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[Thailand] Where is good place to scuba dive and massage?


I'm plan to travel in Thailand in middle of May for 3~4days. My trip will br for ocean sports such as scuba dive and jet ski. I would like to see good scenery under water. In addition, I want to take Thai traditional massage with spa.
Where would you recommend in Thailand?
Please give me some suggestions if you know about or live in Thailand~!

hi, personally i've been to Bangkok, capital of Thailand. nice place, although abit dirty and dusty. you should check out the floating market, i guess that should be in your initiaries by now. you could check that online. but if you would like to try the beach, you definitely should try Hua Hin. this place is a miracle!!! white sandy beach, clear crystal water, fantastic saltwater fishes, and beautiful corals. Hua Hin has been described as a paradise by some. Other beaches in thailand i have not been before, you could google for it though. Have fun!!! make sure to bring your underwater camera and sun tan lotion!!
Hello all,I think hua hin or PP island is the best place for scuba, but the weather in thailand is awful, it' s have windy and raining.i think u should to wait 'til rain is gone.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPSS!!! Hua Hin is in BALI..... ok, but thailand has TONSSSSS of good places for scuba diving and sightseeing.... perhaps you would have been back from your trip? How was it and which places did you visit? It would be interesting to share and for us to know more places too. I hope you had fun there! Bon Voyage!!
For diving one of the best places is Koh Tao for sure: it's not too crowded and amazingly cheap. and the show under the water is always out for black fin sharks..they are nice people say but they just scare the s*** out of you if you meet one.
The only place where I saw Jet skiing was Pukhet that's a pretty nice place, full of beaches and pretty lively....OVERCROWDED but if u go there just for a few days I think you will like the never ending party scene Smile
About massages you find hips of them everywhere but I couldn't suggest any.
I would go to Koh Samui or Koh Tao.. Both awesome places, great for diving...
Bru, stuffce
Koh Samui is fabulous. I dived there with my daughter when she was 12 and it was one of those great experiences. We saw black-tip reef sharks from about 2 metres away, clouds of great colourful fish, turtles, Lion fish (at night) some beautiful moray eels and staggering coral. It's dead cheap too.
I saw a Hua Hin in Thailand also, about maybe 100 kms from Bangkok and is a beach resort as well.

I'm planning to visit there next week.... hopefully.
Along with Phuket and some small islands perhaps.

Any tips are welcome. Cool
You want to scuba dive and have a massage at the same time ? Those Thai girls are fairly "flexible" and "accommodating" but this might be taking it TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far ...
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