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Dream Vacation

After some traveling to Europe this spring, I found myself pondering: "What would be my dream vacation?" I must say there are many places I have not gone, where I would like to go; others, I have visited, but would love to see again. Also, I took into consideration how long of a trip I would be willing to take, given monetary restrictions, time away from school, etc. I debated, whether I would like to go to the tourist spots, or embed myself within the local culture. This is what I came up with:

I live in America so this is where I would start:

Day 1: Minneapolis, USA/Chicago, USA
Day 2: Chicago, USA
Day 3-4: New York, USA
Day 5: Boston
Day 6-7: Dublin, IR
Day 8: Limerick, IR
Day 9: Edinburgh, UK
Day 10: Stone Henge/Central England, UK
Day 11-13: London, UK
Day 12: Normandy, FR
Day 13-15: Paris, FR
Day 16-17: Bordeaux/Toulouse, FR
Day 18-19: Lisbon, Portugal
Day 20-21: Seville, SP
Day 22-25: Valencia/Madrid, SP
Day 26-28: Zaragoza/Barcelona, SP
Day 29-32: Marseille, Avignon, Lyon
Day 33-35: Bern, Zurich, SW/Liechtenstein
Day 36: Salzburg, Austria
Day 37-39: Venice/Verona, Italy
Day 40-42: Milan/Torino/Genoa, Italy
Day 43-44: Florence, Italy
Day 45: Assissi, Italy
Day 46-49: Rome, Italy
Day 50-51: Naples, Italy
Day 52-53: Messina/Palermo, Italy
Day 54-60: Cruise including Crete, Rhodes, and the Turkish Coast
Day 61-65: Athens/Delphi, Greece
Day 66-70: St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia
Day 71-74: Bangkok/Thai Resort, Thailand
Day 75-76: Manila, Philipines
Day 77-78: Hong Kong
Day 79-80: Shanghai, China
Day 81-83: Beijing, China
Day 84-85: Seoul/other South Korea
Day 86-89: Kyoto/Honshu
Day 90-92: Sydney/Brisbane, Australia
Day 93: Canberra, Australia
Day 94-95: Outback, Australia
Day 96: Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Day 97-99: Johannesburg/Cape Town/country side, South Africa
Day 100-101: Nairobi/Safari, Kenya
Day 102-107: Cairo/Memphis/Giza, Egypt
Day 108-110: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 111-113: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Day 114-116: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day 117-118: Santiago, Chile
Day 119-121: Lima/Machu Pichu/Cuzco, Peru

And some more place like the Middle East and Central America/Caribbean I forgot to add in there. Although tiring, it would be a great adventure....I better get to saving.

I realize that many great cities were left off of this list, but this was only a quick compilation. I have explored quite a bit of Germany and Scandinavia, so many of their notable tourist cities were omitted from this trip. If you have any questions as to why I chose certain cities/what I would do there please ask. Also list your own dream vacation.
Sounds nice.. I'd love to do that... I would probably include India though...
I should have included Bombay, Calcutta, Agra, and a few others places to that list.
It takes very long , don't forget you have to complete it in 80 days Very Happy

poiko123 wrote:

I live in America so this is where I would start:

Day 1: Minneapolis, USA/Chicago, USA
Day 2: Chicago, USA

Day 117-118: Santiago, Chile
Day 119-121: Lima/Machu Pichu/Cuzco, Peru

I've always wanted to visit a number of the cities in Europe that you've listed. I understand I guess, you want culture, cities are where you're going to find a lot of it. We love old architecture too, beyond that we love to hike, especially during the fall foliage season. Last year we explored Maine's incredible coast. This year we're heading to New Hampshire to give the Whites Mountains a look. If we get good weather it should be awesome!

Here's a review of our trip to Maine, which focuses heavily on our hiking experiences in Acadia National Park. Lots of pics I think everyone will enjoy. Note that the pages set up best in a fully expanded browser.
wow, you've really thought about it, haven't you? Very Happy I always travel with a vague plan, but often find it's the places you randomly wander into that are the most interesting.
Yeah, sounds great, your plan... Seems like you covered almost the whole world map Smile

Anyway... I've been to India, last summer... not on a real trip, but with a contest... It was awesome! Great! Don't really find the appropriate words to describe the feeling... Especially since it's been the first foreign country I've ever been to... The people, the culture... it was all so different! I advice you to go to India!

I would also love to visit Morocco. I am fascinated by that type of world... And also Australia!

See ya!
The galapagos islands, easily. And I'd stay there for like a month, at least, with the woman I love. Just relaxing and enjoying the wildlife as much as possible. Costs a small fortune to get there from here though.
lyddi8 wrote:
wow, you've really thought about it, haven't you? Very Happy I always travel with a vague plan, but often find it's the places you randomly wander into that are the most interesting.

I couldn't agree more. There is nothing quite like getting lost and finding your way back. Works the same on a hike too, as long as I have a map and compass, in case I'm too good at getting lost... Laughing
I've always wanted to travel around Europe with my wife, especially Paris. Then maybe to Maldives for the beaches. Anywhere romantic would be a fine place just to be with my wife. Laughing
There are so many amazing places on the planet that I would love to be able to visit during my lifetime. Just of the top of my head they might include:

(1) A tour of the US including eco-tourism in Colorado, Beach bumming on the West Coast!, experiencing farm life in the Mid West (weird?!) and a tour of some major US monuments and places of interests.

(2) Experience some of the sites and sounds of rural China.

(3) Thorough trips to Spain, Italy and France [after having learnt to speak Italian fluently]

(4) Eco-tourism in Australia and South Africa including cage diving with Great Whites.

(5) Alaska in the Fall and Winter and whale watching off of the coast of Vancouver.

(6) Trek through Inca and Mayan ruins!

Wow there are so many other places!! Hopefully I will be able to at least accomplish half of them Very Happy
My dream vacation would have to include visits to: Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, Giza and the Valley of the Kings, The Great Wall of China, Easter Island, The Acropolis, Timbuktu, with a little shopping in the sooks(sp?) of Marakesh thrown in...

These are just a few, there are so many places I want to see. I've considered just tossing some stuff in a backpack, grabbing my camera, and just taking off, hitchhiking, and doing day labor, walking, and camping my way around the world. But I'm too big a chicken to try it.
I would like to go to Iceland, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Africa, Egypt.... so many places! Anywhere outside the US!
I'd like to go to Norway, Sweden to meet my old WoW mates, then I would just go Egypt and chill out Very Happy
I always wanted to backpack through europe. That is my dream vacation.
This is great.. Clearly you have spent your time on this. Ye.. like you said it must be tiring. Not just money you need saving, you better start your fitness training. Smile
I would love to travel all over Europe, im definetly one for history, and there are some beautifull places.
Well you spend a day traveling between each one of those places! But it sounds like a nice dream. I'd rather spend more time in each place, but go to fewer places. My dream vacation would be include China, Africa, Spain and South America. I love camping and backpacking so I'd probably spend most of the trip backpacking through forests and camping... but I'd also want to visit a couple of beaches....but i dunno... maybe my dream will come true some day.

oh, and if it were cheap and i was able to my dream vacation would also include a trip to outer space!
Yeah, I'd definitely want more time in each place, and to go to fewer places. And I don't think I'd start with Minneapolis, but that's a personal preference...
The Ideal venues for a perfect dream vacation is Kerala in South India and also the Andaman and Nicobar Islands...........
georgekalathil wrote:
The Ideal venues for a perfect dream vacation is Kerala in South India and also the Andaman and Nicobar Islands...........

The perfect dream vacation is JUST going away. Anywhere,... with close friends and families
The perfect dream destination is Florida as there are beautiful beaches that attracts the tourists.
My dream vacation destination is panama beach city as there is beaches.
Everybody has their unique liking, so dream vocation is also different from each other. I love to visit and I want to go different places with my friends and enjoyed there.
My dream vacation is to florida with my wife.
My dream vacation place is Florida.Which I have spent with my family for 7 days.
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