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Pixel Battle

Pixel Battle is a manga-pixelcar game.
Its like you can join us, make a profile, read the rules.
getting started, buy a car, tune it, put a new bodykit etc.
You can show off you car against other members, and earn respect.
More respect you got the better job and cars you get.
You can also race with your car in 4 types of races:
Demolition Derbi, And earn respect.

You start off with 15 grand ($15,000).
Before you even start playing you have to
make a character profile, there will you update everything you buying etc. So we can know that ppl dont cheat.
When you buy your car, you will add the
car into you signature, including the stats of the car, and you job, sponser and hiw much money you got.
You can fancy a bodykit etc,
and we will installet it for you, if you dont have skills for it.

(We getting a .com domain next week Cool)
Feedback plz? Surprised
James Bond-007
Don't expect to get feeedback immediately within an hour... Rolling Eyes
I like the website. It is easy to get around and stuff, by the way brilliant idea is this your idea or has thier been other's like this? Anyway I signed up and hope to attend to it shortly. Nice Job on the site!... JoeCool
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