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Networking XP and Xubuntu [SOLVED]

Hello. I have Win XP installed on one computer, and Xubuntu 7.04 installed on another computer. If I want to back up specific files from my Win XP machine to my Xubuntu machine, what is the easiest way to do so?

I was thinking of using Putty on the Win XP machine to access the Xubuntu machine, and copying the files from one to the other. The problem I'm running into is I cannot access the Xubuntu machine from the Win XP machine. I'm certain I have the correct IP address for the Xubuntu machine, but do I have to adjust some settings in my router before the machines will communicate (like port forwarding or something)?

Finally, once I get the machines talking to each other, it would be convenient to have a script run on the Win XP machine nightly to automate the backup. Any ideas how to create such a script?

Thanks for your help!
So first you need to get the machines talking to each other. I have very little experience with networking so it seems almost to be a mysterious art to me, but I do know that ping is your friend! Smile

Windows has scheduled tasks, which may help. For backup from Windows to Linux your best bet is probably to use Samba to create a "network drive" on the Linux machine, and then just copying files to that drive in Windows, rather than trying to transfer any other way.

In Nautilus right-click the folder you want to share and click on Share This Folder. In case you don't have samba installed, synaptic will pop up and do the needful, and you will be taken to a configuration dialog.

Just getting the IP addresses right will not help - you need samba to enable xp to start "talking" to the linux box.
Using the 'share this folder' and samba is complete overkill for someone with a clue. Your set-up should be working, as workgroups and so on don't interfere with basic ip networking.
Check both computers are on the same subnet (i.e. the first 3 sections of the IP addresses are the same), and if not, change them. Also, it'd help if you could post the output of an attempt to ping the other computer.

Also, ignore other replies ITT - they're barking up the wrong tree. Sush, if he can't get the computers to connect then how will samba work anyway?
I have everything working! I had the wrong IP address, therefore was unable to connect the machines. I found a neat program called WinSCP that allows me to easily transfer files from the Windows PC to the Linux box. Thanks for the help!
Topic [solved], so I'll -close- it.

Please PM any staff member to have this thread re-opened if you need to.
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