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Do you guys use Window Vista

i have buy a new computer...and its a window vista
but i think vista is not so well....or maybe IE7.0 is bad
it can't watch any of flash and some of the images
Maybe you need a FLASH player to see flash?

And I use XP, its fine for me. Do you think that only Vista has IE7.0? XP has IE7.0 too Wink

I've heard that Vista is a little bit slower than XP but I don't know if that is serious.
I use vista, and I do like it.

Yes, somethings are slower - but it's doing a lot more at once, so that's understandable. It's very stable, in my experience, but sometime temporary stalls when too much stuff is going on.

The indexing of all your documents and pictures is fantastic. When you click 'start' all you need to do is start typing the name of what you want to run or use, and it comes up straight away.

Nice interface too. I'm using firefox instead of IE7, but IE7 works really well too.
I used Vista demo for 30 days, iit seems great, but I don't feel comfortable with the GUI and other look-and-feel stuff, so I have to downgrade to XP. Sad

Maybe in other chance, but for the moment, no thanks, Vista. Very Happy
No, I bought it to update my windows computer. The thing is horrible. Most of my hardware was unsupported and it sucks the hell out of your hardware. Half the time my mouse wouldn't work on boot up. Don't know why sometimes vista saw it and other times it didn't I quickly after a week went back to windows xp.

And because some fruit is going to ask here are my specs.
AMD X2 2.4ghz
nVidia Geforce 7900GS
1gig Ram
I have use Windows Vista for a few days for some develop purpose. I need to port a driver to vista. I find that I must use a tool from MS to test my driver and sign the result from microsoft. Otherwise, the user will caught a warning message when install the driver. Sad.
I hate windows Vista.
vista isn't friendly to 3d artist/animator and post production. It suck out so much power from it's hardware potential that alot of us has switched to OS X and Linux since last year.
At the moment, I feel Mac has change alot since the intel release. It's has become much more affordable. some might think otherwise, but when u compare the price with the software included and the need for no antivirus. u'll be amaze at how much money and time u can save by using a mac.
i save alot of time from maintaining my system.
Vista seems solid and stable but it's support for opengl are still very early to be useful for us. and it's flip3d are useless infront of expose from osx.
not here to bash, i'm just speaking from the point of view of a user from both platform.
Ubuntu is a great alternative for ppl who want fancy desktop and lower requirements for hardware.
even osx hardware requirement for those eyecandy are so much lower than vista.
sorry microsoft, we have to agree that vista suck big time. let's hope they'll improve in future.
If you have no choice in the matter, don't fret over it. Vista isn't so much bad as it is new and expensive. It'll take a while for some of the kinks to be worked out, but for the most part you won't experience these in your new hardware.

One thing I could have done without (from the experience I've had on the computers I'm responsible for... I wouldn't have Vista on my own box since I don't go retail) is the unecessary changes they made to a lot of the menus, settings, and such. It takes a bit to get used to.
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