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Do you know Gubbio and 'festa dei Ceri before this Trhead?
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If someone has some question about center Italy I'll be happy to answer to him. I live in Perugia, in middle between Florence and Rome and i can advise. In these days i'll change my keyboard it si very ruins and i hope i'll write good for you (i don't speak english very well, but with translator helps and good will i'll answer you .) In this period in my country starts some holidays ( for example 1st May, labours fest) Assisi: calendimaggio very beautiful. Between 10-20 May are: Assisi, Siena: "il Palio"and Gubbio "i Ceri"(is my blog or in Wikipedia, but in italian )Ceri of Gubbio ( i went more times) is more beautiful , for me tha "palio di Siena". In Siena the tourist is spectator; in Gubbio the turist is an actir, likes others Gubbio's habitants. I think that is one of more suggestive and fantastic fest in the world . it's icredible, very incredible, there isn't words to describe it.. At 17 May All habitant (in the morning) start to "feel" and dresses the special dress of this fest: the 4 colour of 4 quarter. well, after songs and dance ( in the street) and after the bishop benedict "ceri" and pot. The pot (very big) let fly in the place principal lf the town and persons, likes very craxy gies ti keep the potsherds: this potsherds ( pièce of this pot, after it is broken) are important : likes 1.000 years ago thinks that keep fortune to who cach its. ( i hope to be understand..) . At sunset start the run. The run is long some kilometers; many in go up and one "Cero" weight 300 kilos... if a Cero fall all year will be bad if Cero make a good run all year will be happy for all ( this is the vry paganic mean of Festa dei ceri di Gubbio... Afetr, in the night all old tavern opened and pigs with vino eat and drink all toghethers: in 30-40000 persons just 8 to 90 years are all drunk ( is true!!) and all are friends, singing and dancing in the vino for all night... spelendid and incredible fest... Ceri are the Symbol of my region: UMBRIA, but in the world there isn't know very well. Gubbio is farmer country and did not develop in his tourism culture... BlogmasterPG Applause
I have had the opportunity to visit Florence, Rome, and Assisi and find them all beautiful towns. It would be nice to visit your town of Perugia, but i have not yet. I would love to celebrate a festival, such as the ones you have mentioned, but I have not had a chance.
In these 3 regions the festivals always started in May; the last one is EUROCHOCOLATE, in Perugia; it starts in October , along for 20 days. Perugia is the town of Perugina the famous mark that makes "Baci Perugina " the famous chocolate candy. (very very good; i eat it every days... i love it!...and now i'm too fat for this...) BlogmaterPg ps.: my nickname is create from: blog master and Pg. This last is initial of my town... Speak to the hand Embarassed
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