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You can see the show on Myspace. Brand new and comes out on Mondays. I already seen 4 episodes and it keeps you like glued to the TV. Action packed , thriller. ;o)

Anyone seen this show yet?

Suppose to be this illegal car race in the United States where certain people are picked at random to participate. If you haven't watched it yet. Go check it out.
I have seen also 4 episodes of Drive and looking forward to seeing the last two. The serie itself has a rather unique plot, since I can't remember any other TV serie using it. Although the serie lacks the beautiful and fast cars, it has focused on the relationships and the past.

It's difficult not to tell about what has happened in the 4 episodes but I'm pretty sure that if you want something different then watch the first 2 episodes. And if you like it, watch the other 4 as well.

Some have said that Nathan Fillion is a bad choice for the leading role but in my opinion he does a great job and fits the character. Obviously there are characters that you will start to like and some who you won't like. To summit it up, all the actors are doing a good job.

Now to the sad part. FOX has announced that they will cancel the show because of poor ratings. The show had a bit under 6 million viewers per episodes. Oh well, there goes another good serie.
Crying or Very sad That sucks, I don't want them canceling the show. I actually like the race. Very Happy
So is it cancelled or episode five is expected?
yeah, been waiting to see a new episode and it's all re-runs GRRR! Show kicked arse too. Least let it finish the race.
Yes, it was cancelled. We discussed it pretty extensively in this thread.

This is why I never get too attached to any show that airs on Fox.
Episode 5 of the TV Show called Drive is announced and it will air on the 4th of this month.
They had nearly cancelled the show but I think they must have received requests to continue the show so they did.
If anyone finds out the rapidshare or megaupload links etc to the latest episode of Drive please post them here. The most recent episode is 6. Thanks.
I hated they stop the series, you sure they have re-started it?
Last I heard they were just airing the Last two finished episodes, but they wanted a bigger audience so they moved it from the 4th to a Friday night. They have since scrapped the idea, and there were no plans on airing the last two episodes. I think the show is still canceled.
That's the last I heard too. Rather sad, it was a good show.... I guess it just didn't generate the huge numbers the networks need to be profitable these days. Signs of the times.
I just confirmed form tvrage and tv that the show has been cancelled. The fifth and sixth episodes were supposed to be aired on the fourth of July but then the date changed to thirteenth of July and now finally the show has been cancelled Sad
Sweet News, or actually old news from what i found out.

Fox released the last two episodes of Drive on the net.
they actually have all of the episodes available. I'm bummed they didn't air it on TV but I'm pretty happy that a lot of the interesting shows get a chance on the net.
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