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7600GT on a 300w psu possible?

Does anyone have an hp or other pre-built computer that has a proprietary psu dimension that won't let you swap for a better psu? This hp that my family has only has a 300w psu. Has anyone tried a 7600GT card w/ such a psu? There are no pci slots in use, and the one pci-e slot is going to hold the 76gt, so there's really no other load on the psu. Also, the 76gt I am looking at right now is the EVGA version, which has a very weak fan. EVGA recommends a minimum psu of 350w.
It should work. You will be 100% safe with the 7600GS.

You can easily upgrade though. The XClio 450bl is more than enough for your needs, and is less than $50 shipped:

I would recommend getting your video card there too, it will be much cheaper than in-store. The 450w will power anything up to the 8800gts, and maybe the 8800gtx too...
I would think you would be fine but not completely sure, I have a 7600GT on a 500W PSU which obviously runs fine. But, I was debating this same issue about 5 months ago when I built my computer. I saw several notes that people were running it on a 300W. I was lucky to find a case that included a basic 500W psu. I don't remember what the minimum suggested is for the 7600GT, i thought it was 300, possibly 400. But with nothing else providing load on the PSU really, you might be okay.

I just rambled on providing really no definite info, heh... hopefully you can dig something from that. Try to look for a lower-end 500W, they shouldnt run you too much.
Just an update. I installed the EVGA 7600GT with the stock 300w psu and it seems to be fine. The only problem I am seeing is tiny black rectangles that flicker everywhere when i play command and conquer 3 at highest settings and in GRAW at the recommended auto settings. In NBA Live 07, Star Wars Battlefront II, Fifa 07, there is no flickering rectangles. These aren't the normal looking "I overclocked too much" artifact-type symptoms. Could this be because of not enough power? Or maybe they are artifacts it's just that I've never seen artifacts that look like that? I will post screenshots later today to clarify. Thank you.


I took screenshots of GRAW using fraps, and the rectangles appear in this screenshot.



I just played Star Wars Battlefront II and the same rectangles are popping up in that game as well:
That could be from overheating. I had artifacts like that on a passive 5200 before they got worse, and the card eventually died. When it occurred on another 5200, I strapped a fan on it and they went away. I would guess overheating.

Bad power is possible too, troubleshoot however you can. I do notice that both scenes you posted are outdoor, meaning the GPU is probably working really hard to keep up. Also, contact eVGA tech support, they should be able to help you, though they will probably be unwilling to blame their card since it is in a system below-specs...
I solved the problem. While the EVGA 7600 GT is defaulted to clock settings of 560/700, I used rivatuner and clocked it to 612/697. For some reason my card can't handle 700 without rivatuner saying that it's not possible. Furthermore, I reduced my monitor's fps setting to 70 instead of 75, which made a lot of difference I think, through rivatuner. Last of all, I set all of my fan speeds to 100% through rivatuner and my card now idles at a good 53 and while playing GRAW peaks at around 66. Before it used to be idle: 67, peak: 76. Thank you for the help.
I have a 500watt powersupply though I have my doughts sometimes. I would go with at least 500watts. or maybe 400-450 in the least. Because you gfx card can suffer and it's cheaper to buy a new power supply then it is to lose a perfectly good Gfx card because it was underpowered.

Sometimes thought I'm not sure if it's heat or underpowerd but my gfx card just loses it and the screen becomes all choped up and the computer doesn't work anymore and then the screen turns off like the the computer is turned off. So it's useally better to be safe then sorry.
It won't be power, as in wattage, if it's having symptoms like that, Xeniczone. If it happens only when gaming, it is probably overheating too.

Power instability will rarely happen. If it does, usually the computer just locks up or restarts. I don't disagree that you should get a nicer PSU though. The XClio is VERY nice for its price and is more than enough power than you will need for a while. It is a hard deal to beat.

I ran a 7900GS and 7800GT and 3 hard drives on a 320w PSU for almost 6 months without a problem. It really varies with the quality of the supply. Some CHEAP power supplies will be rated at 600w, but be out-of-spec in terms of ripple at 200w or less usage (Think of ripple as interference-- the less, the better). High-quality PSUs, like Seasonics and PC Power and Cooling supplies will have no ripple at OVER their wattage ratings.
I have tried an XFX 7600 GT XXX Edition with a 350 Watt power supply.

There were no problems. I think it might be just as good with a 300 Watt power supply.
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