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Do you think of others while you're having sex?

if you're having sex with your gf/bf/husband/wife whatever...........and while you're doing it, do you accidently/purposely think of other people weither for a splint second, the whole time, or just a bit? be honest....

i have a great problems...but once in awhile, an imaginary chick floats into my mind during intercourse, accidently of course and only for a split second....
I think this is kinda comon.. and have happend to me a few (read alot) times.. but only when I close my eyes and she focus on me.. if we are having sex.. it's eyes open and kinda wild.. but lets say she give me some mouth or hand love.. and just focusing on my pleasure.. I close my eyes to enjoy it even more.. and it have happend that my mind have slipped away thinking of other girls.. guess u cant help this.. it's just for a short while.. but still happens.. well what u don't know won't hurt ya..
lately, yes.
Yes I do and I know she does as well. Actually she admitted this once and I don't mind it!
It's not a big deal, it actually makes you reach climax faster
Never happened to me, but I think this is suggestive - if you feel the need to think of (or accidently think of) someone else during sex, mightn't it be a subtle signal from your deep-dark-unconscious-whatever that there is something missing in your relationship? Shocked
being a guy myself, climaxing faster would be a bad thing so in the past I've tried to think unsexy thoughts in order to last longer lol. I dont need to do that anymore and I've never needed to think about anybody else during sex or anything I'm too busy enjoying the sight right infront of me Very Happy
well.., it never happened to me. I don't think of someone else when i'm doing it. i guess i'm satisfied with her.. though i think about having sex with someone i see on the street now and then..
kevin briggs
hell yes.its good to think of others when having sex to keep the excitement in the relationship.

but for god sake if your partner asks you this question the ansewer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course not you are the only one i ever think of.
Occasionally. Only if I wasn't really in the mood and want to get it over with.
It's natural, how long did you have this relationship? I guess, when everything is new and all, you are too excited to even think about someone else. But after a while, when you get used to the sex. You will be looking for challenges. And that can be, that you start fantasizing about other girls. Could be imaginary ones, or someone you know. I really shouldn't worry about it. I guess everyone does that once in while. But maybe you should start thinking about some new things in your relationship. Spice it up...
Towards the end of my marriage I did it. Quite a lot. Once I had to bit my tongue to hold back the scream of my fantasy man. LOL!
In the end of my last relationship, I used to think about someone else....

It just reinforced my desire to split with my ex boyfriend.

It was sad, really...

I think it's normal for people to think about other people during sexual intercourse.. imaginary people, or people they have seen in xxx movies... I don't think it's normal though when you always think about the same person, a person you know in real life, though.
for being normal human, i think most of us sometimes think of other people.

in my experience, its because I'm with her for more than 3 years .. its about 'boring' time Smile
definetely yes!
I read once: many people think about the nanny while they are with the wife, that's pretty common, but the ones whom do the opposite, they are in real troubles. Laughing
Sometimes but not at all. what about True confession time? Do you ever fantasize about having sex with someone else when you are with your partner? If you do, would you ever confess your fantasy to your SO? Would you mind if you knew that your SO was making love with you while fantasizing that you were someone else? For what it is worth, I'd have to answer yes--I have, but not often, I have told my wife about it and no--I don't care if she wants to pretend I'm someone else.
Just to summarize what everyone else said, thinking about other girls isn't the problem, that's normal. Fighting is a problem though, and yeah, you and your gf should work through those issues.

this could involve having really honest and real conversations about your future together, making sure that when you're fighting, you're actually fighting about what you're fighting about (ex: bitching about the dishes when you're really angry that she doesn't spend enough time with you).

It's okay to hit rough patches. It's okay to say "we're going through something, but I am 100% committed to you, and I would rather work this out than just give up". Sometimes people are scared to address problems in the relationship, because to admit the problem is to tempt the end of the relationship. No, it's the other way around. As long as you both start off saying that you're willing to work through it, and what's happening is something that can be overcome, then you have a pretty good chance of success.
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