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Have you ever been there? What do you think about it?

I was there a couple of years ago, was on my way to australia, but stoped in Singapore for a week first. So amazing, rly beautiful.. What I experienced it felt so calm, alot of beautiful nature, nice people..

The only thing I had a hard time about was the "butcher" part in china town.. the smell of all dead animals made me sick, but guess this goes for alot of cities, mostly in asia but still in other cities where china town exists...

Anyways, my memories from there are rly good.. all the stuff u could do.. first time (and still the only time) I've ever been to a night Zoo.. so cool to watch the animals at night.. many animals live at night and just rest during the day, was alot more animals moving and doing things at that zoo then on many other zoo's around the world.. You got rly close to the animals as well.. almost so you could touch them...

It's a kinda cool big lion thingy statue there too.. the logo for their amusement park, never had the pleasuer to visit that park tho.. but aah... feels like I could talk about my memories all day Smile

So, have anyone else been there? Or maybe someone is actually living there? Tell me your opinion about Singapore.. the city and the country (the same)...

I will not stay more than two days in Singapore. The country is the city itself. Nothing to see, especially for me, which is not a shopping maniac.

The food is nice. Please do try the chicken rice.
It's a nice city, but as you would get from a city, people sometimes are quite materialistic and hypocrite. I was once at one of the coffee shops in China town. I was waiting there for long time and the owner and the waiter/ess didn't want to serve me. When there were western people going pass, they were like running towards them with their smiling faces. What a shame!! Just because I have the same colour skin as them. And they don't seems to appreciate or proud of what they are...
but overall they have achieved a lot consider the size and the short history of the country.
I've heard that too Shin, but being a westerner I haven't ever had that problem. Same as Azmo, I've been there a couple of times going to and from Australia. I quite like Singapore, I find it quite an exciting city to wander around. It always strikes me that people there are gadget obsessed, always playing with their mobile phones/organizers.
I was there about 25 years ago.
The ship I was on pulled in at the same time as the aircraft carrier Constellation. Some of the marines from the Conny got into a big fight with the transvestites on Boogie St. . It was a big market during the day, and at night the food stands were closed up and hundreds of tables and chairs would be set up every night. Then the parade of freaks would start. It was way to much for those guys to handle. The government wound up kicking the Constellation out of their country.
I have been there 3yrs ago for one day. It was stop over one night on the way to go Maldives for my honeymoon. My wife and I did shopping a little bit and ate some seafood.

I heard that Shingapole is the cleanest city in the world, but it wasn't extremely clean as much as I expected. Confused
Singapore,I am more alluring place .singers Addo and Fanwenfang are recommended over advertising
Singapore, previously only know from books, said more local Chinese, the celestial communication more convenient. The economy, education and so on are better. Now the cost of the singapore travel is not particularly high, coming convenient when they should look at what they are doing.
singapore? not bad, very clean city. i heard they building up casino now. i think it will bring a lot visitors when that time.
Singapore? I have plan to go there in this year...
Based on the information from internet, I will try many things there, especially find out anythings about the traditional 'malay' (the native-origin) in Singapore. Singapore, I am coming Very Happy
Being a local, my view may differs, but here are some localised advice on Singapore.

It is clean by a huge army of cleaners (mostly from India and Sri Lanka), especially around the major attractions (Airport included).

Yes, in 2 days you could cover all the major atttractions in Singapore.

One mentioned the Night Safari - Yes, it is world class. I have been to Korea and the day safari was a big let down.

The Bird Park is the other definitive worth visit attraction.

You can spent a half day on Sentosa Island (Under water world, etc).
There is a musical fountain that only starts at 7 or 7.30pm.

Other than these, I will not recommend.

Shopping? My wife spent more in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, than in Singapore. She love the shopping most in Japan, definitely not Singapore. Of course daily neccessities cannot be considered as shopping.

IT and electronic stuff - yes, Singapore is fairly competitive in pricing - you can get a bargain here, considering the GST can be refunded if you are a foreigner.

Do hope this help anyone out there how is visiting Singapore.
I've been to singpore when i was young. That was like 6 years ago. The place is nice, but the rules are strict. It's a really clean country, maybe that's why it's so advance. The things there are quite cheap too. I would want to go there again soon. Laughing
I ended up in Singapore at Chinese New Year and there were no shops open and no resaurants. So I can confirm that these are the only two things to do in Singapore without them it is just another city!
Singapore is a nice country and very clean compared to my country.
Although Singapore is quite small, but is very enjoyable.
However, there are not much beautiful natural scenery and the weather is quite hot... Very Happy
ppij-nagoya wrote:
.. especially find out anythings about the traditional 'malay' (the native-origin) in Singapore.

I'm afraid you won't find many "traditional" Malay over there. As it's a built up city and country. You should go to Malaysia instead. It's on the north of Singapore, and linked by a causeway and bridge. You can actually go there on foot. Smile
malaysia is not on the north of singapore,
its situated around the north direction of singapore and we are 2 seperate countries all together.

It lies 137 kilometers (85 miles) north of the Equator, south of the Malaysian state of Johor and north of Indonesia's Riau Islands. At 704.0 km² (272 square miles), it is one of the few city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia.

random facts,
singa (lion) pura(city), which is later renamed singapore because it is easier to pronounce.
Sang Nila Utama mistaken a tiger for a lion in singapore and named it singapura.

Highest natural point is 166m, bukit timah hill.

Population of 4.5m.

Chow yun fatt is not a singaporean.
I just came back from Singapore this month.
The famous Sentaosa... well generally speaking it's nice but I have to say that if you want beach, sea, and sunbathing, go to Australia!

And shopping... I had missed the huge discount period. It lasted 2 months June to July, but I arrived on 28th, July. It's said that in Hongkong you can have a even more satisfactory shopping experince.

It's a developed country. But it is just too small! And yes a casino is being built, which somehow shows that maybe Singapore has reached a certain level that it has to build a casino to attract more visitors.

It is a clean and safe country. For me, Little India is a very fascinating place.
And an interesting news drew my attention:
A man was fined for about $5000(? not sure) for being spotted naked in his own apartment.

Overall it's nice. I had quite a nice time with my friends there.
k10000s wrote:
Shingapole is the cleanest city in the world, but it wasn't extremely clean as much as I expected. Confused

Singapore is clean because chewing gum is illegal and they actually cane you if you're caught spray painting
cosmicx wrote:
Singapore is a nice country and very clean .....there are not much beautiful natural scenery and the weather is quite hot... Very Happy

Walk over the bridge that links to Malaysia and you'll be surprise at the the tropical forest that they have. Then fly to Sarawak where you can enjoy a river cruise or visit the natives (that used to be head hunters. They actually still have skeletons displayed in their long houses.) Go for it, you'll have the time of you life.
i spent 3 months in singapore in 1995. great public transpotation, and great food. the food is a mix of cultures between the chinese, muslims and hindus. they are borrow from each other and the food is fantastic.
Singapore is very beautiful, neat and clean city. I like beaches the most. I would like to spend my time over there with my family and friends. Beaches are the beautiful places to refresh our mind and mood. Spending a vacation at the beaches and doing diving will be great fun. In Singapore there are lots of beaches.
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