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Halo or Halo 2?

Halo or Halo 2
Halo by far!
 44%  [ 4 ]
Halo 2 is da bomb !
 33%  [ 3 ]
I don't care, I just can't wait for Halo 3/Halo Wars!
 11%  [ 1 ]
Halo Sucks....(its only my personal opinion)
 11%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 9

I searched for one, but could not find a Halo versus Halo 2 poll (Sorry if there is one that i just missed) so i made one Very Happy BTW, i say halo 1!
Halo 2 Is great for its dual wielding, but I still miss hang 'em hign. Man, I killed at Hang 'em high... remembers the good ol' days... sob...
Agent ME
You know there's a remake map of Hang-em High in Halo 2 called Tombstone, right? It costs $4 to download along with the remake of Derelict as of last Tuesday.

I like Halo 2 better - they both have fun campaigns, so it comes down to the multiplayer for me. And Halo1 multiplayer was dominated by the pistol - whether you won or lost was almost always determined by how fast you could headshot the enemy with it.
I really suck online in Halo 2, but the fact that the pistol isn't the only useful gun in the game makes it better offline.
Halo 1 was really great for multiplayer, but overpowered the pistol. Halo 2 is kinda okay, so I only look forward for the sniper in Halo 2.
i like halo's campagin better, but yea, the pistol does dominate the multiplayer....but in halo 2 they made the magnum TOO weak....they just dont seem to be able to get it good .../sigh
Halo 2 for me. Dual-wielding is too good to resist. And the overall feel is better, maybe it's because I played Halo 2 before playing Halo 1.
I personally think Halo 1 was better I've played halo on my pc and got Halo2 on my xbox 360 and i personally think Halo had the better story and I really really really hate playing the arbiter (covenant dude)... I also think that the weapons were better in Halo 1 (assault rifle, bigger clips/battery etc)

but really I can't wait for Halo 3 and THE HALO 3 BETA STARTS MAY 16th Whooo whoo! if want the low-down on halo then head over to those guys are going HALO mad!

360 FTW!
Hi guys. I have played both and I have to say that I think that HALO is light years better than Halo 2. Halo was structured around the single player campaign and because of that it was a phenomenal experience. The level designs were invigorating and the way the story was told was amazing. The presentation was top notch and the fact that the last level was directly tied to the first one was amazing. I just felt that it was so compelling and captivating. I feel that with Halo 2 the team lost focus and replaced the tightness and fluidity of one with snazzy graphics and Xbox Live. Halo 2 was and is still known for its multiplayer nature which is practically an admission of how crappy the single player campaign was. The story was so short and fragmented that it was a joke. I have no beef with the ending cos I think that it is a great cliffhanger but the shortness of it and the constant jumping back and forth between John and the Arbiter was stupid. I have played on Live and I realize that Live is an important and vital component these days but I don't think that it justifies diluting a game's single player campaign. I mean why turn a great franchise into an online drone. I have played online FPS for years now and I don't think that turning Halo into the next Counterstrike is the way to go. I just read previews of the Halo 3 Beta (on IGN) and sadly it seems that the team hasn't learnt squat from Halo 2. It seems to be just another Halo 2 with a massive focus on Live. Many are saying how crappy the graphics are in comparison to say Gears of War. I own and adore GOW and the graphics are amazing (please don't get me wrong. I still value gameplay over eye candy but I believe that graphics are very important these days). I know what a Beta is but I wonder how long the Halo team can keep on hiding behind the whole Beta excuse. GOW is kinda old, circa Oct so I still don't get how a 07 beta can have graphics that are just a notch above Halo 2s. Sorry for the long blurb!!
Graphics and etc - Halo 2
Game Play - Halo 1

Beating both of them - Halo 3 Beta thats coming out in 2 days..!! it's gonna be many of you getting it?
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