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Need a nice logo, paying 500 frih$

minimum height:180px
minimum width:300px

Text: Azmo's Portfolio
style: clean and modern (dunno what that means to you so hope I'll get to see some diferent styles)

Will pay: 500 frih$ for the best logo
Ghost Rider103
Give me about an hour, i'll try to get something for you.
Ghost Rider103
Ok here is my entry:

If I am the winner, after I recieve the Frih's, I will remove my company name, and if you want give you the .PSD aswell.

If you want to see it in a different color or anything, let me know.
would be rly nice if you could lower the opacity on ur company text.. since it kinda takes alot of focus away from the logotype.. can still be there to.. so I wont "steal" it.. but pls lower it so I can see abit more what it looks like w/o it.. and yes I want the psd aswell.. w/o psd a logotype = useless.. Smile

But as it looks right now.. I like the star shape.. but I don't like the text.. it kinda vanish behind the star, feels abit to small and old.

And maybe add some kind of gradient overlay on the star or somethin.. a small contrast Smile
Ghost Rider103

You never said what color Gradient, so I just assumed you meant the default colors...

If not, let me know it's no big deal to change a color.
Ghost Rider103

Do you like it?
yes I do like it, sorry for a slow answer,, I'm not home for a few days so logged on now and saw the new one.. and yes sorry I didnt say any color for the gradient overlay. But a dark red or blue color would be nice.. and I do like the new font.. make sure to inclode what font u used in a txt file when u send over the logo.. pm me ur msn messenger and I'll add u for some business Smile
Ghost Rider103
No worries man. I PM'ed you my MSN Messenger.

Also, I re-Named all the layers to what they are, so when you get it you will know where everyting is.
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