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Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

It is out of Beta as of today. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for a quality, stable Linux distribution come and check this out. I have been running it since the very early stages of Beta and have had very little issues with it.

Just give it a try, i promise you will not regret it.
Oh is it update time again? Geez, seems like it comes around every 6 months. TIme to change the repositories and get a great new operating system again. I've been waiting for the final release of Fiesty Fawn (not too much of a bleeding edge guy). I'll probably do it tonight.

Then again, I've been doing this since Warty.
It actually is every six months in point of fact. The next one, Gusty Gibbon, is already on the development teams minds and I am sure that a bleeding edge install will be able to be installed within the next month at the outside.

As i said, I have been using Feisty for months with no issues and I love it. Then again, like you, I went through Edgy, Dapper, Warty, Hoary and now Feisty, just not in that order. *grins*
Thanks for the info. I'm going to do a fresh install of the amd64 version. I hope it is more stable then the edgy version.
Thank you for the alert, I'll test it later to give my comments. Very Happy
Yeah! The final release is now out and is downloadable from the Ubuntu Website and the Official Ubuntu Release Repository. I've just updated from 6.10 to the final release.

There are few things, however to do after the upgrade. I needed to rebuild and reinstall the ATI fglrx kernel modules as well as my webcam (gspca) kernel module. Things went smoothly after that. Unfortunately I'm on an R600 ATI card and I needed to continue to use the Xgl server. Compiz was installed by default, and everything looks as sweet as before, and probably better.

OpenOffice 2.2.0 was installed, and there are many more plugins bundled with Rhythmbox. The new Control Center looks so much nicer, and with an instant filter. Beagle desktop search is included too. There's an extra tab (System Information) at the System Monitor. I didn't use the restricted drivers manager as I installed fglrx manually.

I didn't go through the installation process, because I'm upgrading. Fortunately the upgrade is much better than the disastrous upgrade from Dapper Drake to Edgy Eft. There are much advances in the user-friendliness of the entire system, but this could still be improved. Overall Ubuntu is getting closer to the completely usable desktop Linux, and I'm happy with it.
Very Happy I just sent my CD request 2 days ago. Have to wait months to get them though. Sad Can't burn CD on my own unfortunately but I can wait Smile.

I requested 2 PC Edition, 1 64-bit PC Edition and same for kubuntu as well Very Happy
I am still using Ubuntu 6.06 dapper. It's very stable and reliable. Some people say that Edgy is not as weel as dapper. So I would like to know when the next LFS version will be released.
I am intending to switch to Ubuntu fairly soon. I have been using Mandriva for a while, but I am interested to see what the Ubuntu people have come up with. It certainly looks like a good distro and always gets positive reviews...
They did make the upgrade simpler. Before you had to change the repositiries from the last version to the new one. This time there was an upgrade option in the update manager and it only took a couple of clicks.

It's still a good idea to check the upgrade page on Ubuntu's website first just to make sure that there aren't any problems. I have the straight gnome install, things are slightly different for Kubuntu and Xubuntu.
I love Ubuntu but I won't use it because of its lack of support regarding games.


Ubuntu + Beryl had the best possible productivity I've ever tried.
Arno v. Lumig
Jaan wrote:
Ubuntu + Beryl had the best possible productivity I've ever tried.

I never knew eye candy increased productivity.
Is there a new LTS every 5 years or is just the support 5 years and do they release a new version sooner?

(just curiousity)

btw, also just installed Feisty, and it is worth it!
Although I still found some small bugs (on fullscreen application which have to be run with extra commandline arguments)
But since I found out how to run them (well I found wich arguments to add), everythings fine yet again!
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