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Google Analytics: google[organic]?

Hey! In my Google Analytics stats, google[organic] popped up among the top referral sources today, what does that mean? is that people googling and me showing up in the hits, and people finding me that way?
Yup. Google search.

Good dude ... Very Happy
yea man! Google quickly ran up to be my second biggest referral in only like two days !Very Happy
Well.. first of all Congratulations on that new traffic source for your site.

Google Organic , as you guessed, is the traffic that comes to your site from Google search engine itself. Now the significance of Organic traffic in your site is very high, because of many reasons, which i will not tell you Razz Heh! Just joking! Need to keep up with my humor too you know Razz

So, where was I? oh! yeah! Google Organic traffic means that people which come from there are genuinely interested in your site as they searched for it. This type of traffic is bound to boost up your returning visitors percentage, as you probably may have noticed.

It also gives you the possibility that since Google respect your site and thus you are getting high ranking in the searches ( that is why traffic comes to your site ), you are bound to end up in a good Google Page Rank or PR as it is commonly referred to.

Now the PR wont affect your traffic much , but will improve your search engine rankings and is a kind of measure given to the importance of the site. For PR, traffic is not important, but since you are getting it, it will give you a good boost. You must take profit from the situation you are in , and must start creating backlinks to your site, which will definitely improve your PR.

Well... that is the only lecture for now Razz You can always PM me for more Wink

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