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New job!

So for you guys that don't know me, i'm an IT tech in Seattle, my work office is in Texas, but all the work is contracted in Minisota. but yeah I do alot of travel and now have the option to switch jobs to a local cabler getting paid over $12 more than what i do as a IT tech. If you where in my sheos would you change them or stick with the job that most people dream of having??
It depends on what's more important to you. Everyone has different value scales, so what other people decide they like will not really help you.

First, do you hate all the traveling around?
Do you like your current job or just your job title?
Is the new job you are considering switching to worth the $12 increase? (ie: maybe it's harder work, longer hours, etc.)
Which one has better advancement opportunity? Or rather, does advancement matter to you at all or are you more worried about "now"?

So basically, consider all those questions, and make your decision based on what your preference is rather than what someone else thinks.

But of course, you can always switch back to your old occupation if the new one doesn't work out, but I don't recommend making any hasty decisions until you've thought out all the details and decided you will have no regrets even if it does not work out.
I completely agree with the previous post. Other things to consider include:
Are both jobs considered to be "exempt"? In other words are you paid the same each week regardless of the numbers of hours worked? Many times exempt positions have higher annual salaries but if you typically work more than 40 hours a week, you may be better off getting overtime pay.

Also, you may want to consider how much time you spend on the road. The hours away from home are not really yours. There are a lot of things you can not do when traveling for a job that you could do if you worked near your home. On the otherhand, you get to experience life in multiple cities which may be appealing to you.
****** that go for the money, 12 bucks more an hour is hella!!!! thats like an extra 15-17 grand a year. a new car for you!!!!! do i t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus seattle is damn cold and rainy...
Well I do like to travel, its just you get burned out sooo fast and all the alone time it's not really worth it ya know. But it turns out that the other job that pays 12 bucks more didn't go as planned so I guess I don't have to worry about it till I get back (seven months from now) and I'll see about it then, thanks allot for your input guys - Happy positing !!
I understand the feeling. I decided a while ago that money isn't everything its what you enjoy that counts. Good Luck with Everything
Well just so you know, I leave town 2morrow for louisiana for a week and then to south carolina for a week and then finaly a week in north carolina. I get a week of after that then I donno where i go after that hah. Much fun i tell ya - o yeah they're flat rate paying me 1000 bucks per week no matter now many days I work.
So yeah I'm in Louisiana right now and let me tell you it's really humid out here hah, but yeah so for me only being here for two days, I've now been lost twice hah and that's normal for me. I never get lost. But yeah last night let me tell you. I drove 50 miles past my hotel and didn't even know it till I asked how far away I12 was lol. I was sooo mad, reason being that I missed my flight Sunday after noon and had to catch another flight Sunday night. I was suppose to be in New Orleans Sunday night. I didn't get into town till 8:12 the next morning. Mind me that I was suppose to be at work at 7am so I was already late, and it didn't help that the store I was suppose to work at was two and a half hours away lol so yeah I didn't get any sleep on the plane and when I got off work and tried to drive to my hotel I pass it by an hour lol I'm soo exhausted right now, I think I'm gonna take a nap or maybe even go skating for afew hours. Anywho I'm out till 2morrow peace!
Too busy is harm to U.
Just pick the one that give lots fun ^^

If it's me, I pick the one that give the most fun ^^
money is number 2, at least it's enough for living and some other thing Razz
okay so it's been a min since I've updated you all, I have now been to South Carolina for a week and then got a week off of work, now I'm in North Carolina, I've been here since Sunday, I cant believe how humid it is out here. but Kitty Hawk is awesome lol and for some reason it's not humid here. But yeah I'm making my way up to Virginia Beach (Friday) and then flying to Tennessee for 6 days, then I get the weekend off and get to go home to Seattle. Then I fly to MO and drive to KS lol and finish the rest of the week in AR. Mad crazy fun I tell ya. But the other job called me me back and wants me to do part time work when I'm home and if I want to some work while I'm out on the road for my other job, so I think I'm gonna do both haha - anywho happy posting ya'll I'll keep in touch- Droop
getting pay 12$ more an hour or a year? If an hour, what is your current pay? If 12$ more really a big different, then I will probably switch. However, since if I got a dream job, I probably spend most of my life preparing for it. Therefore, I will stick with it.
Well it looks like you're having some type of adventures and enjoying them. Good Luck.
Just a few things i wanna run past ya'll be for I head out to the airport, I'm now in Nashville Tennessee and let me tell you it started off great!! I went skating in Madison and let me tell you there soo many people out there skating the same steps, i've never seen anything like it it was great. the second thing i wanna run past you guys is that I ALMOST went to jail. I got cought doing 96 in a 55 zone on I24 just past the 440 underpass, i was in a hurry to get to work because i was late and yeah look where it got me, almost fired got a 95 dollar ticket and now my pride is crushed but yeah. after all that i worked a double on tursday so i could fly home earlyer to day. I get the weekend home and a chance to hang out with this really awesome chick and go roller skating hah but yeah i get to sleep in my own bed for the weekend, and then i fly back to Nashville for 2 more days of work and the MO and KS here i come hah and that other job is willing to work with me on getting trained and so forth with my current work schedule Smile so it looks like i'll do both jobs for a while and make sure that my schedule doesnt cross each other. I'm just glad i got a job that will let me work at home on my times off from my other job hah anywho catch you guys later!!!
So I've now been home for the weekend which was great I got to hang out with a sweet person for a whole 8 hours hah which is the longest i ever get to hang out with someone lateley, anywho, I flew back into nashville and went skating yet again in Madison had a blast. I then went to work on monday which was canceled and no one told me, apperently the guys went to the next site the next day and by the time i got word it was tooo late and they were almost finished. which gives me a 3 days off this week, thank god they're paying me by the week right haha. So yeah i had to drive 8 hours to some nice little cute city called Osage Beach, in Missouri it's great out here, too many mosquitoes thou. but yeah after tomorrow i drive another 3 hours to Kansas should be fun Smile but yeah i thought i'd update u guys - have a good one
as for me, its job satisfaction that comes first when looking for a job. one can get an affordable and well paid job today easily if one has skills related to the industry. to feed the family is a bit hard but somehow one should be able to manage it.
Okey okay i know i know, see i've been working alot lately so sorry for not keeping ya posted on my job ventures. So i was suppose to be off for two weeks as a break from the home depot stuff, but yeah. The asked me to do some bank of America stuff for a week, i didn't mind since it was suppose to be easy work, which it was just not as easy as i thought. But a week turned into 2 weeks and i've also been working doubles doin other stuff like t-mobile wifi installs at startbucks. So I've been really busy. But i'm gonna try to make a job out of it, I'm seeking new employment in a IT building (i for get the name of the company) downtown seattle, so i hope it pans out. But i'm gonna keep taking the work for jobsites doing IT installs and then just pay someone to do them, shave a little cash of the top and pay them hourly. Who knows anywho latas
So as of now i'm in Billings montana, I did some home depot installs in my home state so i got to spend another week at home which was good, I even got my cousin highered on and even worked with him for a a week and a half, now that was alot of fun hah. But since then i've drivin from seattle washington to billings montana. I did one day of work which went by really fast even though it was in the sun at 100 degrees lol. But tomorrow i have to drive to Furgo North Dikota which i've been told is, it's site for sore eyes!!! so we'll see Smile -Happy posting!!
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