 less a month to get internet with a bit faster download speed and an 8 times faster upload speed, but nobody in my family wants to change.
I used to have adelphia, which was amazing. It was very reliable and got me great speeds from everywhere. Luckily though, road runner bought them out and now I'm on road runner service. For some reason, it is horrible speeds, goes down constantly, and now my voip phone sounds like garbage.

Argh. Stupid isp.
I'm in Canada, and I have rogers. Its pretty brutal sometimes.
Well I know I am going to shock you all with this.
Our fees here vary....
for 40 hours per month - $115 TTD (19US)
for 60 hours per month - $161 TTD (26UD)
for 100 hours per month - $230 TTD (38US)
for unlimited hours per month - $345 TTD (57US)

I have unlimited and my current speed is 46 kbps

Did I mention these are dial up fees??
Up to last year my internet speed was around 32-48 kb/s. At the beginning of this year, connection speed has increased up to 256-352 kb/s, sometimes much lower than that. The latter is nothing compared avg speed people have in North America and other Asian countries.
I have 3mb down and 768up. They are extremely reliable now. However when they first started which is like around 6 years ago... it was horrible. Frequent and often. In fact I made so many complaints they gave me a few months for my service. Cancelled several times but always went back because they are pretty much the game in town even now. Cheaper than cable still here.

Actually my connection sometimes get disconnected when someone calls in. It's not often though.
Now that I'm home? AOL. Pure dog doo. I hate it, its slow, and it sucks up a lot of bandwidth doing its own thing. Their dialer is half-decent, although I hate how it won't allow me to put it on "hold" like my other dialup service did so I can take phone calls.
Well my ISP has improved considerably. I have a 64 kbps net connection with 150 mb daytime (8 AM to 10 PM) limit, and costs me US$10 a month.

Since Sify my ISP dosen't handle last mile connectivity, its kind of a franchise system where the agent takes care, and they pretty much suck. They have improved considerably but still need to improve.

The only reason I have them is for their network has this LAN sharing.

Now the only thing they need to improve is Speeds (and thats more to do with Govt forcing the main bandwidth providers to chop rates)
I like my ISP: fast and reliable (10Mb/s). The only donwside is that it doesn't offer a public IP (all users are behind a huge NAT). And it costs more than normal DSL connections...

My 2 cents Smile
I'm using ADSL with a 512K connection which is fast enough for me. (certainly faster than the 56K dialup and not having to be mindful of connection times).

I've only ever had 1 problem in the 2 years now I've been with the ISP and resolved this simply by plugging and unplugging the modem router from the wall socket.

However I have a friend who I recommended to the same provider and they had a problem we couldn't resolve which turned out to be something broken on their end.

The problem was that when you phone them up you're on hold for an hour at a time and it took about a week to convince them that the problem wasn't the router setup at our end which was really annoying.
My ISP is all right, I guess; I know it's some kind of cable internet...thing. It gets the job done when it comes to downloading (most of the time), but its upload speed is a bit disappointing (but then again, I'm guessing most people choose companies based on how fast a file can be downloaded to their hard drive, so I'm not one to complain). I have no idea how fast my internet actually measures, but I found out a while ago it was quite slow compared to two of my friends, who thought their internet was slower than mine. I don't know how much they're paying for their internet, but mine isn't cheap, but not extremely expensive. XD

I recall that my first ISP (dial-up...I miss those days, haha) was great, free, and unlimited; however, it eventually became a paid service that, occasionally, would overcharge us for the internet. Frequent disconnections weren't that fun, either, but my mother has kept the internet service despite having switched to a faster alternative. I'm guessing she's thinking ahead for when the current service is nonfunctional.
My ISP is pretty good I use Earthlink and they haven't failed me yet and I choose my settings my way
The guy above me sounds like he could be from earth link...someone please check up on that as soon as possible Razz jokes. haha

well anyways, to the topic, i have comcast high speed internet and one day one of the guys came to install a new modem and he asked us if we knew someone from comcast. so we asked him why and he told us that the person that had installed the internet cable had installed a buisness type cable and that our internet was alot faster then it should be. he said we must have just gotten lucky and said he wouldn't do anything about it ^^ if i was at home right now i would post my internet speed but im at school. >< when i get home i'll come back and edit this with my internet speed if i can.
I love my isp. never had any problems ever. cox communications rocks over its the best around over and they are very reliable and use cables not glitchy slow satellites so very reliable and quick
My ISP is probably the worst there is. I mean they are in it just for the money and twice this month I thought of suing them (if only i was rich).
I've to pay about 6-7 US dollars for a 128kbps download/about 12kbps upload with a download/upload limit of 400MB per month.
If the charges aren't bad i don't have connection most of the time. This month I dint have connection for about 18 days. I hate my ISP but i have no other alternative. The first thng I do when I'm settled is sue the hell out of my ISP.
I have verizon online, and I love it. I had some kinks getting it to work, but once I got it up and running, it has worked fine ever since. I would deffinently have to recoment Verizon.

Suddenlink, our local cable provider, sucks. You pay for a super-fast connection, and all you get is something better than dialup. ISDN maybe? Laughing
my ISP is fine.... the connection stable. But the bad one is, their dont understand about support.
even if they have technician stand by for 24 hours. but if there is problem they still so slow to react....i dont know why...
and some times the problem occure in the midnight
MY ISP is okay, I use Ultra Light, but its still goot, 120kb/s, wish it was faster, but its good for the price! Very Happy

[Canadian] Rogers--
uggh !!! Im stuck with one option of internet connection here...yup one option ...because the company is own by government ..the IT structures etc are fully support by government so that particular company is given the number one importante ISP here-so most people here subscribe to this isp...other ISPs have bad service support and stuck with limited of bandwidth-low customers numbers!!!
I have a 256 Kbp/s .. downloading is kinda okhey for me...
but uploading sux.... Evil or Very Mad

its around 60 or 70
my isp rocks!! ive been with the same company for over 4 years now (adsl only)

i have never had any problems other than with telstra who screwed up my phone line, and guess who helped me get it fixed.. none other than my ISP.
I am currently using bell (sympatico) and i find it quite good as far as reliablilty goes but i don't think that the speed it good. I find that they don't give you the full potential of your connection and they slow it down. (this may not be intentionally done though). Also i find that the cost with the major companies are through the roof as they find every way to charge you extra. Some of the smaller companies are quite good because they offer a high-speed for a cheap price but the reliability of these services are not that good. They tend to have long downtime periods. This is not good for running a buisiness.
The speed is nice. 768k. Although it does vary a bit. As for reliablity, it's usually reliable, though we have had a couple of problems in the past, but nothing major. It came back up relatively fast.

So overall I say in between "FAST and RELIABLE!" and "THE SPEED VARIES but is FAIRLY RELIABLE."

It's through our cable company and it's good. Pages take a few seconds to load, so it's not the fastest available internet, but it's still very good. (At least for us; our family)

Downloading speed is very nice. I can download things fairly fast. As for upload speed, it seems decent to say the least.
nope... slow as !#*+z but we stuck in a year contract... then gonna move on 2 some fast ish!
Not very bad, about same as m0rpheuS's *shrug* But it sometimes happens to get cut off for an hour or two,about once a week XD
I'd say between the second and third Poll options *nodnod*
theyre alright but.... meh... kind if idiots at times... and they overcharge for some of their services... I.E, sattelite internet is like $52 CAD a month for a 512 down connection..... .. but other than that their services are alright
My ISP is pretty fast (~800 k) but sometimes it just seems -very- slow. I think it might just be my old computer though.
I use HughesNet satellite internet,

I have no cable lines out here (they want us to pay $1000 to put them down the road...thats bs) and out phone lines are to old to support dsl....

Basically HughesNet SUCKS, you can not play online games, due to lag... also pages take forever to load because of how long it takes for the signle to reach, i mean, yes it faster than 56k but still. I download at around 120 kb a sec.. but i upload at about 10 kb a sec... now the worst part. YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD 375 mgs a day (and thats on the professional that we are using) home, is like .. 200 or something stupid like that. they JUST NOW (thank god) added a new rule saying you can download all you want during 3-6 am, if you go over your limit, your internet starts going slower than 56k
Verizon in the US

It used to be fast when we first got it, now often slowdowns etc. during busy times of the day, but it's the best thing in the area...
16Mbps for £10/month. The connection used to drop occasionally, but it doesn't happen anymore. The router they gave us can be a bit naff sometimes, but otherwise, great service.
Mine was recently upgraded to 1.5MB... I love downloading music I get the song in less than a minute Very Happy
I downloaded a song in like 15 seconds.
I've got cable internet over here... It's called RoadRunner (after the cartoon character), and it's on as long as the cable's working, which is most of the time. Fast, too.

At college we've got some school network that's even faster.
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