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what's your fave childhood game? ^_^

(okay, this isn't really on the same wavelength as those video games or whatever but what the heck)

So, what is/was your favorite game when you were a kid? Anything from hide-and-seek to Mario Brothers. ^_^
Fire Boar
Heh... Pokémon Red on the original Gameboy. It was an absolute classic - going about catching the 'mons. I remember the feeling of jubilation when I first caught Mewtwo. Excellent.
Commander Keen 1-3 was my absolute favourite Very Happy

And I kinda always used the cheat we called "D-G-O" which I later figured out was "G-O-D" but it worked both ways xD
My game, well any game for the Gameboy (color) and of course Donkey Kong for the Super Nintendo Laughing
I dont realy remember which games I played when I was younger, but I've played these 3 games a lot.

Commander Keen
Destruction Derby
Wolfenstein 3D
Chakan: The Forever Man.

The game itself was boring and repetitive but, I always felt like a badass playing it.
Osmodius wrote:
Chakan: The Forever Man.

The game itself was boring and repetitive but, I always felt like a badass playing it.

Wow, that seems kinda scary for a child...
Sonic the Hedgehog Very Happy I love that game.
supermario!!! it was so good.
lolo and willow @ nes Surprised My friend did have willow game and i didnt... few years ago i asked would he like to change hes nes willow game to my ps1 game Surprised now im happy owner of willow
I have several:

Karateka!, Q-Bert, etc. for the apple II Very Happy

Alley cat, Avoid the Noid, Bouncing Babies for the IBM PC Very Happy

And the amiga games was awsome, plenty of color graphics... phenomenal, but I don't remember the game names, I only remember the owl as brand of the software corporation... Sad
Street Fighters for Micro Genious Smile
Little Big Adventure II...

I didn't know English, and it was the first game for me to play. My sis tried to help me, but it wasn't useful since she can't be around all the time. I didn't play it for long, though. I saw a spider-like monster and cried loud (yup!). And my mother forbid me Smile

Then, i played Blood II:The Chosen. It was worse Very Happy

And then, i played Caesar III. It was one of best games i've played in my childhood. Suprisingly, i wasn't so bad at it Very Happy

I downloaded Caesar III and Little Big Adventure II, and now i remember the old days, when i couldn't understand anything.

And... Don't forget the HALF LIFE and SANITARIUM! Very Happy Sanitarium didn't frighten me, i couldn't understand the dialogues anyway Very Happy But now I play them both too...
Loghete wrote:
Wow, that seems kinda scary for a child...

Dude, it still scares me! You should hear the music.

I tried playing it shortly after quitting world of warcraft and I couldn't get past the first level xD Freakin MMOs.
yeah i played LBA 1
and Kirby's Dreamland
and Wacky Wheels
super mario and dong king kong...
my fav childhood them very much...
if eat mushroom... you will grow upfast... what the mario tell...
My favourite(s) as a child:

Alex The Kidd (In Miracle World)
Pokemon Red or Blue on the Gameboy and Sonic on my old laptop running on an emulator, aaaah those days Laughing .
super mario bros on the NES or Pokemon Gold
I remember there is a game called "Kick Master", that my favorite game.

and I also like play the AD&D with my brothers in Paper~
I loved:
Super Mario All Stars Collection - Looked great, and was fun
Pokemon Blue - Addicting, big world
Mario Paint - Art is fun
Mario Kart - Wild and wacky racing
A few games that I loved when I were younger:

-Super Smash Bros. (N64)
-Supermario (GameBoy)
-SuperMario Kart (N64)

There are a few others, but I can't remember the name on them Sad

Mario brothers ofcourse. Smile That is just great game! Very Happy

Mortal Kombat ( it was for sega )

they were my best at all Times
As a kid I used to go to the video game parlour and play some console games. I also purchased a video game system called Terminator-II (2 times because my friend broke my first game system) and played games at home. I loved playing games like super mario, duck hunt, adventure island, contra, street fighters, king of fighters, world heroes-II, dungeons and dragons etc.
Patriot Players
The original Red Alert was the first game I ever played. It was an excellent RTS, and Red Alert 2 was good as well. Hoping they will mak ea red alert 3 some day.
I love mario kart (64) and it is still is my favorite game.Very HappyVery Happy
wel.. I've play lots game.. but I remmeber Kartia and CTR was the most game that I ever do (finish the game)...

If you ask somthing more older, maybe... Battle City ^^
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES, yo.
Klaw 2
the first C&C was my fave chilhood game Smile :
So many great games i played as a kid that i still love even to this day... from the orignal zelda game, techmo bowl (a football game for SNES I played with my dad), the mario's (of corse)... ahhh good times
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