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PF usage.

Remember when I came in here saying firefox was opening too slow? Well I noticed every app opens that way it takes close to 5 minutes for an app to open and everything is laggy as hell.
Here is a screenshot of the task manager is the PF usage too high? if so how can I lower it?
please help me out here it's really pissing me off it keeps going sooooo slow.

If I'am not wrong, you are running the lastest OS, Windows Vista.
But as the pic shown. You haven't enough memory to support this newer OS. When it completed loaded and you will notice that you system only remain as low as 40MB available for applications. This is not very enough.

So, the best way is at least 512MB and even 1GB of physical ram.
Or, you can increase you virtual memory size so that most of swapable data and code will be tranfered to hard drive. But of course, this will made your computer very slow due to ram -> HD and HD -> ram transfer.

I recommended that you got 1GB ram to experience with this system because about half of it would be used by the system (Windows Vista) and the other for application. If looking many new apps that require you having 1GB of ram. (for instance, Adobe Design Suite CS3, the lastest one @.@)

When you got enough ram. You will notice that the usage of pf would be decreased

for you reference.
I have some systems with windows nt 4.0, windows 2000, windows xp
1.) windows 4.0 - available ram = 400000
2.) windows 2000 - available ram = 280000-300000
3.) windows xp - available ram = 250000-280000

all installed on same hd with differnet partition with PII 350 / 512MB
Hope this help.
hmmm I just have a vista theme I shold have said that.
I have windows XP... it is so laggy sometimes I will type soemthing and then when I finish typing it will then show up.[/quote]
So the best thing is "FORMAT C:".
LOL... because that's windows, it could be so many things, that it's beter to re-install the OS.

There are really only two ways to reduce page file usage. Either reduce the amount of software that is running, or increase the RAM. The computer starts to use more page file when it starts running out of ram to use.

Also I notice that your peak page file usage is very close to your limit. This is fine if the computer has been running for a while and you have used some memory hungry applications or games. However, if you have just started the pc and havent even loaded anything and are already hitting near the limit, then you may want to increase the amount of drive space allocated to the page file.
more space allocated to the page file, good
more ram, very good
format your hard drive, so so, takes time and effort

both more disk space for your pf, more ram, and a little check out of your system would be good too, how often do you deframent your hard drive? how many temporary files do you have? do you have hundreds of megabytes of internet temporary files ? how many app's do you run at startup that you really need to have loaded? how many app's do you keep loaded normally, are you using some p2p client with thousands of downloads pending? it's your antivirus symantec computer resources eater antivirus? you maybe need to be a little more specific. But anyway, all of these questions I'm asking you, might lead you to a propper procedure to recover your system.

It may be the right time to scan your hard drive for virus or spyware, or
do a complete OS re-installation, include partitioning your drive.

Besides the virus like code, OS damage did this also. So, I recommended that the best way is to re-install whole OS for propertly operations.

I do use some not so recently apps such as 3DS max8 or adobe cs2 suite that only use memory for 200-300MB.

Hope this help.
I have AVG antivirus...... at that time I had no antivirus running at all. only 23 processes.
My other computer has 256MB of ram and a 2.4Ghz processor and it runs way better.
I haven't defragged in ages... I cleaned out the temp internet files and all that not but a few days ago.
one thing I think the HD is bad the light on the computers tower flasges all the time and it's loud. (that could be it maybe)

EDIT: oh and I don't have a p2p client with pending downloads. I could see how that would slow it down though. it wasn't even running.
Based on your screenshots, I _infer_ that you have only 256 MB of RAM. The bare minimum to run Windows XP Professional would be 64 MB of RAM. Moreover you are running other user-space applications such as WindowBlinds. These applications are quite memory intensive. If you do not want to turn them off, then you would need to buy a new piece of RAM. 256 MB of RAM is no longer sufficient to run many current games/programs.
Thanks for the help.
I will just disable it... it's really weird it was running with that and more really good... it opened apps in a couple seconds and now i timed it once 5 minutes to open firefox. Confused
Not trying to just "bump" this... but I disabled window blinds and the problem is worse........ Sad
it is even randomly closing apps now.
I have cleaned out everything...
is the only thing I can do now is format it? Sad
Do me a favor, before you go doing anything drastic like that, start up in safe mode.

Reboot computer-->press F8 Until you get a few options-->Start in safe-mode

After you do that, go ahead and run a few programs to see if the problem stops. (granted, you may have a terrible resolution/theme/visual quality)

If you can run firefox fine, then we know that the problem is virus/spyware related (most likely anyway, a legit. program may be corrupted and causing errors).

Now, if everything runs fine, go ahead and do a system restore back to a month before you started having problems, this WONT remove the virus/spyware, but with any luck it will uninstall them.

If the restore fails (which it may) and anti-spyware/anti-virus (AS/AV from here on out) fail to remove the problem (they should be run in safe mode btw, otherwise virus may hide from them) then you will likely need a full format (easiest way as always if you have a good backup).

If the restore is successful then you should now run your AS/AV products. I DO NOT recommend using Nortan or McAffee. They do next to nothing. Try out Bit Defender if you can, a good free client is AVG. And also, you should make sure your running in safe mode during the scans if possible.

This should help you out, if the problem isn't fixed by this, make sure you do a FULL FORMAT when re-installing as the problem has installed itself deep in the HDD.
Thanks, will do that... I hope it doesn't work the disk I have for windows is OLD... it's back in service pack 1...
I did notice not everything is displayed in the msconfig... because I have windows blinds on here... and it isn't on the list but it started up before.
Don't trust msconfig. If you feel competent enough to go through startup processes use a program called autoruns. Google it. With that, you cna right click and search the web for the selected item. It helps alot, and it shows EVERYTHING. Run in safe mode just like the rest please.
Wow autoruns did the trick... there were like 3 AVG's running but not displaying and a bunch of old software not showing... everything worked better in safe mode...
so for now I think problem solved... Thank you for helping me out. Smile I finally don't have to wait five or 6 minutes for one program to open Smile
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