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Our ponies

Foxysc & I are fortunate enough to have acquired these 2 ponies. We've named them Comet (the Dartmoor) and Tango (the grey).

Comet looked as though he'd been neglected when we got him but I'm pleased to say that he appears to be thriving in our care.

They're both cheeky little bu**ers and can be a bit(!?) obstinate - but we luv 'em to bits.

Very Nice looking Ponies. Great Pictures!

Is the White one a Shetland Pony?

I like Ponies and horses alot.
Wow! Nice ponie horses you got there Smile

I hope you enjoy with them Smile
Ghost - No, he's a cob type. Shetlands are much smaller - typically no taller than 10hh3 whereas Tango is 12hh2. Here's a pic of a Shettie c/o horsetopia:-

We were told our other 1 is a Shetland cross, but we think he's a Dartmoor.
Skynet - yeah, they're lovely and we have a lot of fun with them. I even managed to laugh after Tango catapulted me off his back into the dirt! Mad

They've both got a lot of character and Tango can be a bit of a handful at times; he's very headstrong. But we'll get there with him.
How much land do these ponies need? I used to be mad about ponies and horses when I was a very small kid. I wanted one but didn't have the space for one. Are you required to have a permit or a license to acquire one? Never had a pet larger than a cat before so I'm curious. Smile

Very nice looking ponies by the way.
^You don't need any special permit, but you do need land that is zoned
correctly for it (you won't be allowed to keep horses in a fancy housing
development, for example). Also, you should know what you're doing at
least a little, because even a small pony can injure somebody with a good

As for how much land you need, I've always heard that the rule of thumb
is 1 acre per horse, though smaller horses can be kept in smaller areas
just like large horses need more room.

Also know that horses are somewhere between crack cocaine and meth
as to how addictive they are. If you get one, sooner or later you get another, then another, then a trailer, then another, then you need more
land ... et cetera. I've seen that happen a dozen times.
DoctorBeaver wrote:
Ghost - No, he's a cob type. Shetlands are much smaller - typically no taller than 10hh3 whereas Tango is 12hh2.

Thanks for the answer Very Happy

O I see, shows how much I know about horses Smile

It is hard to tell in pictures what the size of a thing is though.

Ya I want to own horses or ponies when I move (Live in the city right now)

I live on half an acre so I could have half a horse??? Laughing
Cute ponies Smile
o,its my dreaming life!
I have dreams of riding ponies.
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