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I would like some feedback about the layout of my site

Like I said, I would like to know if anybody has any tips about how to change and/or modify the layout of my website.

I do not want feedback on my content, please!

Just to let you know, I dont expect this to be a high traffic site, plus I'm still fairly new at webpage design so you may have to be very specific and in depth about your tips.

Thank you.

The link to my site is the bottom link in my signature.
hi, i like the website its layout is good... you done better than me on my first website building days lol

i hope u don't mind but i ran a HTML checker on your site and this is the result Result: Failed validation, 7 errors

Error Line 1 column 0: no document type declaration; implying "<!DOCTYPE HTML SYSTEM>"

thats is one of the errors but the rest are petty things like incorrect HTML usage e.g <img class="banner" align="center" src=" change that to middle..

but apart from that Thumbs up ...

and 1 more question what did you create it in? i use macromedia Dreamweaver 8... - this is a tempoary template atm but i will upload my latest design soon...
i just used the text editor that comes with DirectAdmin on my frihost account, nothing else.

i dont mind that you did an html check on it. I plan on making it "XHTML" after im confident that im close to where i want my website to be. I'll do that with the "HTML tidy" plug-in in the program called "Notepad++". Then I will upload the modified version of my files.

If you dont have Notepad++, you should get it. I dont remember where to go to find but I know you can easily find it by searching with something like google. Its a very useful program; it understands many programming/HTML-related languages. In other words it highlights the elements and other things. Basically its just an enhanced version of Notepad. And if you are not using windows, i think its an open-source program.

However, the "HTML tidy" plug-in is a seperately downloaded plug-in, i think.

WOW...sorry about going off on a tangent about Notepad++.
i know this is kinda off my own topic, but I need help figuring out why my new php code doesnt want to add the data that I submit to my MySQL database. Just in case this helps, but I am using DirectAdmin for my site. Yes I do realize that this page looks really crappy when you go to run it, but for the moment its meant just for me to quickly add data to my database, but it isnt doing that. This one of the many attempts Ive been making tonight to make this thing work. Where there are "??????"s there is actually something there but that would be dangerous for me to actually release.

Oh, and the form calls the user back to the form just for data-entering efficiency.


  <title>Pwnerer Clan User Submit Form</title>

<form action="usersubmit.php" method="post">
User Number: <input type="text" name="UserNo" />
User Name: <input type="text" name="UserName" />
Primary Character Name: <input type="text" name="PrimCharName" />
Primary Character Class: <input type="text" name="PrimCharClass" />
User Rank: <input type="text" name="UserRank" />
Secondary Character Name: <input type="text" name="SecondCharName" />
Secondary Character Class: <input type="text" name="SecondCharClass" />
<input type="submit" />

$con = mysql_connect("localhost","??????","??????");
if (!$con)
  die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

$user_num = $_POST["UserNo"];
$user_name = $_POST["UserName"];
$prim_char_name = $_POST["PrimCharName"];
$prim_char_class = $_POST["PrimCharClass"];
$user_rank = $_POST["UserRank"];
$sec_char_name = $_POST["SecondCharName"];
$sec_char_class = $_POST["SecondCharClass"];

echo $user_num;
echo $user_name;
echo $prim_char_name;
echo $prim_char_class;
echo $user_rank;
echo $sec_char_name;
echo $sec_char_class;

mysql_select_db("bumponal_pwnererclan", $con);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO _members (UserNo, UserName, PrimCharName, PrimCharClass, UserRank, SecCharName, SecCharClass)
VALUES ($_POST['UserNo'], $_POST['UserName'], $_POST['PrimCharName'], $_POST['PrimCharClass'], $_POST['UserRank'], $_POST['SecondCharName'], $_POST['SecondCharClass'])");


Not that good with php but shouldnt that be on top of ur document?

And for your other question I honestly didnt find one thing I did like with your website, I got the feeling of a 12-year-old doing his first website just starting to learn basic basic with photoshop and html so I left 2 seconds after I opend the site. Nothin rly tells me to stay cause I can find something interesting there.. sorry.
i appreciate the help and I realize it is drab and lacks anything really interesting yet. I am working on it, and maybe eventually I'll actually have something useful or I'll just get bored and stop working on it. And I am still kind of new at this stuff, I mean I just started, basically, using plain HTML just a couple of months ago and now I'm already trying to use stuff like databases and php and all that good stuff. I feel like I should have taken out more time to master each step. Im tired where am I going with this? Rofl!
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