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Can someone tell me...

...what use are these things?
They're known as "precision screwdrivers", but I've only ever found them useful for opening tins of paint!!
Is it me that just has nothing delicate enough to need 6 of these in every toolbox I buy, or do they REALLY have a use?
I can't even grip the things properly, they're so small.

Hey friend They are not use as daily working tools but they are made for Little Hand Watches To open the the screws of watch to change the round cell or anything relate to watch and they also use for the opening of back lid of watch, Well in short thse are the little Tools for Watches. Wink I haven't Seen the other use of these tools Beside the above i said.
I know these are generally used to open very small screws by electronic repairmen.These tools are very useful to open little screws without abrading them.And also some variable electronic components (such as trimpots) sensitively can be adjusted by using it.
Yeah, I bought a box of these some years ago and they're really useful to have! Though you don't use them very often, it's a must have in every household Smile
they also come in useful when someone breaks their glasses. it opens and closes the screws on that cause they're small enough Smile
I have a set. Is useful when I have to open the case for my Nexstar hard drive case (the mini case)

SO they have a somewhat common use to me
I use it often.

They are very useful with watches, printers, playstations and other hardware. Very Happy
I have a couple of sets, and over the years I have found them very useful when working with precision equipment of many differant types.

The are especially useful when you don't have the proper sized hex key of phillips type headed screwdriver, when working on a small scale of course.

I escpecially find them useful when working with electronics (such as computers), as they are most often made of high carbon steel and are non-magnetized. They also don't warp, or dis-color, when you have to heat them up to break a soldered connection where a soldering iron may break the surrounding circuits (they don't hold heat very long.....the handle itself may....but you should be wearing gloves anyway).
Yeah, I use them a lot! They are great for watches and glasses. They are also very useful for opening the battery covers on things and opening up plastic things where the screws are sunken into a deep, thin hole in the object. I often use my set when working on my pc and electronics projects too...
Dear as you have yourself said, they are PRESCION SET SCREW DRIVERs, so are not meant for daily random use but for specific purposes, like while working with glasses, watches, electronics, etc.

The day you start doing your R&D on the stuff mentioned above you will come to know the value of these Screw Drivers and be able to apreciate the fact that they are made. SO go open some electronic gadgets and you will know, its use. Smile
I have a couple of these, and they have been shown useful for everything from opening battery lids, to opening small tins of model paint Razz
yeah these tools Are Use For little things Just For Opening sensitive things
I kind of think this question has been answered fully.

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