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VISA Less Travel!

As we are entering into a new digital age, where the world is a global village, Do you guys think we need Visa's and documents to travel to other countries? Ofcourse, some may argue that if there were no Visa's, half of Al-Qaida team would end up travelling to USA hahaha!

Many countries have Visa on arrival policy, Do these countries face illegal migrant problem? Do they get a great number of passport burners? If USA had no border control, do you think the whole of Mexico population would have shifted to USA?

Is economic progress the best way to deal with borderless world? Take for EU, all the countries involved are more or less developed, but you still find most of them ending up in London...How to deal with this problem?
I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are saying in your post, but I can tell you that US immigration is getting more strict every year. The US now requires a passport for entry by air, and as of 1/1/2008 will require it for all travel (cruise being the major one).

I don't know about Europe and other parts of the world, but right now, North and South America have some pretty tough travel documentation policies.
Yea, getting into the US is ridiculously hard! I had all my papers/visas/passport and stuff in order, even the US embassy told me I would be fine to stay for 6 months and do my volunteer service. Never the less, I only got three months stamped in my passport though, and almost got kicked out after these three months, I saved the situation by extending my visa though, so I finally got to stay for six months as promised, but that cost me $200 extra (and then I already paid $100+other expenses probably adding up to another $100 for the visa at the embassy in the first place)
Is economic progress the best way to deal with borderless world? Take for EU, all the countries involved are more or less developed, but you still find most of them ending up in London...How to deal with this problem?

I believe economic situation is one of the major factors. Either the easier way is always for the countries with a favourable/appropriate margin in between, or it's from a much developed one to a much less developed one. VISA often tends to be a comparatively greater problem for the lesser ones, owing to either economic control or political control; unpleasant maybe but it is and will be the issue we have to face long termly.
Yes. i think it is possible over a period of time. Digital age has very little to do with it though it could speed up the process.

What you are saying is something like what happens between US and Canada and to some extent with Mexico. Many friendly neighbouring countries allow people to travel betweeen them without any visa. this happens between a number of countries in EU too. More and more countries will fall under this category over a period of time. We might have to wait for at least one to two centuries before what you are talking about might happen!
Europe is my next stop.
You need some sort of control, not just for limiting people coming in to one country, but also provides statistic data.
Visa's are the bane of my life at the moment and am frankly sick of them.

I live in Thailand, where it seems it is preffered for us "Falang" to come, spend our money and get out again, rather than spend time setting up a home, a business, a family etc...

Firstly the reasons for VISAs are security
Second is to monitor the movements of visitors and control how long they stay
Third must be taxatation

At nearly 2000 baht every three months ($60us) I have to re-apply for a VISA, If I want to extend what I have (only for 7 days) I have to pay 1900 baht on top of that!!

There is a VISA for everything, working, traveling, visiting, sleeping you name it they seem to have one, which makes applying for one VERY hard, and if you fill it in wrong, they don't refund they just tell you to apply again...

I personally think an international BIOmetric, Digital Passport would be better, but think it is in the interest of some governments to keep the VISA system as another revenue stream..

Oh and if they don't get you coming in, stay too long and they will get you going out... DOH!
The visa regime came into existence some time in the late nineteenth century. Before that movement between countries was not an issue. You can hop on a steamer and then find yourself in a country to start a new life.

This was ok till the other countries started catching up with the west. Two major issues were the cause of visas. One, during the world wars security became a major issue and the countries wanted to know who is in and who is out.

Second, major issue, may be a little rascist. The countries of the west did not want settlers from the East, particularly, Chinese who were migrating in large numbers, Indian, Philipinos and others. Today's London population is not dominated by English. They just make up around 40% of the total population in London. This situation would have happened everywhere in the world but for the visa restrictions. Americans did not want Asians to settle down in Americas. So is the case with Australia.

The people who colonised wanted to have the place for themselves. And that was how it all started and it still continues for the same reason. This will continue until one of the two things happen:
1. Every country should become equally rich. Highly impossible.
2. One should be able to work wherever he is, in whichever country he wants. You might work and earn in US but spend in China possibly. This is a clear possibility with more and more teleworking people coming in. The visa might become really redundant over a period of time. Or meaningless. It might not control what it was originally expected to control. Economic outflow.
Thought it was something to share.

A visa may be denied for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) if the applicant:

* has committed fraud or misrepresentation in his or her application;
* intends to permanently reside or work in the country she/he will visit;
* does not have a legitimate reason for the journey;
* has no visible means of sustenance;
* does not have lodging in the destination country;
* has not arranged his or her transportation;
* does not have a health/travel insurance valid for the destination and the duration of stay;
* has a criminal record or has criminal charges pending;
* does not have a good moral character;
* is considered to be a security risk;
* had their previous visa application(s) rejected;
* is a citizen of a country with whom the host country has poor or non-existent relations
* has a communicable disease, such as tuberculosis;
* has previous immigration violations.
* has never undertaken any foreign travel before.
* has travelled before, but taken visas for other countries which are nowhere near the destination country.
* does not have a sufficient command of the language for the purposes of tourism.
* has planned a holiday for no particular purpose other than sightseeing

I think I've met at least 4 of the above listed, and no wonder I got rejected mercilessly.
Visa which is very important to visit one country to another.It is for your migration ,which is give you to permission to visit that country .
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