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Non-Computer OS

Alright, perhaps doing this will get my mark deducted or it's plain cheating in my school work. But I just need some ideas here. I'm looking for an OS ( Not for computer ) and this OS should have this quality :
- Nice history
- List of functions
- Any other things that should be mentioned

Ok, that ain't really helping. Tell me what OS that would be best for me to write a report on. Give me sources, etc. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
Linux on Linksys router

iPod Linux

Linux for PDA
umm just check the whole site

Also you can check OS for cellphones, printers, televisions & more
Well, any thing with OS is practically a computer. But my phone uses Symbian OS, so I think you can add to the OSes that you are looking for... Very Happy
Well, I'm sorry I didn't specify in my earlier post. But no LINUX, UNIX nor Windows OS can be in the report. No OS that can be found one the computer can be used.
Well, you can't go wrong with Symbian.

Other that I remember is Palm OS. Very Happy
Oops. That was directed at fadirocks. Appreciate the help but I can't use it.

And Q5UB, Thanks! I think I'll add that to my list!
Well you can look at some game systems like Playstation (3 or psp) it uses its own OS, It maybe linux but you may need to do some research on it.

Ipods generally use their own OS. It's not Mac OS X, except for the iPhone that is Mac OS X.

Well just about anything that you communicate with that isn't a computer has it's own OS.

Fansey Car Steroes.
DVD Players
Cell Phones
Even Printers.

All you have to do is brain storm a device that may have one and look up some info in it.
You speak of your mark being deducted, what are you actually doing this for and why do you need the operatiing system.

I was just curious why you couldnt mention any software which can or is used on a PC.
Maybe BeOS is OS that you looking for. It has history at least...

{name here}
hrtorrent wrote:
Maybe BeOS is OS that you looking for. It has history at least...


BeOS is for PCs, not for other devices.
IMO, i would regard a "non-computer OS" more as a firmware rather than a proper OS...
ya.....Better go for firmwares. You can flash your device and easily install them. Phone OS are really great too. Try Symbian or Android. Ill definitely recommend Android.
orcaz wrote:
IMO, i would regard a "non-computer OS" more as a firmware rather than a proper OS...

I would also say that by "computer" the OP means "personal computer" or "desktop"/"laptop" since anything with an operating system would have to be a computer. (Cell phone, router, video game system, etc.)
@arnaw_kumar - this thread is over 2 years old, why would you bother digging it up? I'm sure the OP has long but gotten his answer. And i doubt he'd be reading it anyways, considering his points are in the negative. Wink
Considering this threads inactivity for so long I'll -close- it. If anyone feels it should be re-opened after 2 years of non-posting just send me a reason.
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