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Help Needed Regarding CGI And Php

I am bulding a new web-store for my company. Till Now I was only familiar with Html and I made pages with the help Of Frontpage.
Now while surfing for better Options for site I have came across many CGI Scripts and .PHP templates.
I am totally unfamiliar with both this concepts but they seem to be very important for making a site more interactive and useful.
I have downloaded many CGI Scripts which may be usefull for the same. But I dont Know How to install it or put it in use???
Also I have downloaded php files from oscommerce but same thing is that how to modify it and use it???
Please provide me the information for the same.
My previous host : does not even support both cgi and php
i will be looking for a new webhost now.
Please help me regarding this.
The best answer for you - honestly - hire someone that knows what they are doing.

You should not tempt fate's worth of lost customers and lawsuits because you do not adequately create a good experience for your customers, nor are able to protect their sensitive financial information.

Just don't. In a few years with appropriate study, then you will find that you may wish to become a programmer. For now, don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Here are a few resources for finding freelance programmers:

(tip for these or any freelance work: you get EXACTLY what you pay for...)

as well as quite a few reasonably priced design houses. You probably have a few in your closest city.

Hope it helps - but again, don't make the mistake of trying to do it yourself. It would be a simply stupid act for you and your business (which I assume you would prefer to thrive...)

PHP and CGI is not so hard...

You just need some good start, some tips from someone you know...

If you want to learn PHP, go

If you find it hard to read or borring, use irc channels, and join #php or #phphelp. Use these servers: undernet, freenode, quakenet, efnet, ircnet. You can always find someone to help you there, when you need something which you just can't figgure... (But they will help you, not make it for you. They will give you suggestion, but in the end, it's you who needs to make it...)

I've learnt many things about programming this way...

Indeed, you can hire some guys too...

I would like to add here - you can find coders for little cash here, and You can also pay them to teach you if you like...

I'm sure you will learn what you need in like few months, not years!!!
you can probably consider established open-source products such as osCommerce?
The Best Place For a Good php tutorial is

But if u dont wish to look into it id code your page free if you`d llet me put a link back to my page Very Happy email me if your intrested...
I have almost prepared my pages using frontpage. It is complete except the login and shopping cart. I would agree to put a link back to your site if you can provide scripting for the same.
Just one more point to mention. I would not be accepting paypal or any payment gateway as the site is totally for residents in India. And I would not like to accept any creditcard now.
when i first started programming in php, i worked with cgi / perl... needless to say i found php to be easier to learn, work with, and it works directly into the html of a webpage,,, if you take your time,, and i know the aspect of doing it for a company,,, Time, time, time,,,, php is extremely easy to learn,,, if you dont know how to install it on a server, and want to host your own server instead of a new webhost,, you can download an installer and follow the directions, very easy, but i only suggest this if you have a fast connection to the internet like cable, dsl or something other than dial up.. somewhere you can use your phone while your on the internet at the same time to keep a constant connection,, but if not,, find a webhost with as much free stuff as possible.. unless your company plans on paying for it,,, if they pay for it, still try to go as cheap as you can,, but use it to your ability.. bandwidth, space,,, make sure you have everything you need,, how much you can upload at once also...
but as for php,, dont let anyone discourage you.. my first month at php i had developed a full script for (online storefront).. in one month i had uploading images, search, everying made into tables,,,and an administration system for everything,, it was a download for anyone who had their own server,,, or webhost,,, and wanted an online storefront without doing any code or building it themselves.. it worked perfectly, but at the time i had problems with shipping and handline... the script worked with php and mysql,,, mysql is database best used and most programmer prefer to use with php,,, but many can be used in which other programmers have shown.. sql, mysql, and more.. but, if you go to
you will find many servers you can use if you go that route,,,
if not but want to learn more about php , and / or mysql,,, you can go to and at
you can also search many of thousands of tutorials on by starting with "php tutorial, what you want" like for me, i use php tutorial, flat file, fwrite,, for writing to flat files, or php tutorial, chat, or search, or what you want to try to learn how to make,,, and just keep going through all the pages until you find something remotely similiar to what you want,, but id suggest first...
dont let anyone ever tell you php or cgi is complicated and take it from someone who knows,,, php especially is the most easiest and fun to work with,, cgi / perl i used to love, but with the php being so integrated into the html,, made things work so much faster,,, if you have any questions on php, i would try to help.. but remember,, im not a guru after 4 years of programming,, i still dont know too much,,, but have developed many scripts in my time,,, if i was you, i would learn php, mysql, and try to start your own server if you can just for yourself,,, not for your company,, but it would be an asset to you and something extra to add to your resume,,, anyone who tells you to go get help from someone else instead of letting you know you have the choice of doing so is usually only out for money themselves... you can do it if you put your mind to it, and i condemn anyone who doesnt give someone the chance to learn something on their own... you have the choice,,,dont get someone else to do it for you unless you want it done that way,,, but if you want to try it yourself, then do it,,, jump into it head first and start learning,,, you can only benefit from your experience... you may even learn you may not like to be a php coder,,, but i dont think so... ITS YOUR CHOICE !
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