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Super Hero Vs Villain

Spider Man 3 is out and and Fantastic 4 on the way. Silver Serfer looks so cool.

What combination of Hero Vs Villain would you like to see? Here are mine. I know a lot of these have been covered in the comics but still it would be great to see it on screen.

Spider Man vs Silver Surfer
Super Man vs Doomsday
Wolverine vs Lobo
Super Man vs Hulk
Batman vs Predator
... it could be a great idea, like "Freddy vs. Jason" or "Alien vs. Predator" (villain vs. villain).
I would bet "Batman vs. Spawn". Or "Krusty vs. Bush".

And it could be a hell of challenge: the films made are all lame.
I saw Ghost Rider yesterday... It was so lame... I dunno why Nicolas Cage agreed to such a script...

One question is why the old Rider rode all the way with Cage to that town just to to say goodbye at the last moment. I was expecting a great battle involving both of them... This movie was really bad..
Okay Think How about...

Blue Beetle VS Joker
Superman VS Silver Surfer, thats all I can think of Embarassed .
Okay Smile how about....
1. SuperMan vs. Robin
2. Red Ranger vs Black Ranger
3. The Chamelon vs The Tick
4. SuperMan vs Cat Women
5. Wolverine vs. Batman
6. Magneto vs. SpiderMan
7. Calyspo vs. Original SuperMan
8. Dare Devil vs Venon
9. Cyclops vs Dare Devil ( This battle DD would wear sound proof earplugs and Cyclops would be blind folded)
10. Rouge vs Barbarella
Not going to be watching Fantastic 4: ROTSS ... didn't like the first one, hate the concept art for the second, looks very bland to me ( I don't like comic-to-movie films too much as it is...)

But a good "vs" film could very well be Batman vs Superman. I heard a rumour that this film could be made soon, and I would definitely pay to see it.
I've always liked Nightcrawler (my favorite X-Man), and The Juggernaut has been a favorite ever villian since the old cartoons, so how about:

Nightcrawler vs. Juggernaut.

It would be like breaking down a stone with a foam peanut...comical as hell.
Would like to see:

Super Man vs Doomsday
Hulk vs Juggernaut
spiderman vs Galactus

What about Hulk vs Doomsday?
The thing vs the hulk family!!! that was great on the comics, why not make it on a screen???

juggernaught against the thing or hulk would also be amazing...
you know, everything beeing torn apart just because with some cool effects?

batman vs superman was suggested, but I don't see much future on that...

another awesome fight would be the classic spidey & venom vs carnage and the symbiotes. lot of place for some cool special fx there, don't you think? Cool
For me venom vs spiderman was supposed to be ultimate... Butseeing what they did in Spidey 3,I have given up hopes on Holywood. I ll stick to comics.
venom vs batman... nice to see 2 black characters come together and clash...
Ooooo... fun concept.

I think I'm going to say...

Thor vs. Loki
Spider-man vs. Carnage

Yeah. those would be pretty cool.
Great idea, I love the subject, but I had to say it but Hollywood would really mess it up. Why can't they leave a comic alone without trying to "improve it"? It it needed improvement from the start it would not be so popular. Superman is a case in point. For all intentions they should have just call then hero "Guy with Super Powers", since the history, villains, look, feel, and script did not even come close to Superman. Did the directors even read a comic? Any where is a a partial list.

Superman vs Silver Surfer
superman ver Apocalypse
Superman ve Ultron
Catwoman vs Spidergirl
Sidney Bristo vs Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Two good hero teams trying to retrieve the same object for different reasons or uses.
I would love to see

Superman vs Doomsday

Could have been better if its not just an animated feature (there is already one made by some people doing it in the Justice League animated style) I would just like seeing this in live action form, with today's CG quality just think of the possibilities.

Spiderman vs Venom/Carnage

Not the Venom vs Spiderman of Spiderman 3, I was actually hoping for something more.

Superman vs Batman

Yes, 2 of DCs best heroes, would love to see who would win, Superman has great super powers while Batman is very cunning and lots of cool gadgets (he also got a Kryptonite of course). This may not be a possibility after all since there is a large following for both heroes, one beating the other may not happen it just might break into a tie or soemthing like that. Too many fan base to let 1 win and the other lose.
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