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Lara (West Indies) - Retirement ??

Hi everybody Laughing ,

One of the gretest player of the Cricket was declared his retirement, He is none other than Brian Lara.

As a cricket fan, I feel sad because we can't see such a great player again.

But with lots of disappointment, Lara has been retired as his team came out of the CWC - 2007 tourney on their own fields.

As West Indies won cricket world cup in 1975,1979 and the team wanna to send off the great palyer "LARA" by winning the cup. But its unfortunate for them.

Any how, Please say BYE Speak to the hand to Lara from
Lara's was the closest thing in cricket to remind you of the term 'poetry in motion'. Some of his knocks in test cricket will linger long in memory. But it was not high sailing though as some of the barren periods and a poor captaincy record would indicate. All in all it was a pleasure to see him bat and that was enough!
The retirement of Lara has created a large vacant space in the cricket world. Such was his contribution towards cricket and we all miss him a lot.
georgekalathil wrote:
The retirement of Lara has created a large vacant space in the cricket world. Such was his contribution towards cricket and we all miss him a lot.

All the Cricket Lovers miss him, not only him McGrath also....
I have often wondered if Brian Lara played for a team like Australia if his already very high cricket scores would have been even higher. Most of the times he ran out of batting partners. Anyway, he is also - to me - a great example of "Dont Fix xomething if its not broken "

Lara certainly did not have a textbook guard and the way he jumped when the ball was delivered , was also a bit strange. I wish more coaches will allow players to play their "natural games " instead of constantly fiddeling with their techniques.
Lara's departure from the cricket world does leave back a big hole, as did the retirement of McGrath.

Don't know how true it is, but Lara was know more of as a solo player who cared more about himself over the team, and for him personal milestones were said to come before the team
As I don't see someone in West Indies cricket following in his shoes, I think the biggest hole will be for the Windies cricket.
OK Chanderpaul, Sarwan and some others are good, but you just can't compare them to Lara.

Lara, Inzamam, Ponting, Tendulkar are the greatest modern age batsmen I have seen play.
The retirement announcement made by Lara has certainly made a huge vacant space in the world of cricket...
A great player no doubt, however not a team player and this is to the cost of hte West Indies who were in dire shape to start with and are now in worse form.

Somehow, the rot started when Clive Lloyd retired over 20 years ago and they've not been the same since - even with highly talented players they aren't a team anymore.
I think Lara will back himself again in one day international.As he is not too old to quit the international cricket.At present also he has the potential to make new records.And the present captain Chris Gayle have the ability to win westindies in future matches but he can;t handle the presuure if mounted on him.
Lara was my favourite player. He is one of the most stylish and gracious batsman I have seen.
its sad to see him leave with the west indies in such a state...he is one of the greatest ever batsmen to play the game (possibly the greatest?) One of my favourite non-australian players to play..
I guess both Lara and McGrath, as well as Warne are going to appear in the Indian Cricket League. Let us hope, at least for their sake, that the new league in India turns out to be a success!
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