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Ice traps Canadian seal hunters

"Canadian coastguards are trying to rescue the occupants of about 100 boats carrying seal hunters trapped by pack ice off the country's eastern coast....."

(Story continues : )

My favorite joke...

2 baby seals walk into a club...

[Wait for embarrassed chuckles from those who get it but don't want to seem cruel].
this is all a result of global warming/climate change. sudden creation of new ice flows, baby seals and penguins dying because ice is too thin and they cant make it to safe areas, polar bears moving more south into populated areas because again thin ice creates difficult living/hunting conditions. its funny that no one really cares about whats really going on.
Those seal clubbers deserve to die! Evil or Very Mad

Unless they plan to quit slaughtering, I'm thinking of this as some type of coincidentally ironic justice.
what an awful situation ...! All world try to solve global warming to make the life of world more longer.But these stupid seal clubbers continue to hit to head of seals Evil or Very Mad I want to make same things to seal clubbers with my all power until they are dead.
Come now, everyone, you don't honestly think that these men do this for no reason? While there is no evidence behind the mythos of a 'seal clubbing sport' (that I have come across), it is a possibility that they are some sort of cultist group that finds seal-bashing a sole point of their religion (imagine that in a voice that could only be described as 'dripping with sarcasm').

However, it does seem more likely that these men have a good reason for their actions. Perhaps it's some government screw-up somewhere or another, which affects the seals in some way that forces them to send in forces to prevent the spread of the seals into populated areas. Perhaps the seals have gone mad. Perhaps there, in actuality, unknown by us, a massive surge in the seal population, screwing with the ecosystem of the area.

Who knows? We could, after all, be lied to about such things, as with others. However, what do I know? I'm not there, I haven't studied the topic, and I haven't studied seals.

Perhaps we should make a call for people who study seals?
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