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How many times should you fart a day?

Is there a specific range where it's healthy to fart? I'm just curious
[sarcasm]Yes, actually. If you fart between 15 and 25 times a day, that is healthy. That is based on average fart time length of 1.2 seconds. If you want to count it out, the actual recommendation is 18-30 seconds of fart per day. If you fart more than that, you are depleting your body of air and making it hard to breathe. If you are farting less than that, you are building up air and could have dangerous gastrointestinal distention.[/sarcasm]
it's not directly farting that you do.. u "leak" aprox 0.5 liter of gas every day from ur holy hole.. w/o noticing.. but then it's also true that you shouldnt try to hold the gas inside of u.. u should let it out.. when u are alone and no1 hear or can smell it!
The amount of farting you do a day depends on your diet. Some foods cause you to fart more than others. Pulses are notoriously bad for this. I made the mistake of putting to many pulses in my dogs vegetable this month and she's got a bit of a fart problem.

I should explain that I feed my dog on a fresh (frozen) food diet of meat rice and vegetables and I use 5 different veggies for it .
It can also depend on what your eating. I know that when ever I eat a special kind of fruit then I will probably get more gass than other things, or vegetables. But what I find strange is that I never get any gass from beans Razz So it depends on how your body is reacting on things. But even if I do fart sometimes more than other times I know that it is probably because of something I have eaten
Farting is healthy stuff. There's a whole section on about farting, but basically the deal is, it's all food based. Certain foods will cause the more "silent but deadly" variety, and other foods will make the "pull my finger" loud obnoxious ones. Beans make a lot of VOLUME but don't have the Smell part down as much.
what types of food produce the most fartage?
kevin briggs
On average, a person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day, distributed over an average of about fourteen daily farts.
Whereas it may be difficult for you to determine your daily flatus volume, you can certainly keep track of your daily numerical fart count. You might try this as a science fair project: Keep a journal of everything you eat and a count of your farts. You might make a note of the potency of their odor as well. See if you can discover a relationship between what you eat, how much you fart, and how much they smell.
Try not to post too much about farting. Sooner or later our governments will latch onto the potential of linking farting with global warming. It's only a small step, after that, for us all to be forced to wear fart collectors (Thunderpants style) so our farts can be collected, measured and taxed.
Nerdlings wrote:
what types of food produce the most fartage?

I have heard food that is hard for the body to break down starts to decompose too late, wich causes gases.

GSIS: hoho, they allready have, but on cows Wink

Nerdlings: I dont know how much can be considered "normal", I think it differs a lot between different persons. I have a hard time beleaving it can be dangerous for your health to fart a lot though.
Nerdlings wrote:
what types of food produce the most fartage?

Cabbage for instance. Broccoli and most kinds of beans and lentils as well.
I think it's healthy to fart whenever you can. Laughing
Why? because all that gas in your body is not good I think.
I never fart! I'm perfect!
It depends on your diet.
never heard that farting orders have effect on our healthiness.. anyway...i don't remember i fart for about 14 times a day...i think only around 2-3 ...
sometimes not at all
never counted it... bt must be greater than 15 times a day Mr. Green
hehe... anyway.. average human fart about 1/2 litre of gas in one day Smile
Huh, at large consenrations fartgas is lethal. (Because of the hydrogen sulfide
in it).
i think wherever u are , whenever u are, if you want to fart, then go ahead. that will bring healthy life to you!
Just curious but do men and women release the same amount. I cannot say I have met a girl that ever admitted to farting.
I just have to ask this..

Did you people actually know this informaton? or did u google/wiki it? lol because it seems like an odd bit of information to know off the top of your head. We ever got taught this in school =[ .. maybe we should of and we cld live healther lives by farting all the time Razz
Haha, what a weird question to ask. Cool How many times you should fart in a day? Ehm... I have no idea. 12-18 maybe? I think it's different from each person to person... I mean, you can't say that: "Today I'm going to fart 16 times!" Understand? ^^ Whatever. I just think its different from person to person.
this is an interesting question. If my fiance were to answer this question he would say "too much". I must admit, i do fart quite a bit. I even fart in my sleep.

Don't you have it when you start farting and then have to run to the bathroom . . . lol
Let me answer this question with some questions.
How many times do you need to sh.t a day?
How many times do you need to vommit a day?
How many times a day do you need to take a leak?
More questions?
this is probably on of the most reurrent questions of people having nothing to do on a sunday afternoon, go out and play ball
i don't know. i don't count it. i guess i only fart if i ate something spicy.

answer = conditional variable
I guess protein intake plays a large roll in gas. If you are a body builder or workout a lot and have protein shakes regularly, you will be more gassy.
LOL. That's so gross! I can't believe you would even ask that question, besides I don't think there is a minimum or maximum.
Depends what you eat as others have said. There was a mythbusters episode - eating bubbly drinks had a large effect on farting.
it depents 5 only..mormally
The hotter the woman the more her fart smells like cinamin.
Azmo wrote:
it's not directly farting that you do.. u "leak" aprox 0.5 liter of gas every day from ur holy hole.. w/o noticing.. but then it's also true that you shouldnt try to hold the gas inside of u.. u should let it out.. when u are alone and no1 hear or can smell it!

azmo, it is not possible to for flatus to "leak" out of the rectum. there is a mucous membrane lining the inside of the anus sphincter that traps particles and air down to the molecular level. especially if the rectal muscles are clenched, there is nothing getting through that hole. just wanted to clear that up. thanks. Rolling Eyes
I dont know how many times i fart per day but what i do notice is that when i consume lots of dairy products i fart more often.
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