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VB Help for those who need small pointers in Visual Basic

Basically this is for anyone who needs help with small coding problems in Visual Basic, or those who want to give us n00bs some pointers.

I dont want there to be complicated questions that basically require the programming of the entire program. Basically this is for small problems like help with a single function or something of the sort.

And this is not a place to ask someone to make a program for you.

Thats about all.

Oh wait! I have my own question: What all functions and/or parameters are available in VB 6.0 for using the keys on the keyboard? I know that in the programming language DarkBasic you can call functions like
where "$" is the string of the button currently being pressed which is much easier than the scancode method, but, then again, DarkBasic has much more flexability than VB. I would normally use DB but my trial period has expired, I dont have the money to fork out to get the full version, and this is for a class and we have to use VB. Actually, I'm pretty confident I know how to do most of what I'm asking, although, I would like to know if there is an easier way to read a key than using just its scancode. If not, it would be much appreciated if a list could be compiled of all the scancodes of the keys on the keyboard.
Just for my information is there a way to Save/Read/Write files that do not use plain text? As in saving/reading data as individual bytes. I know in the DarkBasic programming language you can save data using commands something like
write "data to store","variable type","file number"
I'm not sure if that is the correct order or syntax, but hopefully you get the idea. "variable type" could be anything like byte, long, word, string, or etc.

I was just wondering if there was an equivilent command in VB 6.0.
oh yeah, i also found a good solution to my original problem.

many of the keys are stored in VB in the format VbKey"Key_name" where "Key_name" could be something like A or escape or one of many other things.
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